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They didn’t just attack once. They attacked multiple times, not allowing Meterul to get up. Omikami then sent power to Poseidon and he threw down his trident. What followed his trident was a giant water wave. Even though he was on land, the torrent of water was powerful enough to sweep the entire castle to pieces. On top of that, Arthur raised his sword.

Excalibur. The legendary sword shone brightly and the spiritual power from it shaped another giant sword illusion over it. The giant sword illusion dropped, destroying the castle. Woojin then raised his fist and delivered his spiritual power along with the power given by Omikami, into the Glove of Ban Gu. His fist grew to thirty meters as he jumped down and struck the castle.

The first powerful physical strike from Ruyi Bang, the second water attack from Poseidon, the third spiritual power attack from Arthur, and the final physical strike from Woojin decimated the castle.

When Woojin landed, he felt a change and shouted.

“Get back!”

Woojin hopped back as tentacles emerged from the dust clouds. All the tentacles missed their targets and returned. Woojin saw a ball-shaped object inside the dust. There was a total of six tentacles that extended out from it. The ball had cracks everywhere, meaning that Meterul had not fully digested Zeus and Ra’s powers in their entirety. Meterul then emerged from the ball, wiped his distorted face, and looked around.

He then demanded in an annoyed tone, “How did you find me?”

Meterul looked around and added, “And where’s Baal?”

“He told us your location and ran. He wants guaranteed safety.”

Meterul burst into laughter.

“It seems like there’s a giant barrier around this place. You would have needed at least a few days to do this.”


“Then that means he betrayed me the moment I went into digestion.”

Meterul laughed and looked up. Destroying this barrier would require a good chunk of time. Once he killed the enemies here, then that would be no problem. The issue was that he couldn’t digest Zeus and Ra yet. He had gotten more powerful than when he fought Zeus, but that wasn’t enough. His enemies were prepared.

Meterul then looked at Woojin. He was weaker than the others, but it seemed like he was the leader. He took a deep breath as he was going to use all the power he gained through this incomplete digestion.

“Let’s do it then.”

Meterul shouted and placed his hand on the ground. A magical rune appeared around him and monsters jumped out; they were ten-meter tall, two-legged monsters. Woojin glanced at Meterul. He had just consumed a lot of power just to summon them.

“We have to kill them quickly and go after Meterul.”

“It seems so.”

Sun Wukong created hundreds of clones of himself, all which attacked Meterul at once. Woojin then drew on his spiritual power and focused on the monster charging at him. He dodged the blade-like arms and threw the Fist of Giant at the monster. When the monster was knocked back, Woojin swung his Kusanagi no ken.

The monster tried to block the attack with his power, but Woojin’s wrist deftly moved the sword to avoid it and struck its chest. When blood started pouring out, Woojin felt a chill run down his back and jumped back. Meterul’s tentacle struck down right where he was a second ago. Woojin turned to Meterul. He was the target that Meterul had decided to focus on.

“I think I just need to get you.”

Woojin smiled bitterly. He was worried about Amon ever since he returned back in time. He thought he could save Earth if he killed Amon, but he was wrong. Woojin looked at Meterul and compared himself. How powerful was he, compared to Zeus or Ra? Could he truly fight and win against Meterul when he was weaker than both of them?

However, there was no time to ponder such thoughts. Meterul charged in, his six tentacles attacking from all directions and Woojin swung his sword while jumping back. He wanted to kill Meterul, but he couldn’t do it alone. With the spiritual power sent from Omikami, Woojin was able to hold his ground against the tentacle attacks. Meterul thought it would be easy, but Woojin was faring well in blocking his advances.

As Meterul got closer, he reached out with his left hand which had the power to erase every attack. However, Woojin didn’t use any type of special power. He realized it was his chance and threw his Fist of Giant. When he noticed the fist, Meterul switched to his right hand. Woojin realized it was the hand that ate everything and directed his fist down at the ground.

The ground exploded, throwing Woojin up into the air. He then threw the bamboo spear at Meterul, but it was struck down by the tentacles. Woojin then kicked while in the air and charged at him. Meterul’s tentacles came after him but Woojin swung his sword imbued with spiritual power and sliced the tentacles.


Meterul frowned at the pain of his tentacles getting cut. Woojin swung his sword again and cut off three more tentacles. Meterul could regenerate, but that meant he would need to consume energy, so it was a good tactic for Woojin to buy some time.

However, Woojin had also used much of his spiritual power. Meterul recalled his tentacles and pulled out a long blade in each hand. Woojin laughed. Meterul now was declaring that he would fight with swords.

Woojin then took out Mjolnir. He had already trained enough to use both Kusanagi no ken and Mjolnir. Meterul smiled.

“No matter who stood in my way, none of them were left. You will be no exception.”

Meterul charged and Woojin also charged in. As their weapons clashed, Woojin frowned. He tried to deflect and cut him down, but he couldn’t. Meterul smiled.

“Do you think no one who knew how to use swords in my world?”

Meterul, after getting back enough of his memory, revealed that he was a talented swordsman.