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Woojin realized terat Meterul now had access to a portion of his original power and how terrifying that was. Woojin spoke quickly.

“The sacred power seems to just increase his power, but we can’t defeat him with just spiritual power.”

“You felt that too? But we can’t use sacred power against him.”

“He can eat it, but our power differs too greatly from just an Avatar and our real selves.”

Sun Wukong looked up to Meterul. That power was too strong to deal with. Woojin then took out his syringe as the others all held their gems. Miho couldn’t do anything but look at them. Woojin turned to her.

“Leave the barrier as you promised.”


“You are the only one who can save me.”

His only hope to be saved was now the antidote that Miho had. Miho bit her lip and answered.


Miho left and Woojin turned back to Meterul. With the third eye opened, Meterul was now gaining power even without eating anything. Without any hesitation, Woojin injected the syringe into his neck as Sun Wukong, Arthur, Poseidon, and Omikami all broke their gems.

Lights all beamed down on them and Meterul shuddered. He knew that they would gain their sacred powers. It was the purest power in the world… that didn’t make him sick or need time to digest. They were digging their own graves.

“Hahahaha! Come!”

Meterul shouted as he looked down at the six gods. Sun Wukong asked, “What should we do?”

Woojin felt his spiritual stone changing while in terrible pain. All his spiritual power was now changing into sacred power. He then understood what power he had wielded. The power he had gotten was the same power as Shiva, the power to destroy everything.

However, Woojin also knew that any power could be absorbed by Meterul.

“We will need to damage him physically, so you should start.”


Sun Wukong enlarged his Ruyi Bang. It had already been unlocked from its seal. Sun Wukong shot up with his cloud and Woojin turned to the others.

“Let’s focus on physical attacks first.”


Haemosu then shot up as Omikami spoke.

“I will help.”

She could only help three at most with her Avatar body, but now it was different. She had the power to send her power everywhere as long as it was under the sunlight.

Sun Wukong shone brightly with Omikami’s power and swung his staff. Meterul reached up and grabbed Ruyi Bang. However, Meterul’s physical power didn’t grow all that powerful and he was thrown. His arm was crushed but it didn’t matter. It quickly regenerated.

“He won’t die easily.”

Meterul realized what his enemies were thinking. It was a decent plan, but this meant he could fight more easily. When Haemosu’s sword struck down, Meterul jumped and changed. His body turned scrawny and became much quicker. Poseidon swung his trident but Meterul dodged it and closed in on Poseidon. He then unleashed his power as Woojin quickly grabbed Poseidon and pulled, but the space was absorbed, taking Poseidon’s arm with it.

Meterul’s body began to change again with the power of Poseidon. The body that had changed for speed now that he gained muscles. He also regained his tentacles. Woojin frowned and stood upfront.

“I can read his power since I fought him. I’ll take the lead.”


They couldn’t bear getting attacked by Meterul as it would make him stronger.

Meterul grinned. His tentacles swung and came after Woojin and he swung his sword. The tentacles were fast, but Woojin was now also on a whole new level. He swung his sword while wielding the destructive sacred power against the tentacles to see if they could absorb the sacred power. However, they were cut down with ease. Meterul also seemed to be shocked that they were cut down so easily.

Yet, it didn’t damage him much. Meterul charged and threw his fist at Woojin. As he dodged it, he threw Mjolnir at him. It didn’t contain any sacred power. Meterul couldn’t finish his attack as he would get struck by it. He tilted his head to dodge but Woojin’s sword cut down.

Blood splattered and Meterul staggered back. Woojin’s sword was faster than he thought and when he retreated, Ruyi Bang struck down. He dodged it as Haemosu’s sword came after his neck. Meterul’s tentacle moved to intercept. He was able to catch up to the speed of all the others except Woojin.

Meterul decided to fight Woojin by himself and let his tentacles deal with the rest. As he charged towards Woojin, they were now stronger and more accurate. Woojin felt danger among the attacks coming.

“Haemosu! Be careful!”

Haemosu was attacking from the closest range so it was too late. The area disappeared and Haemosu’s left arm was gone too. It healed Meterul’s wounds and tentacles and the third eye grew larger. It was now large enough to reach down to the nose. It looked as if it was trying to come out of its human form.

His power now had also gotten much greater.

The headache with dealing with him was the power to absorb an area. The only person who could see through it was Woojin, but he couldn’t deal Meterul alone anymore. When Mjolnir returned to him, he charged at Meterul and shouted.

“I’ll take him on!”

Woojin knew his time to use sacred power was much less than the others. He already felt his body screaming in pain. He only had three minutes at most, so he had to finish Meterul before that.

Woojin attacked, quickly slashing his sword multiple times at Meterul, but he was able to avoid all of them. Only Sun Wukong, who could attack from range, was helping. As they exchanged attacks, Woojin heard Granny Mago’s voice.

-This is a first.

Granny Mago continued before Woojin could ask.

-I have a message from Shiva. He’s asking if you are willing to take in his entire power.

Woojin asked as he dodged Meterul’s fist, “What do you mean?”

-You can call upon Shiva into your body since you are using his power. If you do, it will stop your body from becoming damaged and you will wield the true power of Shiva.

“Does that mean I will become a god?”

-Yes. What will you do?”

“I will take it.”

Meterul kept on attacking Woojin, but he was still able to converse with Granny Mago while fighting.

-Good. Then I will also help you.

Woojin then felt the sacred power within him seeping into his cells, changing him. He could feel that his body too was strengthening into the body of a god. That change also made his sword attack different.

Meterul jumped back, but his body was left with a long wound with blood gushing out.

“What did you just do?!”