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Woojin took a cab and arrived at Bihyung’s building. Kim Beom was already waiting for him on the 1st floor.

“Let’s go.”

They got on the elevator and Beom asked Woojin on the way up, “How did you become a hunter?”

Woojin looked at Beom and Beom turned back to him. He had looked into Woojin’s background from every possible angle but he had no possible connections to become a hunter. Yet Woojin was too good to be an unregistered hunter. In fact, he had already killed two vampires.

“I was lucky.”

Woojin could only say that. He was just lucky he was sent back into the past, that was all. Beom looked at Woojin silently and turned back.

“That’s interesting.”

They reached the top floor and saw Bihyung standing by the window. Woojin walked up to Bihyung’s side and stood there. The sun was going down on the horizon; day was turning into night. As Woojin looked out into the horizon, Bihyung handed him a glass. They clinked their glasses for a toast and drank.

“There were massacres all around the world. And the House of Dmitri is involved in all of them.”

Woojin knew this. The House of Dmitri was behind all of it, but it took a long time for their house to be blamed. They were powerful on their own, but many sided with them from the shadows.

It was all only revealed after the world plunged into chaos. And it was only after many unprepared Avatars died that they found out what the Avatar of Amon was planning to do and decided to work together to fight.

Woojin wanted to stop that era from coming; the otherworld needed to stay as the other world. He wanted to keep the real world from not knowing of its existence.

Bihyung continued, “Korea got out of the tragedy in some way, thanks to you.”

“Did you get those stones?”

Bihyung handed over a leather bracelet that had a small stone set into it. It didn’t look like anything precious but Woojin knew what it was. As he took it, Bihyung explained, “I am trying, but that’s the only one I got it for now. I could see that you were telling the truth so I’ll give you that for your sister.”

Woojin sighed in relief as now he had at least a little bit of security that he needed. Bihyung shook his head and spoke.

“You really are mysterious.”

Bihyung brought out whiskey from the cabinet and filled his glass as he continued.

“You killed two vampires, but they won’t make a move anytime soon. They will try to lay low as it will be hard to hide the fact that they caused this incident to expose the otherworld to reality.”

Woojin walked up to him and Bihyung poured whiskey into his glass. Woojin mused as he looked down.

“It would be great if it were that simple.”

If it was the same as before, he had only saved seven people from being kidnapped. He was uncertain as to what the Avatar of Amon might do since he didn’t know what the seven missing offerings might mean.

“Do you know something?”

“I’m not certain yet.”

He had changed the past as soon as he got back. He wasn’t sure what changes it might bring so he didn’t want to speculate without being sure. Bihyung shrugged and drank. Woojin also downed his drink and looked at the stone.

“Thank you for this.”

“Are you leaving?”

“Is there anything else?”

Bihyung called Woojin as he was leaving.

“Woojin. Let me ask you a question.”

Woojin turned.

“Vampires won’t be making any moves for a while. But are there any others that I should watch out for?”

Woojin realized Bihyung was testing him. Honestly, Woojin wasn’t sure what Bihyung did in the past as the kidnappings were successful, so he took the precaution of not spilling any names.

“Tell me if those foreign Avatars that work as mercenaries come into the country. They might hire non-vampires to do the job.”


Bihyung turned to Beom when Woojin left the room.

“How are things going in Busan?”

“We are using Converted Ones to search the entire region. I’ll keep you posted.”

“Did you hear what we said?”


“Tell Yuhong to be on the alert for a while.”


Bihyung spoke as he stood up.

“It seems like there might be more that’s going on. I should go to Jeju Island.”

“Are you going to meet with Granny Mago?”

“Yeah, I should ask for her advice.”

“Take care, Boss.”

Bihyung frowned. Korea had gotten off easy this time, but it seemed too early to be relieved. Bihyung had to move on his own to prepare.

Woojin went straight to his sister’s room when he returned home. Eunseo was studying when he knocked on her door.

“Oh, you’re back late.”

“Can I come in?”

Eunseo opened the door and Woojin handed her the bracelet. The Stone of Spiritual Power Concealment. The stone was a slight shade of purple, with two leather straps interlacing to form a bracelet.

Eunseo stared in astonishment at the bracelet.

“It’s pretty.”

It wasn’t sparkly like a diamond, but the stone’s smooth surface and sheen were charming enough to be considered pretty. Woojin placed it over his sister’s wrist and warned, “Don’t ever take this off.”

His voice was so serious that it scared his sister a bit.

“Don’t show it to anyone and don’t take it off. If anyone wants to see it off your wrist, just tell them I warned you not to, okay?”

“Okay. I got it.”

“I’m not joking. Make sure you don’t take this off. Ever.”


Woojin then patted her shoulder and returned to his room. At least she had some basic protection in place now. He then took out a notebook from his shelf and began writing down whatever he could remember to check what might help him in the future.