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As they fought on, Meterul’s memory became clearer and it was getting better. It was so long since he last fought in human form that he had forgotten, but the memories kept coming back to him and Meterul became excited.

Woojin realized one thing while fighting him. Meterul was getting stronger, but it didn’t mean that it was bad for Woojin since he was also getting stronger. As he fought, he now felt a strange sensation that every lesson he was taught until now was being condensed into one giant lesson.

Meterul frowned as Woojin was becoming harder to deal with. The attacks from his sword and hammer were getting harder to read. He decided he had to end his enjoyment and kill his opponent. Meterul then unleashed his power. He directly thrust his sword forward. Woojin sensed something dangerous and jumped back. The space where he was standing a second ago was gone.

As he observed the area, Woojin was able to deduce the fact that Meterul’s power had a range of ten meters. Woojin then threw Mjolnir at Meterul and when he struck it down, Woojin charged in while swinging his sword. The energy wave left a long cut on Meterul’s cheek. Woojin now was stronger than even Zeus or Ra.

Meterul smiled ominously.

“This is getting fun.”

It was Miho who killed the monster first. She thought the monster had no way to attack her in other realms, but when she shot through the monster and pulled out the heart, it created a barb that attacked her the moment she came over. It wounded her and it did not regenerate easily. But Miho had to work quickly to help protect Omikami.

Omikami asked, “Are you okay?”

“Not really.”

Meterul’s energy that lingered inside her made her feel as if she would fall, but she couldn’t let Omikami down. She was worried about Woojin who was fighting Meterul. That’s when another monster was killed and Haemosu appeared. Miho went over to heal Haemosu and asked, “What happened?”

Haemosu had taken heavy damage too. His left flank, which had been cut open, began to visibly heal and he said, “Go. I’ll protect her.”


Miho then ran toward Woojin.

Meterul became serious as he felt the monsters being killed. That was not much of an issue, but the main problem was that he couldn’t still get Woojin. He could not digest these Avatars immediately. That’s why he went after Woojin first, but fighting Woojin was getting harder.

It was so long since he felt such a feeling. He didn’t start as a great being in his world — he only reached this point after slowly eating one Avatar after another. Meterul charged at Woojin while unleashing his powers. Woojin had to jump back and Meterul then charged at Haemosu. When he was charging in toward Haemosu, Miho charged in from another direction. Meterul then noticed his power inside Miho and snapped his fingers.


Miho screamed and stopped as Meterul’s sword moved to strike her. Woojin ran to help her, but Miho had already shifted to another realm and the attack went past her. Meterul knew she would not be able to counterattack and charged at Haemosu. Even if he could not immediately digest Haemosu, he could at least gain 10% right away and that was probably enough to take care of Woojin. Haemosu, however, smiled coldly.

Meterul threw herself to the side to dodge the giant Ruyi Bang. Sun Wukong stood in front of him and scoffed, “You are weaker than expected. Did the unfinished digestion make you sick?”

Sun Wukong then added, “Let’s finish it here.”

Meterul reached out and all of Sun Wukong’s clones disappeared. He then charged at Sun Wukong and Haemosu turned to Woojin. After meeting Woojin’s eyes, Haemosu took out a gem from his pocket and closed his eyes. The gem cracked and a light beamed on Haemosu. Meterul shuddered as he saw the light coming down on Haemosu.

It seemed that he had no chance of winning at this rate. Meterul decided to take this seriously, and the light disappeared around Haemosu.

He stood there with a crown made from crow feathers with his sword on his waist. He also had recovered his arm. A sacred power was unleashed from him and Sun Wukong stepped back.

“Hey, why did you do that?”

“I think it was necessary.”

“Really? Doesn’t seem so.”

Haemosu shook his head. He couldn’t maintain his Avatar body any longer and had to retreat from battle. Until then, he was going to do his best to fight.

Haemosu walked up as Meterul smiled. Sacred power was different from spiritual power. It was a power that he could absorb entirely. When Meterul charged, Haemosu swung his sword. The sword shone brightly and Meterul reached out. That’s when Woojin charged towards Meterul from the back but he just smiled and reached out with his left hand.

The shining energy wave sent out by Haemosu’s sword was absorbed into Meterul. With the power absorbed, Meterul began to unleash the terrifying energy.

Meterul shot up into the air as Haemosu realized his attack did not work at all. Then, Meterul looked down at Woojin from the sky. A new third eye opened on his forehead and Woojin trembled.

That was the eye from Meterul’s original body. It had now opened.