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Woojin called his parents to tell them he would be late and went up to the roof of the Seoul Square building where he had a clear view of the Hilton Hotel. He prepared to hunt Bolkov and assembled the Barrett XM109. He checked room 2207 through the scope and breathed. If Woojin wanted to kill an Avatar, he needed to inflict a critical wound before engaging in combat with it.

As Woojin loaded the rifle and peered through the scope, he saw Bolkov moving around in his room. The curtains were only slightly open, but it was enough to ensure that he was in the room. Woojin waited. A good hunter needed patience. Normally, monsters or Avatars weren’t beings that humans could hunt.

They were much stronger, and with their powers, it was crazy for humans to even think about fighting them. Yet, Woojin fought against them for a long time. He didn’t care about his own body becoming damaged if he could successfully kill the Avatar of Amon and his minions.

And through that experience, Woojin was hunting today.

Unlike vampires, Were-families married and had babies. Their numbers were very low because each Were-family had separate types. Werewolves, Weretigers, Werebears and etc… they all had differences in characteristics and the Werebears’ special characteristics were strength and regeneration power.

“Nobody knows that this is already being sold.”

The Barrett XM109 was a weapon that was still in development. There were more powerful weapons in the past, but for now, the Barrett XM109 was the best weapon out there to hunt Avatars.

Woojin waited. Soon, a large man opened up the curtain and showed himself. He had a bathrobe on with his hairy chest exposed. Woojin smiled.

“Good to see you.”

And then he pulled the trigger. Even with the silencer, the gunshot was still loud as it fired. Woojin saw the window break as Bolkov’s shoulder seemed to explode from the bullet. It didn’t take off his arm, but Woojin readied a second shot. Before Bolkov could get up, Woojin aimed his head and fired. Bolkov was somehow able to cover his head with his arm. His regeneration was healing him even as he was being shot at. Woojin had already expected this.

Woojin reloaded and looked through the scope. Bolkov was staring directly at Woojin and then he jumped out of the twenty-two story window. He was charging toward Woojin, his arm already recovering. Woojin then aimed his rifle toward the entrance of the roof. There was only one shot left. He needed to make Bolkov use as much of his regenerative power from the damage of that remaining shot.

The power could regenerate his body as long as his head was not cut off, but it had its limits. It required more of his energy the more grievous the wound. Woojin heard a loud thumping sound as he waited; Bolkov must have realized that he was a hunter when he was attacked. Avatars did not use guns when they fought because they preferred to use their own powers. That’s why Bolkov was just rushing in without any concerns. Bolkov was certain that no hunter weapon would work against him.

Woojin injected Cocktail-B into his thigh and waited. The door was smashed and Woojin pulled the trigger.

Shooting a gun in short range was not usually attempted against Avatars as their reflexes were amazing. However, Woojin was lucky. If Bolkov had his armor on, this would not have damaged him. The bullet struck Bolkov’s arm and exploded. But Bolkov, even with his left arm torn to shreds, smiled at Woojin and shapeshifted. Woojin jumped as a three-meter giant bear charged at him. Bolkov’s right paw struck the ground and Bolkov turned, but Woojin fired his Desert Eagle.

The bullet struck Bolkov’s waist and he grimaced. With that expression, Woojin realized that Bolkov’s power to regenerate had depleted. He couldn’t waste any time.

Woojin fired all his remaining bullets. Bolkov swung his arm regardless, but Woojin had already backed away. He then pulled out the Starfish Fang. Bolkov swung at Woojin when he backed into a narrow place.

Bolkov was shocked by the fact that he had suddenly lost his arm. The place was already rigged with the Spiderweb of Inmen. Even if the opponent was a Werebear and an Avatar, he had lost his regeneration power and both his arms. Woojin jumped at Bolkov.

Bolkov did not underestimate his enemy anymore. He lowered his body to bite Woojin at once, but Woojin threw his fist at Bolkov.

With two Natti stones, Woojin was strong enough to snap Bolkov’s fatigued head. And then Woojin stabbed the Starfish Fang into Bolkov’s chin, his eyes rolled backward and he fell to the ground.

Woojin sighed.