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Werepeople’s detached body parts did not return to human form if they were cut off while they were still alive, but their bodies returned to human when they died. Woojin pulled out his blade as he checked the giant man turning back to human form. He then pulled out the spiritual stone from Bolkov’s heart. It was a baby fist-sized stone as Bolkov was a hundred-year-old Werebear. The stone could easily fetch a few hundred million.

“Money isn’t the important thing right now.”

Woojin fed it to his Starfish Fang and checked his body. He wasn’t aware in the past when he got the Starfish Fang that someone had already fed it a lot, but it was quite fun to do this. He could feel his strength had increased by a large margin. He also had a scratch on his hand and he saw his wound slowly but visibly healing. It was too weak to use it in fights, but it was satisfying that he had gotten a part of the power.

If he were to kill all the Werebears and fed the stones to his Starfish Fang, maybe he could get a powerful regeneration ability. Woojin then grabbed Bolkov’s right hand and pulled out the claws. Werebear claws had high durability and their length of thirty centimeters made them good ingredients to be turned into throwing daggers.

As Woojin was pulling out the claws, someone walked onto the roof through the broken door. Woojin pulled out his Desert Eagle, but it was Yeohong in her black battlesuit. She looked around as she walked up. She snapped her fingers as she checked Bolkov’s body and people appeared from behind her. Woojin frowned. They were Cleaners. As they began to clean up the area, Woojin retrieved his spiderweb and approached Yeohong.

“Why are you here?”

“We’ll take care of the rest. Do you have any more business with Bolkov’s body?”

He had already removed the stone and claws so he was done. The blood had some use, but Woojin had no tools to remove it.

“No. I’m done here.”

“Then I’ll take care of it.”

Woojin looked at Yeohong and nodded.

“Thank you.”

Woojin then disassembled his Barrett XM109 and walked out. As Woojin left, Yeohong looked around and took out her cell phone to call Bihyung.

[So, how did it go?]

“Bolkov is dead.”

[Wow. He really needs our love then. What hunter can fight Bolkov on 1 on 1 right now?]

“No hunter is crazy enough to fight Bolkov alone.”

[Yeah, I thought so. Did you take Bolkov’s body?]


[Then it’s good for us too. Take care of the rest.]

“Yeah. Will do.”

Yeohong then hung up and looked around to imagine what happened here. She saw Woojin retrieving the web, so it was easy to imagine why Bolkov’s arm was cut off. It was also understandable that Bolkov’s other arm was blown off with the Barrett XM109, but what was notable was the use of a sharp object that penetrated Bolkov’s head.

“It’s godly.”

Woojin focused on not making any mistakes. His body had changed but his experience still stayed with him. And with the flexibility of the Starfish Fang, it was easy to cut the claws. Woojin checked the four throwing daggers in his hand. They had good balance and weight. He threw them at the target hung on the wall. While he had enough experience, his body was still not trained enough — he did not hit the center.

“I’ve got to train more.”

Even with the most precise skills, it was hard to strike Avatars. He needed to train much more. As Woojin was gathering the daggers, his phone rang.

“Yes, Doctor?”

[Can I see you now?]

“I’ll be right there.”

Woojin rode on his bike to head over to Doctor Ahn Jongguk’s lab. As he reached the underground parking lot, Brunhilde was waiting for him.

It seemed that the creation of Cocktail-D must have been a success. Woojin bowed in greeting and Brunhilde began to walk ahead through security. They were soon in a room with a large aquarium, and Doctor Ahn waiting for him with tea.

“I’ve decided to trust your words.”

Woojin looked at the doctor and the doctor placed a blue-colored liquid on the table.

“It is Cocktail-D.”

Woojin knew that Cocktail-D had Hydra blood but he didn’t know the ratio so he didn’t imagine it would be this fast.

“I didn’t imagine that the monster blood would help. Anyway, I thought it’s time for me to repay you for the debt.”

Woojin smiled. Doctor Ahn hesitated for a bit and then said, “I don’t even know where to start. Are you really sure you want to join the Avatar Project?”

Woojin sipped on the tea and recited a story that Doctor Ahn told him in the past.

“We’ll need a slight change of direction in the Avatar Project.”

“Change of direction?”

Woojin smiled and said, “We need blood from spiritual beings.”