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Zeus told Indra, “You know, I really don’t like you.”

“I want to say the same thing.”

Indra also frowned. He was also one of the strongest gods in India, but he was against an equally powerful being. Zeus was throwing lighting down with no weapon. It was Omikami’s help that allowed him to fight Indra as an equal while Indra was fighting with his Vajra.

That made Zeus even angrier. Thunder was the name that meant Zeus, but he couldn’t defeat Indra even with Omikami’s power. He glanced around and found out that the others were not in such a good position either. The Avatars of India were much more powerful than what they expected in the beginning.

“Let me ask you something.”

Zeus said with a lighting bolt in his hand and Indra answered, “I thought you didn’t want to waste time?”

“It’s okay. Why are you stronger than we expected?”

Indra glanced at Shiva.

“That’s why Shiva took over India. We weren’t sure, but now we see it.”

Indra held up his Vajra. Zeus then threw down his lightning, hoping someone would come to his aid soon.

After striking Gungnir down, frowned at Loki who was running away. Loki smirked at him.

“You’re not the same as before without your arm.”

Gungnir always reached its target no matter what, and that held Haemosu back from killing Loki. He could deflect Gungnir with his sword, but once he did, Loki would slash with Mjolnir.

Loki also used all of his magic powers while using divine objects. And he did not fight alone either as the Frost Giants stood between them to guard him. Haemosu was now getting injured.

Haemosu knew that if he were to lose, Loki would turn the tide on the battlefield with Gungnir. That’s why he held on. Loki knew this and enjoyed dismantling Haemosu. It was hard to believe that such an Avatar from a small place was so strong, but it was almost over.

With Baal gone and Agares dead, the demons began looking for opportunities. They didn’t want to die here. As Woojin and Miho attacked fiercely to kill demons, Basago got up.

“Don’t be fools!” Basago shouted.

“We’re not done yet!”

They still had about twenty-seven demons left. Most of the powerful ones were all dead, with only Basago left. They began to put up their last resistance with Basago as their lead. Woojin then sped up. Their core was Basago now. He had to kill Basago so that the demons would flee in fear. Then they could hunt them down with ease.

Demons then stood in his way. Marbas, Barbathos, Buer, and other high ranking demons attacked him. Woojin turned and Miho grabbed his shoulder. Woojin then felt a strange sensation as he was pushed across the realm, running past the demons. When he came back to reality, Woojin swung his sword at Basago who took a step back smoothly, avoiding it. The other demons attacked Woojin from behind.

“I’ll take care of them.”

Woojin nodded and attacked fiercely at Basago.

Basago then countered with his Rapier Sword, “I practiced when my Avatar body was still weak. How is it? Huh?”

Woojin laughed. Unlike Agares or Baal who used their power to attack, Basago was actually using martial arts. Woojin deflected his attack.

“You are powerful for a no-name god.”

Woojin scoffed. He realized that to them, he was no different from other Avatars that were created through the Avatar Project. But Woojin knew he was more than that. Woojin charged in and Basago pulled his Raiper back to unleash his spiritual power. The power flew in like a needle, but Woojin pulled out his Gáe Bulg and moved forward with it. As he got closer, Woojin grabbed Basago’s wrist and swung it. Basago felt his wrist being destroyed, but he was able to dodge the incoming attack. Basago threw his head at Woojin and Woojin also threw at it back. They pushed each other back and Woojin hurled his Gáe Bulg. Basago hopped back while swinging his Rapier, but Woojin was a bit faster. As Basago blocked Gáe Bulg with his Rapier, Woojin’s sword cut Basago’s left hand. Woojin then swung it again and Basago unleashed his entire spiritual power to bring his original into his Avatar body.

Woojin didn’t think he would make such a choice. Woojin was thrown back, and Bihyung caught him safely. Bihyung then became dumbfounded.

“Is he crazy?”

“Yeah. Why is he doing that?”

If an Avatar died, they could always create a new Avatar to come back later. But bringing the original down to this world would damage its original form if it died. It was hard to believe, especially for a demon to do such a thing.

Woojin then realized that the demons now realized that this was perhaps their last time.

“How long will it last?”

“I would say five minutes max.”


Woojin sighed. “Holding back for five minutes wasn’t hard, but that might be too much time for the others.”

Woojin charged in and said, “I’ll buy some time. Take care of others.”

Woojin knew that was too much to ask of Bihyung, but he had no choice. Basago was now four meters tall. There were three horns on his head and his entire body was engulfed in flames — the one who wielded the hell flame. Woojin focused his spiritual power into one point. He had to cut him down if possible. Basago swung his fist and Woojin blocked with his sword.

He was thrown backward and barely stopped rolling by stabbing his sword into the ground. Yet, Basago was already upon him.

“Five minutes my ass!”

As Woojin rolled, Basago’s foot stomped where he had been. Woojin swung his sword and was able to leave a long scar on Basago’s foot, but he got kicked by Basago again. He barely managed to endure it and got up to see Basago jumping up. He couldn’t use his one leg, but he was still just as fast. Woojin then swung his sword and Basago jumped again to dodge it. Woojin then threw Gáe Bulg out. Basago screamed in pain as the spearhead spread across his back.


Woojin launched himself into the air and sliced Basago’s head. Demons became grim as they saw Basago’s head falling down. They began to flee in all directions.