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Woojin knew that his body would not last forever anyway. It was as if a god had taken control of his body, but he knew he could only last for about five minutes.

However, that was enough if he could fight in such a state. He also felt Granny Mago’s spirit was now one with him and through that help, he now possessed Shiva’s power within him.

Woojin’s sword now contained Shiva’s destructive power, which pierced through Meterul’s defense. Meterul’s power was only limited by its range, it was better for Woojin to attack. He tried to go after the others, but Woojin did not let him. He attacked and Meterul dodged, but in the process, he took even more damage. He was now taking more and more damage from Woojin’s attacks.

Meterul then unleashed his power, thinking that Woojin could not get away in time and would at least lose some part of his body like the others. However, as soon as he used the power, Woojin felt a chill. He was too close to get out of his range and in that split second, Woojin gripped his sword tight…

And he trusted himself and swung. Meterul was powerful, but if his power of destruction worked, it would probably cut down that power as well. Woojin’s sword, charged with the energy of destruction, cut Meterul’s power in half. His eyes opened in shock as Woojin charged in, swinging his sword. Meterul threw his tentacle at Woojin, yet it couldn’t even block him for a second as Woojin easily cut it down.

Meterul felt fear for the first time. He tried to jump back and run, but Woojin was too fast. Woojin’s sword struck and cut off Meterul’s left arm and he unleashed his power hysterically. That was beyond Woojin’s expectations. Everyone was only focused on giving Woojin energy and couldn’t react to the power that appeared so suddenly. He especially targeted Omikami, who was the slowest of the group, resulting in the loss of her left shoulder.

“Kyaa!” Omikami screamed as the others ran to check on her. She had been focused on giving power to Woojin, but now it was cut off. Meterul acknowledged that his plan had worked. It was only part of it, but Omikami’s power gave him enough to complete his giant eye. He was now closer to his original form. Would his empowered attacks work against Woojin… especially now with Omikami’s power gone?

Meterul activated his power. As the space in front of Woojin distorted, he again swung his sword and cut down the power. Meterul was startled by that, but Woojin closed in and swung again. Meterul now realized that Woojin was his archenemy, focusing on his powers. Woojin could cut each one down, but now he was unleashing it at a faster rate. As soon as Woojin one down, the power appeared from five different places. He could cut it down, but not five places at once. So, he turned and threw Mjolnir out.

It was mainly just to draw Meterul’s attention; he had to dodge it and forget about controlling his power. Then, Woojin threw Gae Bulg at him. Gae Bulg had also changed.

Meterul’s power was able to absorb weapons as well. It was not as efficient as absorbing pure energy, but he had to absorb it so that Woojin could not launch a ranged attack. When Meterul used his power to absorb Gae Bulg, Woojin swung down his sword containing the power. He guessed that Meterul could not use his power when his focus was elsewhere.

Woojin’s guess was right. Meterul’s chest was slashed and blood gushed out as he glared at him. At least he had absorbed Gae Bulg. When Woojin swung his sword again, Meterul jumped back. But this time, Woojin couldn’t catch up to him as he had gotten much faster. He now decided to focus on using his power while avoiding Woojin’s attacks.

Suddenly, the unexpected attacks were unleashed upon Meterul. Sun Wukong’s Ruyi Bang, Haemosu’s sword, Arthur’s Excalibur, and Poseidon’s Trident were all unleashed at the same time. If Meterul absorbed all of them, it would give Woojin a second to attack, and that would be enough for Woojin to finish him.

Meterul realized he didn’t have time to absorb all of those divine objects and dodged. It seemed that Woojin and the other gods were on a time limit so it was just a matter of time. And when Meterul dodged the incoming attack of weapons, Omikami sent all of her power into Woojin and dropped.

With the torrent of Omikami’s sacred power flowing into him, Woojin unleashed all his power into one movement. He disappeared as if he teleported and Meterul fired off multiple layers to try to hit Woojin. Woojin struck down two layers, but three of them actually hit. Woojin’s left leg and right thigh were cut, but he tilted his head to avoid the last layer, getting just a scratch instead.

Meterul smiled victoriously, but Woojin slashed as he flew in. Meterul absorbed Woojin’s sacred power as his own, but Woojin’s sword continued moving. Meterul couldn’t escape. He realized this was the final blow and unleashed his power. If his power couldn’t defend against Woojin, he was going to die.

Meterul’s power swept through Woojin’s sword and his power of destruction and swallowed it. Only Meterul was left. Woojin was gone. He had won. There were other gods left, but it didn’t matter.

Then, the space that swallowed Woojin was cut open and the sword was slashed at Meterul.