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All demons charged with Baal’s order. Woojin went in and Miho closely followed. Guns fired from behind and they were attacked by the monsters and poison was also thrown at them. Summoned monsters and various animals were shot down and Woojin ran past them while unleashing his spiritual power. He then saw a demon running toward him.

Giant man Gucion. With a gauntlet that covered his arm up to his elbow, he was ready to attack and Woojin swung his sword. Gucion deflected the sword and rammed into Woojin with his shoulder. Gucion was a fighting specialist. Woojin had never fought him in the past, but he heard that the man had killed many people. Gucion’s skill in fighting skill was greater than he had expected. Woojin twisted and kicked him and Gucion also kicked back.

They each struck the other’s legs sent back. Woojin looked at him.

“What is your name?”

“Ko Woojin.”


Gucion smiled. He knew the name since Woojin had killed Amon and many demons already. Most Avatars were not familiar with martial arts, so this type of battle never worked. Gucion liked how Woojin seemed to know martial arts.

“This is fun.”

Gucion smiled and charged in. Woojin swung his sword at him, and Gucion paused to avoid it before dashing forward again. Woojin figured he had to finish this quickly. He lunged toward him and saw the fist coming right at his face, which he barely dodged. And when he got closer, he placed his hand on Gucion’s chest and pulled out Gáe Bulg. But Gucion had already grabbed his wrist and slapped him down on the ground.

As Woojin was flung onto the ground, he readied his sword and swung at Gucion the moment he dropped to the ground. Gucion laughed and threw Woojin’s wrist backward. Woojin got back up and Gucion smiled as he checked to see the cut from Woojin’s sword.

“So you do know how to fight.”

Gucion then glanced around. Citri was fighting with Miho, but he had his leopard face on and Gryphon’s Wing up, which meant it wasn’t an easy battle. Gucion frowned. He just realized that his battle premonition wasn’t working, but this made him even more excited.

“Let’s play some more.”

Unlike Gucion, Woojin didn’t like this one bit. He had to get to Baal and Agares, but he was being held down. Woojin had to be ready to sacrifice something to quickly kill Gucion off.

Baal laughed hollowly. Demons were pretty powerful, but it was surprising to see the newly-created Avatars fighting the demons on an equal level with their weapons. Baal turned to Agares.

“Agares, go help them. We can’t lose all of our people.”


Agares stomped, and the ground beneath the twelve Avatars with their guns ruptured. They tried to react quickly, but only Tom reacted in time. The others got buried and when Agares whistled, a black eagle appeared over his wrist.

Agares thought about who to attack and when he saw Bihyung, he sent the eagle toward him. When the eagle was almost near him, Bihyung noticed it coming and started igniting his Dokkebi Fire. The eagle, however, flew right through the flame and attacked Bihyung. At least it had slowed down and Bihyung was able to dodge it, but the eagle somehow managed to peck on Bihyung’s shoulder. Bihyung was left with a long cut on his shoulder and turned to Agares.

He was one of the strongest demons. He had heard about Baal and Agares, but didn’t realize they were this strong. He didn’t think that the Avatars who sided with Korea would all be killed at once. If these two were to join, all of the people fighting demons might die.

Bihyung looked around. They needed help. They weren’t in a bad spot, but it didn’t look like it was going to come to an end anytime soon. Sun Wukong was with Shiva, Arthur was with Bitra, and Zeus was with Indra. Haemosu wasn’t here either.

Bihyung sighed and charged. He had to take on Agares himself. As he charged in, Agares scoffed and stomped. Bihyung frowned as the ground below him sunk and he jumped up. Agares threw the eagle again and Bihyung threw his Dokkebi Fire. With the explosion, Bihyung flew with the wind to drop down in front of Agares and avoid the eagle attack.

He reached out to grab Agares, but Agares stomped again. Bihyung frowned.

Unlike what he thought at first, the battle seemed to favor the demons. Woojin was annoyed and he couldn’t finish Gucion fast enough. That’s when he heard Omikami’s voice in his ears.

[Make it quick.]

He then felt Omikami’s spiritual power coming into his body. Woojin then swung his sword while sending spiritual power with it and Gucion scoffed, jumping to avoid the attack. It also swept through the ones in the back and Bihyung also jumped to avoid it. It gave Bihyung time to get ready and it also killed the other demons who didn’t know it was coming.

Gucion then became angry.

“You dare play tricks with me?!”

Gucion then threw his fist at Woojin as he dropped. Woojin felt the powerful spiritual power within and swung his sword. The clash between the two attacks churned the area, and Woojin saw an opening, thrusting Gáe Bulg forward. Gucion realized he couldn’t dodge it and reached out with his left hand to defend.

Woojin didn’t care where it was as long as he could land an attack with Gáe Bulg. As soon as it pierced into Gucion’s hand, it spread inside him. Gucion then quickly sliced off his left arm with his right hand and struck Woojin again. With the sudden attack, Woojin had no choice but to bring his left arm up to defend. It was so powerful that it broke Wojin’s arm, but Woojin fell to his knees and swung his sword. Gucion also twisted as best as he could to avoid it penetrating his heart, but it instead got his lung.


He vomited blood. Woojin was covered with blood so he couldn’t see, but he flipped backward and Gucion’s fist shot past where his head was. If he hadn’t flipped back, it would have killed him. Woojin then kicked upwards at Gucion’s chin. As Gucion’s head was knocked back, Woojin turned a full circle and swung his sword upward. It made a ut through Gucion’s chest and when he dropped, Woojin threw his sword again but he disappeared.

Woojin recalled Gáe Bulg and put it into his left arm. As Gáe Bulg reinforced his broken bones, Baal appeared in front of him.

“You make me do this.”

“Where is he?”

“You won. There is no need to take his life.”

Woojin aimed his sword at Baal and nonchalantly said, “Oh, I guess things are not turning out as you expected.”

“What?” Baal said and turned around. Gucion appeared behind him with blood pouring out from his chest. Miho panted from behind.

“I finished him off.”


Woojin smiled and looked at Baal. Miho was behind him, and Woojin was in front.

“It’s your turn now.”