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Woojin whistled as he skinned the leather from the Natti. His power had grown by a large margin; he had trouble turning the Natti body around a while ago, but now he could do it easily.

“The point is if I can become an Avatar.”

If he could use the Starfish Fang even after becoming an Avatar, fighting any Avatar would pose no problems. Woojin pulled out its gallbladder through the Natti’s already cut open stomach. It was dangerous because of the poison, but the method of removing the poison was widely known in the future. It was because people began searching for a way to use its gallbladder to make liquor after they started killing the Natti for its spiritual stone.

And it was this liquor that caused the Natti to quickly be hunted down. Woojin decided to get its effect sooner. He cut off the other body parts and scattered them around for the animals and birds to eat. When he was done, he stored the gallbladder inside a bottle, slung the leather on his back, and left the mountain. Woojin then went straight to Old Hwang.

“With this much damage, you can only get thirty million. Are you still selling it?”

It seemed that the bullet wound and burn mark had brought down the selling price. But Woojin didn’t care. The value of the Natti wasn’t in the leather, but in the liquor that Woojin was trying to make.

“Can you get Daeokbong Honey?”

“Daeokbong Honey? That thing costs ten million per liter.”

“Get me two liters. And if you tell me the other Natti location, that will cover my Natti leather.”

Hwang looked at Woojin without a word. Daeokbongs were monsters living in China which were hard to capture as they lived in swarms, much like an army organization. However, there was a family that had taken up the job of acquiring its honey for generations. The honey was good at increasing immunities and curing hangovers. Therefore, it was popular with the rich people. It was expensive, but it wasn’t hard to get either.

“Do you want the Natti’s location tomorrow?”

“Yes. Goodbye then.”

“Good day.”

Hwang caressed his beard as Woojin left and stared at the Natti leather.

“He didn’t use the Barrett.”   

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It would’ve been easy to capture the Natti if Woojin had used the Barrett rifle, but he did not. He used an armor-piercing bullet and finished it off with the Starfish Fang.

Hwang handed the leather to Darkling.

“Have it processed.”

The second Natti was located at Gyungsangnamdo, within Chunsung Mountain. Woojin didn’t even use his gun this time so he could get the best leather price possible. Instead, he used Cocktail-B. With his boosted strength and agility, it was easy to capture the Natti. The only damage to the leather was at the neck that was removed when skinned. Woojin smiled as he fed another stone to the Starfish Fang. He could feel his strength increasing.

Woojin quickly returned to Seoul, and this time, Hwang frowned at the quality of the leather.

“This is the highest quality. You can get a hundred million for this.”

“Then get me six liters of honey and tell me the location of any Natti you get until we use it all.”


Hwang handed over the previously ordered two liters of honey.

“I’ll send you the location when I get them.”

“Thank you.”

Woojin then returned to his hotel and placed the gallbladder of the Natti into the two liters of honey. In the future, 500 ml of this liquor would cost over one billion won, and it only required a week to process. This would ensure that Woojin would not run out of money in the long run.

He then went down to the hotel’s gym and began training. His strength increased when he held the Starfish Fang, but it would be pointless if he didn’t train his basic muscle strength. When he was finished and about to return home, he got a call from Bihyung.

At Bihyung’s place, Woojin was greeted by a tall and beautiful short-haired woman. It was Yeohong, a Dokkebi.

“The CEO is waiting for you, come.”

As he followed her, Woojin remembered her in her battle suit. Bihyung was sitting down on a sofa with a glass of liquor.

“Come have a seat.”

As Woojin sat down, Bihyung turned on the TV.

“I found this man in my investigations.”

Woojin turned to the TV, and on it was a Russian man with broad shoulders that resembled a bear.

“Do you know who that is?”



Woojin frowned. He was a Werebear, a famous hunter from Russia. He was one of the Avatars that worked for money and his strength was amazing when he shapeshifted. His nickname was ‘Ripper’ because of his killing style; he ripped the opponent’s body into parts. He was infamous since the Cold War, but his infamy still lasted until now.

“He was a KGB agent in the Cold War. The Russian government used Avatars a lot back then. He’s one of the Avatars that you asked me to notify you about when they come in.”

“Do you know his reason for coming into Korea?”

“No. It’s better for us to not meet.”

Woojin nodded. In the past, Yeohong had killed Bolkov. However, it was going to be different this time.

“Do you know where he is?”

“He is at the Hilton Hotel. Room 2207.”

“Thank you.”

Woojin stood up as Bihyung asked, “Are you going to take care of him?”

“Will that be okay?”

“If he’s hired, then it will be fine. But if he’s here to travel, the Russian Were-family will come after you.”

“I hope he’s hired then.”

The Were-family sided with the Avatar of Amon in the past so he was bound to fight them anyway. And with Bolkov as one of their powerful assets, it would be better for Woojin to take care of him when he had the chance.

Bihyung looked to Yeohong as Woojin left.

“He’s a hunter but he’s trying to fight an Avatar… I am not sure if he’s just a fool or brave. See if you can help him out.”

“Do we need to care about him?”

“Yeah. As far as what Granny Mago told me, we have to look after him.”

Bihyung downed his glass and looked back at Bolkov on the TV screen.