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Woojin stopped by an imported motorcycle shop on his way back. He needed mobility from now on so he needed to get a motorcycle. The owner of this shop was quite famous in the motorcycle industry. He managed over ten motorcycle enthusiast groups and he had top-notch mechanical skills. Woojin had purchased motorcycles from his shop in the past.

As Woojin browsed through the motorcycles, the owner, Park Daesoo, came over to assist.

“Where will you be riding it?”

“I need it for both on and off the road.”

“Hmm. That should be a good one if you have the money.”

The owner indicated at the one Woojin was looking at. It was a Ducati Scrambler Urban Enduro, made to be used both on and off the road.

“So, you want it?”

Woojin tapped on the motorcycle and answered, “Yeah.”

“That’s awesome. Come in.”

Woojin walked in and Daesoo handed him a drink and asked.

“That’s a Wyvern set, isn’t it? Hunter?”

Korea was a bad place for hunters to live, but the country still had a hunter guild and hunters were based there. Daesoo knew a few hunters through his vast network of people and was able to recognize the Wyvern set right away. He also knew it was insanely expensive and knew he had to be careful around the people who owned one.

Woojin took out a bag full of cash at that question.

“Yeah, sort of.”

“Good. I’ll just take 15 million. I’ll take care of the registration and everything else.”

“When can I get it?”

“Two days from now at the latest. Where do you want it delivered?”

Woojin told him the name of the hotel and asked him to deliver it in the morning.

“I’ll have it prepared soon.”

Woojin then took a cab and searched the internet on his way back. Things were going as expected. Vampires were spread all around the world and although the Avatar of Amon used Dmitri, he was only one out of the many leaders that did his bidding during the same time period. There were differences on the days the events happened, but the results of the crimes were not very different. Kidnappings and massacres happened all around the world, and with the internet widely circulating information to people, it couldn’t hide everything.

Woojin realized that in the past the Avatar of Amon planned to make people in the real world realize the existence of the otherworld. People were terrified as the legends became reality and reacted by purchasing firearms. It was a huge shock to the economy as a whole.

Woojin sighed and looked out the window. He knew what would happen now, but most of the incidents he remembered would happen three years later. He knew most of the big incidents after he began to rise as a powerful hunter since he was involved in most of them, but he didn’t have any details about the incidents before that.

He was interested in the criminal activity at that time, but the vampires went silent for about a year after the initial kidnappings. Woojin knew that time would play a vital role in his preparation. The Avatar of Amon used Woojin’s sister as the last offering. He wasn’t sure if it was because she was more powerful than anyone else or if there was another reason, but it brought uncertainty as to what the Avatar of Amon did with the missing offerings.

If his sister was needed, things could potentially become more complicated. Woojin needed to gain as much strength as soon as possible.

When Woojin got back home, he found his father bringing out the trash so he helped. He then walked to the store together with his father to buy ice cream and returned. When he got home, his mother was watching a Korean drama and Woojin sat down with her to watch. He had never seen a drama before and at this time in his past, he wasn’t in a situation to watch TV.

Woojin felt like he would cry as he recalled his past ten years again and was barely able to hold back his tears. That’s when the phone rang.

“I’ll be back.”


Woojin went to his room and checked the phone. It was Bihyung’s number.

[We should meet.]