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Zeus’ lightning struck Indra’s heart and Excalibur cut Britra’s head. Woojin panted as he looked at the many bodies of Avatars in the airport with his heavy injuries. Sun Wukong approached him.

“Are you okay?”

“You don’t seem okay either.”

Sun Wukong had covered himself with all the treasures and divine objects, but now he was full of wounds.

“I will need at least a month to recover.”


Sun Wukong then fired up his pipe and Woojin turned to Miho who also came over. Miho saw Sun Wukong’s state and tried reaching out to heal, but Sun Wukong shook his head.

“This is damage from sacred power. You can’t heal it with your skill. I need to tend to it on my own.”

Miho then began healing Woojin and informed him, “The demons ran away, but we are tracking them down. All Avatars of India have been dealt with.”

“What about the newly-created Avatars?”

“All of them surrendered. Their control was lifted when the demons fled.”


Woojin then turned to Sun Wukong.

“We need to find Meterul and Baal.”

“Use Argos to find Baal. I need at least a month of healing, but it’s troublesome that we have to fight Meterul before that.”

“Zeus and Arthur are with us now. It should be okay.”

“I’ll find a way to heal faster.”

“Then let’s clean up the place.”

Woojin gathered the survivors to clean up the battleground. Half of the Indian Avatars had been killed and the demons who survived consisted of the weaker ones. Loki died and Shiva also died. Almost the entire world was now in their hands. Unless Meterul hid in some deserted place, he was going to be found.

Woojin called Ryota.

“Find the location of every demon. Can you check to see which one is which?”

[That’s not possible.]

“Okay. Then just locate them. Don’t miss a single one, and focus on the areas with missing people.”


Woojin then got up and looked around. The place Shiva swept through had been damaged so badly that it didn’t seem like it would recover any time soon. Zeus smiled and then came over with Vajra.

“I got something useful.”

Miho helped Zeus to kill Indra, but she decided to give Vajra to Zeus since Zeus needed a divine object to properly wield his power. Zeus glanced at Miho and said, “I won’t forget the gratitude of course. I’ll see if I can find something that might fit her.”

“Thank you.”

Miho didn’t have any good weapons. She was strong without them and she also had her family ring, but it wasn’t enough. Zeus asked, “So, what are we going to do now?”

“We’ll find the demons and finish them. Especially Baal.”

“No time to rest then.”


Zeus patted Woojin’s shoulder.

“Keep up the good work.”

Woojin then went over to Haemosu. He was resting over the dead bodies of the Frost Giants, drenched in blood.

“Are you okay?”

“I wish I could say I am.”

Haemosu was seriously in bad shape, but Miho and Gumiho were busy healing others. Haemosu was tired, but his injuries were less serious than the others who had their limbs cut off. Haemosu got up with Woojin’s help.

“Is it bad?”

“Many died due to Agares’ attack.”

Those who were trained in hunter skills died.

“It’s a shame.”

Woojin then handed over Mjolnir to Haemosu. Haemosu shook his head.

“I only have one arm, so I don’t need it. My sword is good enough, so you can use it or give it to someone who needs it.”

Woojin knew this would fit Zeus also, but Zeus had gotten Vajra today. Thus, Woojin figured that Zeus wouldn’t need Mjolnir and decided to use it himself.

“You can go rest. I’ll clean up the area.”

“You do that.”

Woojin left him and Haemosu walked over to Sun Wukong.

“I heard you killed Loki.”

“Yes, thanks to Miho.”

Sun Wukong then glanced at Miho who was healing the others.

“It looks like she’s now stronger than Daji herself.”

“I was able to defeat her only because Bihyung warned me then. I didn’t think she would betray me, but it seems that Miho’s stronger than her now.”

“Her new power was amazing.”

“She will be a great help when dealing with Meterul. Well, she’s already within the top ten rank out of all the Avatars.”

“What about me?”

“You? You’re barely there.”

Both men burst into laughter.

Baal panted as he returned to his castle with Seere’s help.

“Let’s heal you.”

“This won’t heal.”

It was an attack made through another Avatar’s spiritual power which required time to push the power out.


Seere looked over Baal for a second and said, “You should take a rest.”

“No. I need to meet up with Meterul.”

Baal got up and walked to Meterul who was sitting on a chair and feeling more relaxed form than ever.

“You’re hurt.”

Baal looked at Meterul and glanced around. The barrier was fine, but Meterul seemed different. What happened? His woman body seemed to wield a different power now.

Meterul got up and smirked.

“Let me guess.”


“You lost, right?”

Baal frowned and Meterul continued, “You have a way to strike back?”

Baal couldn’t answer and Meterul nodded.

“Then I guess I should control the situation now.”

Seere exclaimed, “Who are you to say that?!”

Meterul then suddenly appeared next to Seere. Meterul placed his hand on Seere’s chest and threatened, “Should we talk after I pull this out first?”


Seere was shocked that Meterul’s speed had increased much more than what she remembered.

“There’s nothing you guys can do now. Follow my lead.”

Seere asked reluctantly, “What do you want?”

“Me? I want to take this world for my own.”

Baal then shook his head.

“Amon summoned you to reorganize this world.”

“I guess he did. And the world will be reorganized.”

“What do you mean?”

“Because I will eat everyone who stands in my way.”

Seere shuddered. She couldn’t think of that as a joke. Meterul tapped on Seere’s fear-stricken cheek and stated, “If you two don’t cross me, I will have you stand on top of the new order.”

Seere turned to Baal.

Baal said, “Can I ask you a question?”

“If it helps you to decide, go ahead.”

“How much more powerful can you become?”

Meterul smiled.

“If I have enough to eat, I can be strong enough to fight the whole world.”

Baal got up and put his hand out in front of Meterul. When Meterul grabbed it, Baal said, “I will follow you.”

Meterul placed his hand on Baal’s chest, and the spiritual power left by Woojin was sucked in. It would have taken a long time to heal, but it was gone in seconds. Meterul licked his lips and asked, “It’s tasty. Who’s is it?”

“Ko Woojin.”

Meterul smiled brightly.