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With India now under control, all the Avatars now were united under one team. And with Argos, Woojin believed that the world had taken a step forward towards success. However, when Thoth and Merlin came and spoke to him, Woojin realized he was wrong.

“Three months?”

“Yes. We can only see up to three months.”

Thoth and Merlin both knew how to read the future. Woojin frowned.

“It got lessened.”

“Yes. I know you did the best you can, but we are running out of time.”

The others next to Woojin all became shocked as well. Sun Wukong commented.

“Three months doesn’t sound great.”

He then turned to Arthur.

“What are you going to do?”

“I will fight to the end.”

Sun Wukong then turned to Zeus.

“If the world will come to an end, I will just enjoy my time with women until then.”

Woojin stared coldly at Zeus and he replied.

“The only one you need me to handle among the demons is Baal, but you have enough manpower for that.”

Zeus laid back on the couch as he spoke.

“I will join the fight against Meterul, so just tell me anytime.”

“It’s not like you can come right away if we tell you. And don’t you know what might happen if you get eaten up by Meterul?”

Sun Wukong frowned but Zeus laughed.

“I’ll be at Ra’s palace, don’t worry. I wanted to go to Egypt at least once.”

“Hmph. I guess we can’t hold you here then. Go.”


Zeus then got up and spoke.

“Well, we have three months, so good luck.”

Zeus left and Woojin sighed. There were still ones with such power but who were not keen on helping others. Woojin shook his head and looked at Sun Wukong.

“Mr. Sun. Can I ask you a favor?”

Sun Wukong nodded.

“I need sacred power.”

“Sacred power? Here?”

Sun Wukong scoffed.

“Nobody will be able to withstand it if you use it here.”

“I know.”

The Avatars frowned. They all looked at each other as they knew what Woojin meant. Sun Wukong frowned and looked back at Woojin.

“Don’t you mind if it kills you?”

“If that is what it takes to win this, yes.”

“You don’t even have godliness within you. It won’t be easy.”

“I am working on it. If we succeed, I will have enough power even for a brief moment.”

“I see. So?”

Sun Wukong asked back and Woojin calmly said.

“If we don’t stand a chance in the fight with Meterul, I want you to bring down yourself to fight as well.”

“Hmph. You know I might die while doing that?”

“Yes. That’s why I didn’t speak of this when Zeus was here.”

Sun Wukong laughed.

“I know what you are talking about, but it isn’t easy. I will need a lot of preparations for that tool.”

“I will get it ready if you tell me what you need.”

Sun Wukong laughed.

“Haha, you’re giving me no choice.”

As Sun Wukong began to think, Arthur declared.

“I am not as powerful as he, but I will prepare for it.”

Sun Wukong laughed bitterly.

“We are talking about a fight for the world. I was ready for it too. But I don’t want only us doing that, so let’s get Ra and Zeus’ preparation done too.”

“They might not want it.”

“There is a way to force them. Don’t worry.”

Sun Wukong then looked out to the window and spoke.

“It’s best if we don’t even do this at all. Find Meterul before we need to do that.”

“I am doing my best.”

With Thoth and Merlin, they began studying the body of Meterul. They were trying all possible methods and magics they knew, while Ryota was making a figure next to them. It was a figure of Omikami, as he knew it would be needed later on. That’s when a message came.

[Purson has moved out from the location.]

Ryota returned to his seat and checked on Argos.

“Purson’s location matches the location of Bravo team. Can’t you find him there?”

[Is it a dummy? We have a trace, but we can’t find Purson here.]

Ryota frowned and looked at the screen when another report came in.

[This is team Delta. We cannot locate Murmur.]

Ryota frowned.

“He’s not there either?”

[Negative. No Murmur.]

Ryota frowned. He then turned to the Monk.

“This is not good.”

“What’s going on?”

“They have found a way to escape Argos’ trace.”

“How is that possible?”

The Monk began to check his sacred objects as Thoth came over to them.

“Demons will not just sit around and do nothing.”

Merlin also suggested an idea.

“They left a trace of themselves as a decoy. We will need to find the barrier where they are hiding under.”

Merlin spoke as he created a small barrier.

“If it is a barrier to interfere with the tracing of the spiritual power of demons, this one might be it. I have studied their magics once, so I know.”

Ryota bit his lip. Creating a system to scan a barrier like this was an entirely new job. Ryota began to start working and Merlin looked at Thoth and Monk of the Golden Wheel and spoke.

“But this is amazing. Science and Magic combined.”

“I didn’t know you studied demonic magics.”

The Monk asked and Merlin smiled.

“Oh, I’ve had to study them so I can deal with them.”

After getting the call, Woojin and Miho went over to Ryota.

“How long will he need?”

Woojin asked the Monk. He glanced at Ryota’s back.

“It has been 6 hours since he began working like that. We might have something soon.”

Woojin nodded. Merlin then went over to Miho.

“I heard you are like the archenemy of Baal?”

It was through her power that Woojin was able to defeat Baal. Miho smiled.

“I had to finish him then.”

“I heard Seere took him with her.”

“Yeah, I don’t know how she did it.”

Miho was the fastest Avatar on Woojin’s team, yet Seere was much faster than her. Merlin nodded.

“There are two ways to catch her.”

“Two ways?”

Merlin spoke.

“First is to make a trap and get her, and another is to catch up to her. The one who can do the latter, although he is weak, is Hermes.”

“Hermes? He didn’t join our fight.”

Merlin nodded.

“He rarely joins in a fight. He’s not good at fighting. If you get help from him, you will be able to get Seere.”

Miho turned to Woojin. They were using Argos to find demons, but they now needed to go meet with Hermes, who killed Argos in mythology.

“Let’s go meet him.”