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Baal looked at the one who had come to him.

“I didn’t know you would come.”

The white-haired old man ranted, “Dammit. I didn’t know that Sun would go to this extent.”

When they saw Sun Wukong’s team hunting down the demons, they decided to attack the black markets in retaliation. However, all of them were tracked down and they got killed. And now Avatars from the UK and Egypt were out to hunt demons also. Only those who fled to India were safe.

That’s why Agares was here to meet Baal. Demons usually only acted on their own, but there were mainly three large groups under Baal, Agares, and Amon. But with the ongoing demon hunt, Agares needed to meet with Baal so he could be protected.

“How many do you have under you?”

“Seventeen. I have four dead already.”

“That’s not too bad.”

Baal knew that twenty demons had already been killed. He had demons under him already inside India. Shiva also drove out the black markets from India, so those who entered India lost their traces. Loki and Frost Giants were also inside.

Agares sighed, “You should know why Sun Wukong is driving the demons to India.”

“I know.”

They were planning to wipe out India, but they didn’t know about Baal’s grand plan. They were also making preparations inside India. Baal was now testing the Avatar Project on the people in the lowest caste in India.

“And you still aren’t worried?”

“Yeah. I’ll get rid of them this time.”

Shiva was powerful, so if they were to attack, the strongest Avatars would come. If it was possible to wipe them out, this would give Baal immediate control over the world. Agares then added, “I see. So, back to the topic… Can you accept my people into India?”

“Of course, but if you do not heed to my orders like you did before, I can’t let you come in.”

Agares sighed.

“Okay. I will follow your words.”

“Good. Now we have settled our ranks.”

Agares wasn’t pleased, but he was satisfied with the safety. Baal then patted Agares’ shoulder and gave him the young boys he liked before turning to Meterul.

Meterul was given vampires and newly-created but powerless Avatars. Other than eating, Meterul was busy playing games. He said he didn’t know such entertainment existed in this world and he loved playing them.

“What is it?”

“We will fight them soon. Will you join us?”

“Do you need me?”

“It will help.”

Meterul thought for a second and answered, “Nah. Just let me know how it goes.”

Baal became displeased. He had locked Meterul up to keep an eye on him, but Meterul seemed to like it now.

“I’m hungry. When is the next food coming?”

“I have no more to give to you until this fight is over. I will need every possible fighter available.”

“I can take humans.”

“Shut up.”

Baal left and Meterul cackled. He then touched the wall and felt the barrier that Baal had placed. Meterul grinned and went back to his games. It wasn’t time yet.

Ryota turned from the screen. The Monk of the Gold Wheel was standing behind him with various sacred objects. The equipment that surrounded it was created by Smith. With the help of the best scientist and the most powerful monk in the world, they were on the verge of activating the system called ‘Argos’ that would allow them to find the Avatars. With this, they could track down demons much more easily.

“Activating Argos.”

Ryota pressed the button and the machines began to move. Five satellites were sent up into Earth’s orbit and they began linking to other satellites that hovered over the Earth. They were able to quickly link up with 1,080 satellites and red dots began appearing on the map. Ryota then said, “Continuing to filter out the demon race.”

With the help of Doctor Ahn, they realized that demons had different spiritual powers and they were able to add that filter that into the machine. Soon, some of the red dots on the map turned black.

Ryota frowned, “It doesn’t have the right number.”

The monk and Smith also nodded. They had killed a total of thirty-two demons, which meant that forty were left. However, only thirty-six demons were on the map.

The monk sighed.

“So we’ve verified that we can’t find those hiding under a special barrier.”

“Can we find any barriers at all?”

“Yes, but it is not possible to see who made the barrier.”

Ryota nodded, “At least we have confirmed that most of the demons are in India now.”

Smith then asked, “But why are they all in India?”

Ryota then frowned as he unfiltered the Avatars.


Everyone knew that India had many Avatars, but if the number was over a thousand, that was a different story.

“We should talk about this.”


Smith also agreed and Ryota called Woojin.

[How did it go?]

“Argos is in effect. Other than the four demons who seem to be hiding under a barrier, we have located thirty-six in India.”

[So we have everyone except four?]

“Yeah, but the number of Avatars in India poses a problem.”

[What is it?]

“There is a total of 1,072 Avatars in India right now.”

The call went silent for a second.

[Amon’s test has started again then.]

Ryota frowned as he knew how many people might have died to achieve such a number.

“What should we do?”

[Where are they all gathered up?]

“At New Deli.”

[Okay. Keep watching, especially the demons.]

“Don’t worry.”

[Let me know if there’s any change.]

Ryota sighed and hung up to look back at the screen. The monk came over and held his shoulder.

“You’ve done a great job.”

“You too.”

Smith then came over to them and asked, “How about me?”

They all laughed at each other for completing the big project.

Woojin turned to his teammates after the phone call. Their plan to drive demons into one place was a success. There was a total of thirty-six demons in New Deli.

“We have the location of all of them, except for four.”

Many people were now with them. The short blond-haired man, King Arthur from England, didn’t speak much. But the curly-haired, long blond-haired man sitting in front of him was different. Zeus was a chatterbox.

“So, can we go now? We’re all ready.”

And from Egypt, there was Geb, Nut, Shu, and Tephnut. All of Ra’s children came over to help.

“We’re ready also.”

The best fighters from around the world were here. Woojin told them the truth.

“There are over a thousand Avatars in India.”

Everyone stopped and glanced at each other.

“Did India have that many Avatars?”

“No. They activated the Avatar Project.”

“This is crazy.”

Zeus sighed and turned to Sun Wukong.

“What would you do?”

“DO what? We have no time to waste worrying about weaklings. If Shiva doesn’t turn over the demons, we wipe out all of India.”