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Old Hwang was tense from the Avatars that had gathered.

“I didn’t expect to be called to such a place.”

Sun Wukong commented, “I’ll pay handsomely for the request I’m about to make.”

“Of course.”

Old Hwang nodded and Sun Wukong shook his head.

“This is not like any other job. The entire black market will be at stake, so I will need to compensate appropriately.”

Old Hwang grew even more anxious.

“As you know, we have lost the copy of the one we killed in China. And it seems he has sided with the demons.”


“Don’t stop until you find all Avatars of the demonic kind.”

This meant that Sun Wukong was telling Old Hwang to give every piece of intelligence he had, while turning the demons to their enemies, with the possibility of retaliation. What kind of money would compensate for such a loss?

“If we find all of them and kill them, and kill Meterul, I will pay 10 billion dollars.”

Old Hwang bowed, “That is not enough, unfortunately.”

Sun Wukong furrowed his eyebrows.

“Not enough?”

“I have enough money in my current state. I need something else.”

“So, you down for the job?”

“I can provide the location, even if we don’t have the power to attack the demons ourselves.”

“You have their locations already?”

“Yes, sir.”

“What do you want?”

“I want a divine object.”

Sun Wukong burst into laughter.

“Hahaha! My dear Hwang. Aren’t you too greedy?”

Sun Wukong laughed but his eyes weren’t laughing at all. Old Hwang continued, “I know you acquired a certain divine object on the Day of Chaos. I want that.”

Sun Wukong was surprised.

“You want those?”


He glared at Old Hwang for a second and grinned, “You sure know how to make a deal. Agreed.”

“Thank you.”

“But you will need to make it quick. If it is too slow, I can’t give it to you.”

If Meterul grew stronger, there was a possibility that it would be too late. Old Hwang bowed and asked, “Are you going to attack by yourself?”

“Yes. Even if it takes time, that will be necessary.”

“Then I’ll get the information as soon as I can.”

Old Hwang left and Woojin asked Sun Wukong, “What is the divine object?”

“Why? You want it too?”

“Just out of curiosity.”

“Don’t ask then. It makes me annoyed even if I think about the day.”

Baal was looking into mirrors. There was a red-haired man and Loki without one arm.

“Thank you for answering my call.”

The red-haired man, Shiva, looked annoyed.

“What is it? Amon’s dead, and our business is over.”

Baal waved his hand.

“That’s with Amon. Let me offer you a new contract.”


Baal looked at Shiva with his arms crossed.

“I heard India’s not in a good state. Let’s work together.”

Shiva became silent and Baal turned to Loki.

“How about you?”

Loki smiled at Baal’s question.

“I just want to kill Haemosu.”

“How about the Frost Giants?”

“They are eager for revenge also.”

“That sounds good.”

Loki then picked his ears as he said, “I was able to get Northern Europe with Amon’s help. So I helped him when he needed me. If you want to make a deal with me, then you will need to give me something that I might be interested in.”

Baal then answered with a calm voice, “I will let you have Haemosu.”

“Is that it?”

“And his sword.”

“The sword will be mine if I kill him anyway. That’s not enough.”

“You know very well that you can’t go kill Haemosu right now.”

Loki thought for a second and asked, “So, you mean I can only deal with Haemosu?”

“Yes. We want to get rid of as many Avatars as possible this time around.”

The world was full of Avatars. Some were friendly toward the demons, but none of them thought like them. That’s why Amon had other plans. Baal also wanted to change the structure. He didn’t want to live in hiding anymore. Even today, Avatars usually tried to kill them whenever they were located. This was what Baal was planning for.

“Let’s get Sun Wukong, Omikami, Haemosu, and Bihyung as starters. It will give us China, Japan, and Korea. Help me when the time comes.”

Loki nodded when Shiva spat, “Can you deal with them when they’re all gathered together?”

“Of course. Just take on Sun Wukong.”

Shiva then smiled. It was his first smile today.

“Sure. I wanted to have a go with Sun Wukong once.”

Baal then finished talking with them and the mirror turned to a normal mirror. Baal then got up and went to Meterul’s room. There were various barriers in his room to erase any scent that Meterul might have. However, the true reason for it was to lock Meterul in the room. Baal would be the first to know if Meterul left the room. As he walked in, Meterul was in a woman body, playing a computer game.

“Huh? Is it dinner time already?”

“No. Remember that ones that followed you by tracking your smell?”

“Yeah. They brought the ones with good senses. I killed them every chance I got, but I guess there are a lot of them.”

After getting access to the internet, Meterul had learned many things. He also found out that this world was not easily controlled by pure power alone. He was a copy, but he now didn’t want to summon his original and take control of the world for himself.

“Can you make a dummy of you?”

Meterul was surprised by the unexpected question.

“What do you need it for?”

“I need it as bait.”

Meterul became intrigued.

“To fish up someone? Who?’

“The Monkey King, Amaterasu, Haemosu, and other useless pieces of crap.”

“It won’t be easy to deal with them.”

“Yeah, but I have enough manpower.”

Meterul answered, “Yeah, but I need to eat a lot. Can you bring more people? I can eat Avatars too.”


Meterul winked.

“Ten people, or one Avatar. Doesn’t matter how powerful they are.”

Baal thought for a second and smiled, “That will be easy.”

“Really? Then just get me an Avatar once in 10 days.”

“I can’t get that much.”

Baal then walked out and Meterul cackled. He could create a dummy right now, but he didn’t want to do his bidding anyway.

Baal brought a Vampire Avatar. Vampires were now being completely belittled among Avatars. Baal looked at Meterul, curious as to how he could eat an Avatar. Meterul got up and placed his hand on the vampire’s head. The vampire wasn’t sure about what was happening to him.

In an instant, the vampire was sucked in into Meterul’s hand. Meterul shuddered. Baal looked at Meterul. Nothing changed and that’s when Baal felt the gravity of the situation. If Meterul changed even a bit after eating an Avatar, it would allow Baal to sense how powerful Meterul was, but there was no trace of it, meaning Meterul was much more powerful than what Baal could even measure. What did Amon summon?

“How is it? Can you summon a dummy?”

“Sure. Will this work?”

A being that exactly looked like Meterul appeared. He added, “It’s nothing fancy. It just contains my scent, but it takes simple orders.”


The dummy heard Baal’s order and went up to him. Baal grinned, “I’ll use it to see if I can lure them.”

“Can I get these vampires once every ten days from now on?”


Baal walked out and Meterul laid down on the bed and started playing the computer game again. He was playing a game, but he was barely holding back his laughter. He didn’t expect his power to grow so easily. He was already more powerful than Baal, but he hid it. He needed to keep this going.