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Baal looked at the demons that Seere saved.


He spat. There were only seven surviving demons now. Baal took them to Meterul as they now had to follow Meterul’s orders. Meterul looked at each demon and asked, “Do we really need them?”

“They will help you during your reign later.”


Meterul thought it was better for him to eat them, since all he needed was just one follower. It seemed like eating them would also allow him to hunt the other Avatars. However, that wasn’t necessary for the time being. He decided to save them for later.

Meterul turned to Baal.

“I will need more people then.”

“How many do you need?”

“About ten thousand.”

“That’s too much.”

Meterul did not respond. With that number, he was going to get enough power back to attack. Baal frowned. He couldn’t get ten thousand people without being noticed.

“I can do it if I use these demons, but they will be put in danger. What do you say?”

Meterul grinned.

“Let’s do it slowly. We can’t let them notice us now.”

Meterul was in no hurry. He then turned to Seere with an idea.

“I will shorten the time we need if you help me.”

It was hard to find Hermes, but with Zeus’s help, they were able to get to him. He was wearing a baseball cap sitting down on a couch inside a club. Woojin waved and loud music went off. Hermes frowned.

“We can talk with the music on.”

“Hermes, we need your help.”

“My help?”


Hermes sighed and emptied his glass before continuing to speak.

“I can’t fight.”

“I know. We will do the fighting. You just need to help us get Seere.”


Hermes then let out a long slow sigh.

“I am faster before she takes the seventh step, but after that, I can’t. She becomes faster as she keeps moving.”

“Then we will get her location and you need to get her within seven steps.”

Hermes didn’t seem like he was eager to do it.

“I don’t want to fight. I don’t like fighting.”

Woojin looked at Hermes and solemnly said, “If we don’t find Meterul’s place from Seere, it will not matter whether you like fighting or not.”

“I did hear rumors about this Meterul. Is he really that dangerous?”


Hermes than realized he had no choice in this and got up.

“Okay. But I will only help with catching Seere.”

“That will be enough.”

The only way the opposing side could now run was with Seere, so if she was caught, then there was no need to worry.

“Where should I go?”

“You have to go to Korea.”

Hermes then reached out to Woojin and Miho. As soon as they held hands, Woojin realized why Hermes was the only one who could catch Seere. As he moved, the area around them turned. It was hard to believe that a being could be so fast. Hermes spoke as he walked.

“You might consider me fast, but after her seventh step, Seere is much faster than this. Keep that in mind.”

Hermes was moving through the folded space, but if Seere was faster than this, it explained why Woojin or Miho couldn’t get to her. And after a few seconds, they were in Korea. Woojin told Hermes how to get to the lab and there, Sun Wukong greeted them.

“You got him.”

Woojin smiled.

“Yes, but he won’t fight. He’ll only help to find Seere.”

“Hey, you want a pipe?”

“Long time no see.”

Hermes came up to him and Sun Wukong handed him a small pipe.

“It’s a new recipe. It’s really good.”

Hermes seemed to be old friends with Sun Wukong. He took a puff on the pipe and coughed.

“Ugh, this is too poisonous.”

“Bah, you got weak!”

Sun Wukong spat as Hermes laughed.

“You never change, huh?”

“Of course!”

Woojin then went to visit Ryota. They were still studying how to find Meterul. There were multiple coffee mugs on Ryota’s table, which showed he had already spent a few days researching. Woojin spoke to Ryota.

“I brought Hermes.”

“Oh? I thought you might not bring him.”

“Well, our world depends on it. But we still need you to finish your work.”

“Yeah.” Ryota smiled bitterly, “I am having a bit of a problem, but it will be solved soon. Just wait.”

Woojin then went to Doctor Ahn. The doctor didn’t seem much different from Ryota either.

“Didn’t you sleep?”

“No time for that. Look at this.”

It seemed like Doctor Ahn had been waiting for Woojin. He showed Woojin a syringe full of blue liquid.

“What is this?’

“I checked how your cells react to it, and it doesn’t seem to be dangerous. You want to try?”

“It’s not dangerous, but you won’t tell me what happens if I use it?”

“It was hard enough to make something that will work on you. I’ll have to take a look so I can move onto the next step.”

Woojin looked at the syringe that Doctor Ahn first allowed Woojin to obtain his sacred power, then nodded. Doctor Ahn injected it into his arm.

“Oh, lay down here.”

Woojin got on the bed and Doctor Ahn placed a few machines over him. That’s when Woojin’s spiritual stone began reacting. The spiritual power that flowed inside him began to burn. Woojin focused on it. What was it and why was it giving him such pain? Woojin focused the power to his hand and the burning spiritual power popped out of his hand; it was sacred power. However, it quickly disappeared.


Woojin panted and Doctor Ahn asked, “How is it?”

“There is a reaction, but only the spiritual power within me seems to turn into it. I think it is sacred power, but I’m not certain.”

“How painful is it?”

“It feels like blood is burning through my veins.”

Doctor Ahn smiled bitterly.

“Can you make it work now?”

“It won’t be easy, but I can probably work something out. But the pain won’t go away.”

“So I have to endure the pain?”

“Yes. I can put some sedatives in if it’s too painful, but that will make it take too long.”

Woojin sighed.

“Let’s focus on making something we can actually utilize. And if we have room, then please see if you can lessen the pain.”

“Will do.”