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The demons ran, but Woojin did not give chase. He could always find them later and kill them. It was more important to shift the balance of the battlefield right now. However, Woojin had taken a heavy injury and he was barely able to stand. Nonetheless, he couldn’t show it. Woojin cut open Basago’s heart and took out a large spiritual stone, holding it in his hand. He then shoved it into his pocket and looked at Miho. She was fighting against three demons. Woojin decided to save her first.

When Woojin jumped into the fray, the demons frowned. They immediately decided to run, but Woojin didn’t intend on letting them run away. Woojin threw his Gae Bulg to a side and his bamboo spear to another. Miho also popped out of the other realm and attacked. Woojin was able to chase after the target that he had thrown Gae Bulg at.

Marbas quickly deflected Gae Bulg, but Woojin’s sword quickly followed up. In response, Marbas tossed poison at Woojin, and Woojin twisted his sword around to swing it. The poison was scattered away by the wind from the sword and Gae Bulg changed direction, penetrating Marbas’ back. Marbas then smiled coldly as he saw the sword coming into his face.

“I’ll see you again.”

Woojin cut down his head. Miho also managed to finish of Barbatos. Buer was already fleeing as fast as he could and now all demons were fleeing from the battlefield. Woojin panted and stayed put. He had to focus on other places. Miho came up to him and began healing him by placing her hand on his back. Woojin’s wound recovered but his spiritual power hadn’t returned yet. Omikami was currently focusing on three other people.

Woojin took a deep breath and turned to Miho.

“Let’s help Haemosu first.”


They ran toward Haemosu. Haemosu was still having a hard time fighting against Loki. There were still ten Frost Giants left. Woojin gave Miho his directions.

“Help him get Loki. I’ll take care of the Frost Giants.”

Miho went to Haemosu and Woojin moved. The coldness around the Frost Giants slowed his movement, but Woojin jumped while wielding spiritual power and swung his bamboo spear. His goal was to slow them down, so Woojin poked a hole in each of their bodies. After gaining more holes in their body, they became slower and Miho took Haemosu to move into the realm to rush toward Loki. With Gungnir in his hand, Loki tried to hurl it at them but even Gungnir couldn’t attack Haemosu who was in the other realm.


It was similar to the power that Baal had. As Haemosu swung his sword in front of him, Loki also swung Mjolnir. At that moment, Miho went around Loki and bound him with her tails. Loki tried to get away, but tails kept him in place and the sword struck him down, chopping his head. Haemosu slumped down and turned to Miho.

“I won’t be much of a help for a while. Take these.”

Haemosu handed over Loki’s weapons. Miho smiled with Mjolnir and Gungnir in her hands.

“Can you get away?”

“Leave the Frost Giants with me. I’m tired, but I still can handle them.”


Miho then went for Woojin and Haemosu got up to begin swinging his sword at the Frost Giants.

Miho gave the two weapons to Woojin. All that was needed was to wield spiritual power to throw the weapons and they would trace their target, and Woojin didn’t need it. He handed over it to Miho and grabbed Mjolnir as it had the power to return after being thrown.

“I’ll go help Mr. Sun. You go help Zeus. Throwing Gungnir at Indra will be enough.”


Miho then ran toward Zeus and Woojin ran toward Sun Wukong. Shiva was unleashing his attack, and the power behind the attack equaled Basago’s. Woojin threw Mjolnir at Shiva. One Shiva’s six arms moved to slap Mjolnir down. It burned the hand as Mjolnir wielded lightning, but Shiva didn’t care and only focused on Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong shouted, “Be careful! Do not let the sacred aura touch you!”

He didn’t have to say it out loud since Sun Wukong himself was in bad shape. His armor had also been destroyed. Woojin then saw Shiva’s power radiating around him. Woojin asked, “How long does he left?”

“Three minutes.”

Three minutes was short, but it was dangerous enough. Sun Wukong only held on because he was so powerful. Woojin now joined to drag the time out too. He focused his power on Mjolnir and looked at Indra. With Miho throwing Gungnir at him, Indra was now in a pinch.

Woojin wasn’t sure why Shiva was fighting to the point where he sacrificed his sacred power, but it was time to fight.

Woojin readied his weapons. Out of the six arms that Shiva had, four of them were attacking Sun Wukong. It was Woojin’s job to tie down the rest. He hurled a fully charged Mjolnir at Shiva who struck it down with one of his hands. Woojin then threw his bamboo spear at the exact same moment. Another hand struck it down again, but yet another spear also flew in. Shiva had to use a third hand to block it and now Gae Bulg was also near him. Shiva then used his first hand to deflect it. Woojin did not stop there. He then charged in with spiritual power around him and his sword cut one of Shiva’s wrists. If it wasn’t for Sun Wukong who attacked at the same time, it would not have been possible. Shiva stomped as one of his wrists had been chopped off.

A shockwave exploded out, destroying everything in its way and Woojin jumped. Sun Wukong did not lose this chance and attacked with his Ruyi Bang, destroying Shiva’s arm that tried to defend it. Sun Wukong then grabbed one of his hair strands and blew it, creating hundreds of clones to launch an attack. Shiva gave up on the broken arm and swung the rest of his arms. The clones couldn’t even block Shiva’s hand and disappeared, but Sun Wukong disappeared from Shiva’s sight and Woojin jumped down on Shiva’s head. As he flew down, he felt Omikami’s spiritual power coming into him and he swung his sword.

Shiva realized Woojin’s attack was dangerous and threw his fist up, wielding sacred energy. Woojin knew it was dangerous for him also, but he did not back down. While Shiva’s attention was on Woojin, something penetrated his neck. Shiva’s eyes widened and his sacred aura dwindled. Woojin saw Ruyi Bang protruding through Shiva’s neck and he brought his sword down. Shiva’s body was sliced into two.

Sun Wukong turned to Woojin and declared, “I killed him.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

Sun Wukong laughed and turned around.

“It’s almost over.”