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Ra’s hotel in Egypt had undergone a drastic change after Zeus arrived. He was having the time of his life enjoying party after party with famous DJs and a countless number of beautiful women. As Zeus was enjoying his nth party, two women appeared on the rooftop of a building across from him.

“It’s a feast.”

Meterul was able arrive in Egypt in a few seconds with the help of Seere; however, he had opted to retain a female form. Baal had changed the barrier so that it would follow them. Meterul looked down at the hotel. He wanted to go down and eat all of them, but he couldn’t waste time. He was here to eat only those he needed.

Meterul looked at Zeus. There were other Avatars, but he was the most tempting one here. Eating just Zeus alone was going to give him the same effect as eating three demons.

“Let’s get him and return.”

“Will it work?”

“Of course.”

Meterul readied herself on the roof.

“Let’s make this quick.”

He then jumped out. Seere sighed. She had heard Meterul was strong, but the place was littered with Avatars, especially with Ra and Zeus. Meterul dropped into the pool and the water inside all splashed out. The women there seemed to be excited at some sort of event, but Zeus immediately became tense after sensing the energy coming from the strange woman.

Who could it be that Zeus could not sense its power, and could jump down into the pool and empty it? Zeus got up and shouted, “Everyone get away!”

The women started screaming as they ran but Meterul quickly charged at Zeus.


Zeus shouted and swung Vajra. A powerful lightning bolt was shot at the woman, but she reached out and absorbed it. Zeus was able to confirm who he was up against.


Before Zeus could finish, Meterul swung his fist and Zeus stepped back quickly. Meterul’s attack erased the entire place where Zeus had been sitting earlier. It was as if the entire space had turned into a void. Zeus threw a series of lightning bolts, but Meterul waved his hand, erasing them easily. Zeus frowned. His most powerful attack was nullified with the wave of an arm. That’s when Ra appeared with a light aura surrounding him. Countless other Avatars also appeared and circled Meterul.

Zeus didn’t shift his attention away from Meterul and asked, “Did you call them?”


“Then we just need to buy some time.”

Meterul laughed.

“Buy some time?”

Meterul didn’t only come for Zeus. He needed Zeus and Ra, and yet now both of them were in one place. Meterul charged in and Zeus threw his lightning, but Meterul erased it again. Ra then reached out and a high-temperature light beam flew in at Meterul. He dodged it and Zeus realized that Meterul couldn’t use the erasing power multiple times. They had a chance.

Zeus threw his lightning and Meterul erased it again; however, Ra attacked at the same time. Meterul scoffed as he reached out and erased the light again. And when Zeus readied to throw his attack again, Meterul was already there and grabbed his hand.

“I got ya.”

Ra threw the light, but Meterul used Zeus to defend. Zeus screamed as Meterul placed his hand on Zeus’ chest. And before the attack sent by Ra arrived, Zeus’s body was absorbed by Meterul. However, Meterul did not change. The new power was in his hands, but he couldn’t stay still to digest it and let Ra attack him, so Meterul did not absorb the power yet and dodged Ra’s attack.

Ra shouted.

“Get away!”

When the Avatars scattered in multiple directions, powerful light was unleashed from Ra’s body. It was as if he had turned himself into the sun. This was his ultimate defense mechanism. Meterul realized he couldn’t erase it constantly, so he threw his fist out. Powerful energy that clashed against it and Meterul rushed in.

Meterul’s fist struck against Ra’s stomach as Ra reached out and grabbed Meterul’s arm. He was still in his woman body form as his arm burned up, but he didn’t even flinch and absorbed Ra. Was it because he was too full? Meterul didn’t feel like eating any of the other Avatars and waved. Seere who was watching from a distance began taking steps and soon disappeared with Meterul.

The Avatars who were left behind were dumbfounded. Zeus and Ra had been eaten in a matter of minutes. Soon after, a group of Avatars appeared. They shouted as they arrived, “Where’s Meterul?!”

Sun Wukong shouted and Woojin left the panting Hermes and looked at Knum.

“What happened? I heard Meterul appeared.”

Knum answered, “He disappeared with Seere.”

“And where’s Zeus and Ra?”

“They were eaten…. Eaten alive!”

This was terrible. Woojin grimaced. Zeus and Ra were two of the most powerful Avatars on their side. Woojin had lost a third of his best teammates, and now Meterul probably had gotten much more powerful. Arthur came up to him.

“Are we still not ready to track Meterul?”

Woojin shook his head. They didn’t have a method to find the barrier of the demons either.

“I think the demons have changed barriers. It is surprising we couldn’t find them while they were on the move either.”

Sun Wukong sighed.

“I don’t know what to do now.”

His plan was to get Zeus and Ra to bring forth their originals, but that plan had sunk now. As he talked to Sun Wukong, Ko Eunseo ran out of the hotel. Woojin then remembered that his sister was here.


He was shocked by the fact that he had forgotten and thought that Eunseo was in the safest place in the world, but it turned out she wasn’t. Woojin patted her on her back.

“Pack up. Let’s go back to Korea.”

“Are we going back?”

“Yeah. Korea is safer than here now.”