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On the plane, there was a total of 52 Avatars from Japan, 22 from the UK, 83 from Greece, 72 from China, and 30 from Korea. Egypt had most with 102 Avatars.

A total of 321 Avatars.

It was lacking compared to the number of Avatars in India, but considering the fact that half of them were newly-created, weak Avatars, it was about equal. However, one had to be cautious about the fact that there might be mutants with strange powers. Not to mention, the Indian Avatars and demons were also powerful.

Nonetheless, all of that was still possible, only if Meterul didn’t join in.

As Woojin looked out to the window, Miho came over.

“Are you worried?”

Woojin answered, “If Meterul doesn’t show up, we can turn this around.”

A few countries were still resisting, but India was different. If India fell under them, the world would then function as one.

“I think we have enough.”

Woojin smiled. Even in the past, this number of people couldn’t have gathered as many died after ten long years. It was different now.

Woojin grabbed Miho’s hand.

“I think so too.” As Woojin and Miho looked at each other’s hands, a face jumped in between them.

“You two look good with each other.”

Miho pulled her hands away as Gumiho smiled, “Miho, I told you to stay to men, remember?”


Gumiho then backed away and disappeared. Miho blushed and looked at Woojin.

“I don’t do that to anyone else, you know that right?”

“Yeah, but I hope you can do it more to me.”

Miho laughed and Woojin smiled as he looked back out. That’s when he heard a radio message.

[Fighter jets from India approaching.]

Their plane was being protected by twelve fighter jets right now. Shiva had definitely deployed the fighter jets. Woojin turned to Omikami, and there was also Shinatsu with Iron Fan he borrowed from Bihyung.

“I’ll deal with them.”

As he said that, Miho walked over to him. She then held his hand and walked through the wall of the plane, passing through it together with Shinatsu. Then, Shinatsu began making a storm in the air with his fan. It was a breeze around Woojin’s plane, but it turned into a storm against India’s air force. Shinatsu didn’t kill them, but he threw all the jets down toward the ground. The pilots were forced to eject themselves and Woojin smiled.

The team then flew toward New Deli’s airport and saw the ground army waiting for them. They began firing missiles and Shinatsu scoffed. He swung his fan to toss the missiles away, but the wind disappeared and the airplanes were struck by the missiles. However, the attack didn’t have any effect since the plane was covered by a spiritual power barrier. Woojin and Sun Wukong got up and Sun Wukong stated, “They were waiting for us.”

Zeus grinned, “Which means that they are all gathered up.”

Arthur also spoke while pulling out his Excalibur.

“That is good.”

Woojin sighed. These people weren’t worried at all. Woojin asked as he stood up, “Who will take care of Shiva?”

“I’ll take him on.”

Sun Wukong responded simply and everyone glared at him, but Sun Wukong glared back and the others looked away.

“I don’t care. I’ll take care of Indra,” Zeus grinned. “He dares to bear the name of the Thunder God.”

Arthur then shook his head and claimed his opponent, “I’ll take on Britra.”

Woojin then concluded, “Then Miho and I will take on the demons.”

Haemosu also spoke up. “I feel familiar energy. Loki and the Frost Giants are here too.”

Haemosu pulled out his sword and Woojin nodded.

“We are outnumbered. Be careful.”

“Don’t worry.”

Woojin then glanced around at his team. People who were originally from Woojin’s team had gathered together. Bihyung, Yeohong, Brunhilde, Kim Beom, the Korean Avatars and twelve hunters had all grouped up. Nam and Shinatsu also were assigned to Woojin. There were many demons, but it seemed like it was possible.

Sun Wukong then got up and gave the final order.

“Let’s begin.”

As he said that, the plane’s ceiling was destroyed. They had to get rid of the weaklings first. Zeus was on it. As he flew up into the sky, Omikami sent him spiritual power and Zeus flashed his Thunder Spear. A bolt of lightning zigzagged through the air and jolted the entire airport. Zeus burst into laughter.

“Hahaha! This is crazy! I didn’t think I would be able to use my original power in this body even if it is only partial!”

Omikami frowned.

“I can only support up to three at once. Keep that mind.”


Shinatsu swung his Iron Fan. Now, Omikami turned her focus to Shinatsu and the wind created by Shinatsu pushed the Avatars down. The storm came from the opposite direction, but Shinatsu’s breeze pushed it back. Woojin and the Avatars all dropped and as soon as Woojin reached the ground, he pulled the trigger on his rifle.

He did not show any mercy to his enemies. As he ran while killing Avatars, his teammates also followed him while pulling their triggers. The newly-created Avatars couldn’t even stand a chance against a coordinated attack and Woojin ran to find the demons. Miho ran close next to him and pointed toward a certain direction.

“It’s this way!”

Miho was able to sense them with her heightened senses and Woojin followed her. There were some mutant Avatars who could withstand the shots. Woojin then realized that they weren’t fully hypnotized. He then took out his sword and swung it down. He was able to slash through everyone standing in his way.

That’s when the fog appeared. It seemed like it was the power of a new mutant, but Shinatsu swung his fan to clear the area.

There were many Avatars, but running through them wasn’t so hard. Soon, Woojin saw the demons up ahead, all gathered up. At the front were the demons that Woojin remembered.

Baal and Agares.

These were especially powerful demons. Woojin summoned his bamboo spear and threw it at once. Baal dodged it but Agares let it fly toward his chest. However, the spear shot past him and struck another demon behind him.

Baal sneered with a grin.

“Kill them.”