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It had been weeks since Woojin and his team began hunting demons. They killed a total of seven demons until now, and Woojin had just killed Jagan. However, the information from Old Hwang sometimes wasn’t always right, so they try a few times.

As Woojin pulled his sword out from Jagan, Sun Wukong said, “They now know we’re after them.”

Woojin pulled out Jagan’s spiritual stone and Sun Wukong sighed.

“That doesn’t make you stronger anymore, doesn’t it?”

Woojin agreed. He couldn’t feel anything after absorbing Tsukuyomi’s spiritual power. He wasn’t as strong as Sun Wukong yet, but he was now almost as strong as Haemosu without his arm. Woojin asked, “Where should we go now?”

Sun Wukong answered, “Hwang told me three locations for three demons, but they are gathering up in one place.”

“Where are they moving to?”


Woojin stopped. It was the country that no one dared to enter after the Day of Chaos even in the past. Going there meant being hostile to its new Avatar representative. The rep, Shiva, was very violent. He declared that no one will enter India, and no one will leave it either. If demons were gathering in India, it meant that they probably considered it to be a safe place.

Woojin wondered, “Do you think Meterul went to that place?”

If Meterul wasn’t in India, Woojin had no intention to go there. Even when his team had powerful members, going to India was a different story.

“Should we focus on the others then?”

“Other demons?”

“Yeah. Those that aren’t in India. Then they will know that going to India will save them.”

“Are you saying we should drive every demon into India and hunt them down there?”


Woojin looked at Sun Wukong and glanced around. Everyone seemed to be dumbfounded. Sun Wukong sighed, “If we can drive them to one spot, we can hire more people to hunt them down.”

“Isn’t that dangerous?” Bihyung asked.

However, Sun Wukong didn’t seem to care.

“I can bring many of my folks from China. I’m sure Omikami can do it from Japan too.”


Omikami was also the representative of Japan.

“But just having many people means we are only bringing a feast to Meterul.”

Woojin knew he had gotten powerful to a point where he could not get any more powerful, but he still knew he was no match against Meterul. And that was the same for everyone else.

“And if we create a full-scale war, other Avatars might side with India.”

Sun Wukong looked at Woojin with a dumbfounded expression.

“We can’t let anyone know. We have to sneak in and attack fast.”

Woojin thought for a second and replied, “You know that our target is Meterul, right?”

“Of course. Why would I travel around in my old body if it wasn’t for that?”

Sun Wukong continued, “So, what do you think?”

Woojin thought for a second. Maybe this was a good chance. Maybe it was their chance to finish everything with great power in their hands so that they won’t be stopped by the ones that were in India.

“Let’s do it.”

Sun Wukong smiled, “I’ll tell Nam to gather our kids. But how should we divide ourselves?”


“Yeah. Meterul is in hiding. He will not come after us for now.”

Woojin frowned, “Do you think it’s okay?”

“Yeah, but we’ll need more help. Let’s call Egypt, the UK, and Greece.”

“Will they help?”

“I’m out here in the field. They should at least do something.”

The handsome middle-aged man with blonde hair laughed.

“Do you really need me?”

Sun Wukong over at the screen looked at him coldly.

[You knew I was traveling all around the world for this and you didn’t help a bit. How long will you stay in your room?]

“I know, but is it even possible to kill every single demon? Besides, I’m not on bad terms with them.”

[Shut up. It will be too late if Meterul eats more. We have to make this quick.]

Zeus, who pretended to give some thought, paused for a second and said, “I have a condition.”

[Condition? Bah.]

“No? Then goodbye.”

Zeus hung up and cackled. He knew what Sun Wukong was doing since he could also read the future. He knew there was a dark future ahead as he couldn’t get any readings beyond a few months from now. He wanted to help, but he wasn’t going to help for free since he needed to prepare for the world after killing Meterul.

[I will kill you if you hang up on me again.]

Sun Wukong spat and hung up. Zeus was bewildered.

“The old monkey is still crazy.”

After calling a few places, Sun Wukong sighed.

“Zeus said no, but Arthur and Ra will help. Ra said he can’t come by himself, but he’ll send over two teams and Arthur will send four teams.”

An Avatar who was once human. King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table were famous for their feats. Woojin smiled, “If we have six teams helping us, that will help us with our hunt.”


Woojin then said to Sun Wukong, “Let’s not divide ourselves then.”


“We are the spear that can kill Meterul. If any one of us dies, we will lose that power.”

Woojin’s best combination was with Sun Wukong, Omikami, and himself. If anyone was killed, there was no way to fight with their best line-up. Sun Wukong stared at Woojin.

“You think Meterul might make a move?”

“We’re not sure, but we have to be ready at any time.”

Woojin also thought it was going to be okay, but he then changed his mind since there was no telling as to what might happen.

Sun Wukong then turned to the team.


Sun Wukong nodded, “We’ll move as a team then. But we have seven more teams now. This will quicken our process.”

When Woojin smiled at the words, Sun Wukong’s phone rang.


Sun Wukong answered the phone and burst into laughter.

“Haha, Zeus. Why did you call me?”

Zeus answered with an annoyed tone,

[Are you really going to work without me?]

“I can’t force you to, especially when others will do it with no condition.s”

[Ugh, it’s okay. I’ll send my team.]

“Arthur’s sending four teams. How many will you send?”


“Good. I’ll let Old Hwang know. Let’s do it together.”