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The man looked at the night sky outside the window of an old castle. He then turned to the back.

“Gucion. What do you think?”

The man named Gucion was about two meters tall, and he had a rough-looking face. He looked at the man who spoke to him. His blonde hair looked as if it was glowing.

“You mean what Amon was trying to do?”


Gucion grabbed candy from the table and popped them into his mouth. He crushed them in his mouth and swallowed.

“He died. Why does it matter?”

“Yes, but it is a bit disappointing. His plans weren’t all that bad. He messed up with the Day of Chaos project, but it did have an effect.”

“Yeah. I guess that was good.”

“Right. And he did know how to look into the future. It was the project that Amon made. Don’t you think we should not let his project to go to waste?”

Gucion then grabbed another handful of candy and asked, “So, what do you propose?”

“I heard his altar was destroyed, so we can’t use that. But there’s someone I want to meet.”


“The ones that Amon was working with. Let’s meet them first.”

“You mean Loki and Shiva?”


“What are you going to do after meeting them?”

Baal grinned, “We’ll meet them and ask what Amon was up to, and we’ll see if we can pick it up from where he left off.”

“But is it okay?”


“About Agares…”

Baal frowned at the name.

“What about him?”

“What if he interferes with our work?”

“Doesn’t matter. Without Amon, there is no one who can read my future plans.”

Gucion then said, “Okay. Oh, the CIA and the Avatars have all been going crazy recently. Do you know what happened?”

Baal smiled, “I am looking into it, but I am not sure. They are looking for someone.”

“The Monkey God, Amaterasu, and Haemosu are on it also.”

“That’s why I sent Seere. He’ll call once he finds something.”

Mongolia’s night sky was full of stars. Seere was lying down on the ground under the night sky, panting. He couldn’t even breathe well since his heart had been ripped out. There was a woman with sunglasses standing in front of him.

“Now we can have a chat.”

“You just pulled out my heart and you want to chat?”

“I didn’t kill you because I have to ask you something. Or else I would’ve eaten you already.”

Seere then relaxed a little. He then realized it was weird that he was still alive although his heart had been taken out.

“I’ve allowed you to live for now. Let’s talk.”

“What do you want?”

“You don’t smell like other Avatars. It’s familiar.”

Seere then looked at the woman.

“Who are you anyway?”

“What’s your relation to Amon?”

“Answer me first! Who are you!”

The woman then crouched down next to Seere and answered, “Meterul.”

“I don’t recognize the name.”

Meterul then gazed at Seere for a while and showed him the heart that was in his hand.

“If I let you live, can you get me out?”

“Get you out?”

Meterul threw the heart up to the air and grabbed it.

“There are people that are tracking me down. I think I can fight them, but I’m not too sure. I will need to buy time.”

“Who’s after you?”

“Don’t you know already?”

Seere did not answer that. He knew that Sun Wukong, Omikami, and Haemosu were after this woman. He was trying to meet her, but she came to him first. And Seere lost after a single exchange of attacks. He hesitated. Baal told him to find the person and bring them back to him, but he wasn’t sure. Of course, it wasn’t his call to decide anyway.

“There is someone who wants to meet you.”

“Huh? I thought you didn’t know who I am.”

“Yes, but I know who’s after you. That’s why we wanted to meet you.”

“I see. If you get me out, that won’t be hard.”

“Then let me live.”

Meterul grinned and struck Seere’s heart back into his chest. As his heart returned, Seere felt his body healing up, and he actually started getting better. Meterul reached out with his hand.

“So, how are you going to get them off my back?”

Seere grabbed Meterul’s hand and answered, “Like this.”

Meterul was surprised. As Seere walked, Meterul felt the entire space between them folding up. And as Seere walked forward, they began moving very fast. It was almost at a speed where no airplane could catch up to them. Soon, they were standing in front of an old castle.

It seemed like no one would be able to find Meterul here. That’s when a blonde man walked up to him. Meterul narrowed his eyes. None of the Avatars that came after him matched this man. He had power as great as Meterul himself. He felt tempted to devour the man, but he held himself back.

“You wanted to see me?”

Baal was shocked by the person that Seere had brought. He couldn’t sense anything from the woman. This was the first time he couldn’t sense anything from someone, but Baal did not express his shock.

“Let’s go inside and have a chat.”

As they walked in, Baal offered Meterul a glass of whiskey. Meterul smiled and sat on the couch.

“So, why did you want to see me?”

Baal looked at Meterul and asked, “Are you the one that Amon summoned?”

“He tried, but failed.”

Baal’s eyebrow twitched.

“He failed?”

“He tried to summon my original body, but only part of me was summoned. I am doing my best to regain my power here.”

Baal was shocked that the being that he couldn’t even read was only a small part of its original. What was Amon trying to summon? He wanted to bring in someone he could use, but he realized maybe he was facing disaster itself.

“Do you have a way to regain your power?”

Meterul did not share his secret, but he realized he had to share at least a bit of information to use the man.

“It’s not easy, and that’s why I need somewhere to hide. So, can I hide in your place?”

“Who are you hiding from?”

“Avatars around the world.”

Baal smiled and answered, “So, it is true that the Monkey God, Amaterasu, and Haemosu are searching for you.”

“Yeah. Can you do it?”

Baal replied, “Yes, but you will need to prove yourself.”

Meterul then got up and said, “Go ahead and ask.”

Baal turned and Seere nodded.

“My heart was pulled out after one attack.”

Baal then realized he wasn’t wrong to have found Meterul.

“Help me three times when I want, and I will hide you as long as you want.”

“Then let me ask a favor too.”

“What is it?”

“Send me a person. One every day, but the more the better.”

“Is that a way for you to regain your power?”

“It is one of many.”

Baal nodded.

“One per day. More than that might blow our cover.”


Woojin looked down at the ground at the Mongolian plains.

“Is this the last trace?”

“Yeah. It went cold from here.”

“How is that possible?”

Woojin looked around. If Meterul moved by helicopter, there had to be evidence. There was nothing left other than a bloodstain. That’s when Pollotz spoke up, “Wait. This is demon blood.”


“Yes. I don’t know who, but this smells demonic.”

“Demons? Oh, come to think of it, why is there blood left?” Sun Wukong asked and Woojin realized that whenever Meterul ate his target, he never left any blood.

“I guess he didn’t eat the demon then.”

“Yeah. And that makes it more problematic.”

If he didn’t kill the demon, he must have talked with them.

“So, how did he get away then?”

“Not sure. We’ll have to be ready for demons to be on his side.”

Woojin frowned, “That is a nightmare.”

“Right.” Sun Wukong sighed and continued, “And if he consumes demons… I don’t know how much power he might gain.”

“This is not going to work.”

“Let’s find the demon’s location first.”

“They are hard to track with future-reading eyes.”

“Yeah, but we have other ways.”

Sun Wukong grinned, “Call Old Hwang.”