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Meterul, who was playing a game, smiled and got up. Baal’s barrier was an amazing thing. Meterul didn’t know such magic existed, but there were many beings in his world who used such magic and Meterul at them all. As he ate more Avatars, memories of his past came back to him. With that, he now understood the barrier itself; now was the time to work on it.

As he reached out, a hole appeared in the barrier. He didn’t need to destroy it. He stepped through the hole and closed his eyes to feel it. He then realized there was a big war going on outside. How exciting was this? Meterul sensed the powers and laughed. He thought he had become powerful enough, but the powers gathered on the battlefield proved that it wasn’t enough.

He thought he was enough to deal with everyone, but that wasn’t true. Meterul smiled, “Yeah, if I lack power, I will just need to eat more.”

If there was a war going on, someone was going to lose. Besides, he was the only one who could absorb the energy of the dead. This war was going to grant power to a great cause, and it would eventually lead to Meterul’s reign.

“Go ahead with your business.”

It was time to feast while all the attention was focused there. Meterul then ran toward the village full of people nearby.

Shiva was the God of Destruction. He took control of India after killing Brahma and killed all the Avatars refused to bow to his will. He then followed Amon’s plan, which granted him many things. However, while it eventually led him to this, he still considered this to be a chance. This was a chance to bring destruction across the world. Yet, this one was blocking him.

Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. It was unbelievable that a mere monkey was getting the way. Sun Wukong spoke to him with Ruyi Bang on his waist.

“You aren’t as strong as I heard you are.”

Shiva smiled coldly, “You are stronger than what the rumors say.”

“Well, I still have a lot more to show. But if you’ve shown me everything, why don’t we finish it now?”

Shiva couldn’t hold back any longer and unleashed his power. He too was checking his opponent’s power, and that was now done. Many powerful Avatars had come, but Shiva did not falter. The violent power of destruction began to twist around Shiva. Sun Wukong spoke to Omikami.

“It’s now.”

[Make it quick. There are many that need help.]

“It will be quick.”

Sun Wukong took in Omikami’s power and unsealed Ruyi Bang. Shiva laughed.

“Good! We’ll play!”

Four arms appeared behind Shiva and Sun Wukong frowned.

“What the hell?”

Shiva’s body was now radiating with a powerful sacred aura. If an Avatar unleashed their sacred aura, the body wouldn’t be able to bear it. Yet, Shiva was doing it anyway.

“Is he mad?”

He could’ve just dragged out the time until Shiva’s body could no longer handle it, but Sun Wukong wasn’t the type to simply wait it out. He wielded his spiritual power and Omikami’s power into Ruyi Bang and charged. Shiva then also moved back. As two began to fight, terrible power began storming around them.

Woojin looked around. Zeus and all the others were holding on, but he didn’t like how equal the fight was. Bihyung was buying time with Agares, but it was obvious that Bihyung could defeat Agares alone. Woojin knew this and he needed to fight against Baal with Miho’s help. He met eyes with Miho and they began to attack.

Baal reached out with his sword and Woojin ignored it, trying to cut it down. But Baal’s hand turned transparent and the sword just shot past. Then a fist appeared and struck him in the stomach.


Woojin was thrown back and Miho attacked Baal’s back. Baal frowned with a gasp. It was an attack made just in time after he used his transparency to dodge it.

Baal hid himself into another realm again, disappearing completely to avoid being struck down by Miho multiple times. Woojin then realized his power. It was definitely powerful as there was no way for him to track down Baal if he really wanted to run away. Woojin then closed his eyes to focus. Baal couldn’t run away right now, so he decided to attack. Miho went next to him and apologized, “I’m sorry. I should’ve finished him.”

“Don’t be sorry. Be careful.”

Miho nodded.

“Maybe I can attack him.”


“I can do that too.”


Woojin became surprised and Miho nodded.

“Wait a second.”

He saw her eyes turning transparent and Woojin looked at her in shock.

“I found him. He’s behind us, three steps. Swing your sword. I’ll do the rest.”


Woojin then turned back around and swung his sword. The strike wielded a powerful energy wave that would cut down the world itself, but Baal scoffed. However powerful it might be, there was no way it for it to cut through the realm. That’s when Miho hugged Woojin and Woojin’s sword disappeared from reality. No, it went over to another realm. Baal gasped but Woojin’s sword struck his chest.


Baal was ambushed, but he was able to take a step back to save himself. Woojin then took a step forward and attacked to finish him. Baal then left the realm and he was surprised to find someone holding his hand.


She already had moved a lot while coming here, so as she grabbed Baal’s hand, she brought him away to a far place ahead. Woojin quickly brought forth Gáe Bulg and threw it, but Seere moved much further with the next step, and they were gone by the third step.

Woojin frowned. Baal’s wound was severe but he would survive after a long period of treatment. Woojin didn’t care. He had lost Baal, but there Baal couldn’t accomplish much alone. Besides, Argos was complete so they could easily track him down.

Woojin then found Agares and charged in. Agares stomped. Seeing the ground sink beneath him, Woojin jumped into the air and attacked Agares. Although Agares sent out the eagle, Woojin was ready and he swung his sword at it. The eagle, however, did not get cut down and instead it threw Woojin back from the shock. Of course, the eagle also fell to the ground, and then a shadow came over to Agares from behind.

“You dare run!”

Bihyung tripped Agares’s leg and tossed him onto the ground. As Agares gasped, Miho appeared and put her hand into Agares’ chest. Agares felt curious after feeling fine even with Miho’s hand inside him, but he soon screamed after Miho’s next move. She had pulled out Agares’ spiritual stone.

“There’s still a lot of them.”

There were still many demons on the battlefield, but the most powerful ones were either dead or had run away.

Woojin said, “Let’s make a difference.”

The war was at a stalemate, and the ones fighting against the demons had to make the change first.