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Woojin took the syringe that Doctor Ahn had completed. The doctor patted Woojin’s shoulder.

“Then, this is it.”

Woojin hugged Doctor Ahn. There were no words that could describe his gratitude for everything Doctor Ahn had done for him.

“Thank you.”

“I was able to finish my Avatar Project because of you. No need to thank me.”

“I hope you will be happy.”

“It’s up to you now.”

Woojin smiled as Doctor Ahn took out another syringe.

“And this… this is just in case.”

“What is this?”

“If you kill him after you use your sacred power, inject this into your heart.”

Woojin looked at the syringe and Doctor Ahn explained with a smile, “I have not tested it, but it is an antidote. It might return you back to being an Avatar.”

“Is that possible?”

“The chance of success is slim, but it’s better than nothing.”

Today was the fifth day. Woojin stored away the two syringes in his pocket and Doctor Ahn said, “Today might be the last day.”

If they killed Meterul, they would have more time, but if not, today would be the end of their lives.

“Then, you must use your last one.”

“I will.”

Woojin bowed and went to Hermes and Miho. Then, they held hands and left. As soon as they disappeared, Doctor Ahn finally fell. He held on with his Avatar mind to finish the project. However, a person quickly came up to him and supported him from falling. Brunhilde smiled.

“Is today the last?”

“I believe it will not be the last.”

“I believe so too. So get some rest. I will be there for you when you wake up.”

With that, Doctor Ahn passed out and Brunhilde took him inside.

Woojin got to the great barrier. Gathered there were Baal and his demons, the Monk of the Golden Wheel, Thoth, Merlin, and the others. Only Baal could get inside the barrier among all these people. Baal turned to Woojin and Miho.

“You are here.”

“I have to finish him.”

“I heard you put your life in danger for this.”

Woojin nodded and Baal sighed.

“A fake Avatar doesn’t stand a chance.”

Woojin laughed.

“Yeah, but did you forget I almost got you?”

“That was because of her.”

“Yeah, and it was me who helped her get ten tails.”

Miho nodded and Baal laughed.

“Okay. I won’t say any more. It is your life, not mine.”


Woojin then turned to the barrier as Baal warned him.

“Don’t let Meterul end this world.”


After Woojin finished talking with Baal, Monk came up to him.

“Are you ready?”

“How’s the inside?”

“There are only five Avatars inside the barrier. With you two, there will be seven.”

There were only seven of them, but they were the most powerful ones who could fight Meterul. Woojin turned to Miho and declared, “Then let’s start.”

Merlin raised his staff and Thoth opened his Book of Wisdom. Both of them began mumbling their spells as Monk activated his power.

The barrier opened up a path for a person to walk through and Woojin and Miho walked in. Monk shouted from behind.

“We will open up the barrier after seven days. Good luck!”

Woojin nodded as the barrier closed. Woojin glanced around and found no one else. He then turned to Miho.

“How much time do we have left?”

“About an hour until we start.”

“Then let’s take a walk.”


Woojin didn’t feel like rushing into his last battle. He wanted to at least enjoy the little time he had left.

“The antidote, can I carry it for you?”


“I think you will be in no place to use it if there is a need for it.”

Woojin smiled as he took out the antidote and gave it to Miho.

“We have five gods coming down into this world. We should be okay.”


At least they now knew about Meterul’s power. He could erase another power and absorb an entire space. It was easier than the Meterul who could teleport. Woojin turned to Miho.

“Don’t jump in recklessly. You might die.”

“Yeah. But I will do it if I need to.”

Despite Woojin’s advice, Miho was better at fighting than anyone else here and she was now strong enough to even fight Sun Wukong on equal footing. As they walked slowly, a shadow covered them and Woojin looked up. It was Sun Wukong on his cloud.

“Why are you so late?”

“I’m not late.”

“Bah. Get up. Let’s drink.”

“Drink before we fight?”


Woojin laughed and climbed onto the cloud with Miho. He then brought them to where the Avatars were. They had gathered at a hill overlooking the castle. When Woojin and Miho got down from the cloud, Poseidon came up to them.

“Good to see you. I’m Poseidon.”

“Nice to meet you. Ko Woojin.”

Poseidon was a muscular man who wielded a trident. He exchanged a handshake with Woojin and offered him a seat.

“Dionysus gave us the best liquor when I came here.”

Woojin laughed at the feast on the table. It wasn’t just a drinking party.

“What’s with all this?”

All the food that was laid out were those with such heavy spiritual powers that would kill a normal human. As Woojin ate them, he felt spiritual power filling him up inside. If he were to change this much energy into sacred power, he would be able to fight using godly power for at least five minutes.

As Woojin was eating, Sun Wukong raised his glass.

“I never thought we would gather in one place. Even if we perish here, our names will be left as legends.”

Sun Wukong turned to Woojin.

“However, unlike us, he is a human who became an Avatar and is now trying to become a god. Woojin, if you die here today, your name will be glorified above all the names in the sky.”

Woojin was shocked. If what Sun Wukong said really happened, he might be given godhood even if he died.

Sun Wukong shouted, “Our last drink! Drink up! And we will become legends!”


All the Avatars emptied their glasses and the Jin Do Yun cloud appeared. They got up and flew over to the castle. As they looked down, Sun Wukong looked at Omikami and with her spiritual power, Sun Wukong enlarged his Ruyi Bang. The staff that was now enlarged up to 100 meters struck downwards into the castle.