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On the way back to Korea with his family in the jet, Woojin sat inside the meeting room. Sun Wukong didn’t look well either. Woojin’s face showed that he was full of concerns. Sun Wukong sighed.

“It’s apparent that we need to fight Meterul with our original powers.”

“I thought that required preparations?”

“I will ask the Avatars who can wield sacred powers if they are willing to help.”

Woojin then asked with curiosity, “Is there a limit to using sacred power?”

“No, once you are prepared, there is no limit. But such power can leave traces in this world.”

“Can we make a barrier to block the effects from getting out?”

“That won’t be easy.”

“But we should try.”

They needed to do everything they could.

“So, how far have you proceeded with your plan?”

“It is in progress. I can use sacred power temporarily, but it is painful.”

“You can use sacred power?”


Sun Wukong looked at Woojin in shock. He figured Woojin would not be able to wield such power, but it seemed that he was wrong.

“Haha. You always surprise me. Or is it Doctor Ahn who is doing that?”

“Yes, he is really amazing.”

It was all thanks to Doctor Ahn that Woojin was now working to save the world. Even if he returned, if he was only a mere hunter, he would not have been able to sit with these Avatars to discuss saving the world.

“Can any Avatar use it?”

Woojin shook his head.

“For now, we are working on something that will only work on me.”

“I see. But it is good to hear that it’s working.”

Woojin then talked about what happened.

“It looks like Meterul will need time to absorb the power of Zeus and Ra.”

“Yes. If that wasn’t necessary, he would not have run.”

Arthur also agreed.

“At least we have some time then.”

“That is hard to say as we will now have to deal with an even stronger Meterul.”

Miho then sighed and asked, “Is there a way I can get sacred power too?”

“You are not a god, so you can’t,” Sun Wukong replied. Avatars that were not gods had no such right. Miho was already one of the most powerful Avatars, but she wanted more power to be able to fight Meterul.

“I know how you feel, but don’t be reckless. I don’t want him to go through that either. I just can’t, because he’s ready to take whatever’s necessary.”

Wukong talked about Woojin and Woojin also spoke up.

“Don’t worry. You are already a huge help.”

“But I’m worried.”

Woojin was worried too, but he didn’t mention it. After the meeting, Woojin went over to his family’s room. His father first asked, “Is Korea safe?”

“For now.”

They weren’t all that ready. If Meterul appeared, it would be dangerous, but it was still safer than other places.

“At least it’s great to see you.”

They all felt the thunder and lightning flash outside the hotel. Although it ended quickly, it was hard to describe the shock they felt. Woojin smiled.

“it will be okay. Get some rest.”

Woojin’s mother then reached out to him and asked, “Son, do you really need to fight in the middle of that?’

Woojin smiled brightly.

“Yes. They need me.”

Meterul was beyond happy after returning to the castle. But he needed time to absorb such great power. He met with Baal before going into seclusion to digest.

“Where have you been?”

“I ate Zeus and Ra.”

Baal flinched. Zeus and Ra were powerful Avatars that Baal himself couldn’t defeat.

“They won’t make any bold moves since part of their main force has been killed. In the meantime, I need to digest what I ate.”


“Yes. Their power is too great, so I will need time to digest it.”

Meterul didn’t realize that this would happen, but it was now apparent that he would need time to absorb their power in case they fight such powerful targets.

“So, I’ll take time to digest. They won’t make any moves anyway.”

“How long do you need?”

“I don’t know. About two weeks?”

“And I can’t interrupt you in the meantime?”

“I will lose my consciousness while digesting, so I might eat you if you come near me in the process.”

“I will be aware.”

Meterul then went down to the basement of the castle and created a barrier inside a room. If he were to fail while digesting, it would weaken him considerably. After creating the barrier, he crouched down and closed his eyes. His clothes then ripped apart and a thread-like substance materialized and encased him in it. Meterul smiled.

“Soon, I will be able to eat this entire world.”

Baal didn’t go near Meterul as warned, but knew that he had created a barrier. Baal asked Seere, “How was he?”

“Zeus and Ra were absorbed right away. He has the power to erase an attack with a wave of his arm and has the power to eat anything.”

Seere sighed and Baal asked again, “Then we won’t be much safer with him either. What do you think if we fight her?”

“We’ll lose right away.”

“Yes, that seems likely.”

Baal had now realized that Meterul’s power was way beyond them. Was it okay to follow him to the end when he could turn his back on them at any time?

“Two weeks…”

“If he absorbs Zeus and Ra’s power, he will become more powerful than any Avatar.”

That was why it was more concerning to him, especially because of what Meterul said when Baal gathered the remaining demons.

“Seere, don’t let anyone come here.”


Baal then left alone and looked at the barrier Meterul had created. He had two weeks. Baal then silently returned to his room and created a barrier around himself before dialling a number. A voice answered.

[Who is it?]

“I need to get into contact with someone.”