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Dragons were all categorized in spiritual beings. Dragons were hard to come by, and it was easy for Avatars to fight them. Such a dragon was right in front of Woojin, shaking his head and Woojin’s nose started bleeding from the shock. Nevertheless, he held on.

“I am trying to save the world.”

-What? A mere human dares to talk about the world?


Woojin wiped the blood off with his arm and stuck one of the bamboo sticks into the ground and pointed another one at the Black Dragon.

“Move. I will not hurt you if you move.”

The dragon frowned. The man could be killed just for slashing the divine bamboo from Mount Guisoo, but that man was now threatening him.

As the Black Dragon angrily tried to rip Woojin apart, the Sea Dragon blocked him.

-Out of my way!

-Please, ease your anger for a while. This man’s task is too much for him to handle. That’s why I brought him here.

The Black Dragon frowned.

-Then you should’ve asked for my permission!

-I believed you would not allow it.

The Black Dragon had no intention to permit it of course. It had taken one thousand years for the bamboo to grow back after being cut down to create the Peacebringer’s Flute a long time ago.

-How can a mere human have such a task? What is the task?

-Look at this.

The Sea Dragon then showed the memory he read from Woojin. The Black Dragon’s eyes widened.

-This is absurd! A memory of the future that has not occurred?!

The Sea Dragon was shocked. He read Woojin’s memory but did not realize it was from the future. The Black Dragon had lived much longer and thus he was able to see what the memory was.

The Black Dragon looked down at Woojin and realized. Woojin had eyes that did not match his age. In addition, he was able to see the burden Woojin shouldered.

-How can this be…!

If such a thing came true, it meant the doom of the world. Stopping it seemed to be impossible with Woojin’s power. It wasn’t something a mere human could prevent.

-Have you returned from the future?

“I am not sure how, but yes.”

The Black Dragon then looked up to the sky. Woojin waited for a second but the Black Dragon stopped for a while. Woojin almost tried to run away when the Black Dragon turned back down.

-You alone cannot stop it from happening. Do you know this?

“I am just trying my best.”

The dragon then sighed. He decided to help the man who was trying to prevent the future which not even the heavens would set out to do.

-I am bound to protect Mount Guisoo and thus I cannot help you with your task. But I will give you the least amount of help I can give. Hand me the bamboo.

Woojin looked up suspiciously but the Sea Dragon sent him the message this time.

-Don’t refuse his assistance.

Woojin then handed over the bamboo. The dragon then looked down.

-The bamboo of Mount Guisoo contains divine power. It creates balance if it is one, but it brings destruction when it is divided into two.

The dragon cut the branches of the hardened bamboo as if it was nothing.

-Guisoo Blood Bamboo Spear. It can penetrate any armor, and will force the target to bleed until it dies.

No one had such a spear in the past. Only one person received a divine object from the Sea Dragon, but its power wasn’t so great. That was why Woojin was here. He worried if he had to fight his way out, but it seemed like the Black Dragon was going to let him take it.

-I can bestow my power so it will help you defend against all curses. That is the only thing I can do for you.

The dragon then handed the spear back to Woojin and as it was sent back, the spear turned into a circle. Woojin became shocked and the dragon spoke.

-Place your hand forward.

As Woojin placed his hand forward, the bamboo became small enough to be worn as a bracelet. The dragon smiled.

-You can shape it at will.

Woojin then thought about its original shape and the bracelet immediately turned into a spear again.

-This is all I can do for you.

He was thankful for what the dragon did. Woojin bowed deeply.

“Thank you.”

He had no intention to fight the Black Dragon. The Black Dragon then turned to the Sea Dragon.

-The Mount Guisoo will not rise above the water surface for another thousand years.

-We will not see each other again.

-If the man succeeds, we will meet again.

The dragon then turned to Woojin.

-You should return now.

They were in the middle of the sea. How was he going to return? But Mount Guisoo began to submerge into the water before Woojin could ask. Woojin looked at the Black Dragon and said, “If you can, please help me with one more thing.”

-Do you want to be sent to the land?

Woojin shook his head.

“I want a dragon’s blood.”

-You want my blood?


-Why does a human need dragon blood?

“I am trying to do anything that has even the slightest possibility.”

The dragon looked down at Woojin and snapped his fingers. A fist-sized transparent orb was thrown at Woojin. There was red blood inside. He didn’t expect to get a dragon’s blood here.

-It’s too early to rejoice. What lies ahead of you is a treacherous path.

The sea level was already at Woojin’s ankles. The Black Dragon bowed to the Sea Dragon and dove into the sea. As the land submerged completely, Woojin floated above the water and the Sea Dragon came over to him.

-I will take you back.

The horn shined and resumed its shape again and Woojin grabbed it. The sun was up and a few people appeared on the beach. The Sea Dragon put Woojin down inside the tomb and spoke.

-Do not give up.

“I would not have met the man if I gave up in the past.”

The Sea Dragon smiled and faded out. Woojin was luckily able to summon him with one Sarira. As the effect of Cocktail-B died off, Woojin felt fatigued and sat down. He then swam out of the tomb when he got his senses back he avoided crowded areas so no one would notice him.

People peered at him as he began to walk along the beach, but no one tried to talk to him. As he returned to the hotel, he rinsed off his Wyvern armor, hung it up, and looked down at the Guisoo Blood Bamboo Spear. This was a decisive weapon. It had the power to penetrate any armor and make one bleed forever. It wouldn’t work against higher divine power but it was enough for now.

Woojin also acquired the blood of the divine beast of Mount Guisoo and the Black Dragon. This surely looked promising for the Avatar Project. Woojin then took a shower and laid down on the bed.

On his way back to Seoul, Woojin went to meet Doctor Ahn. On the way down to the lab, Brunhilde asked, “Did you really get the blood of a spiritual being?”

“I wouldn’t have come if I didn’t.”

It hadn’t even been a week since Woojin said he would go get the blood. Meanwhile, Doctor Ahn notified the Hunters Guild of his success with Cocktail-D. It was hard to believe that Woojin was so quick to retrieve the blood. Brunhilde was curious but did not ask further and took Woojin to the room. Doctor Ahn poured a cup of tea as always.

“Cocktail-D has been approved. I want to pay you in some way for your help.”

“If you help me become an Avatar, that’ll be enough.”

“I’m unsure if I can complete that project. Take this money first. If you have the spiritual blood, I will proceed with the project no matter your payment.”

“Understood. You can pay me whatever amount.”

“Cocktail-D will be sold for 50 million won per shot. I will receive 30% of the money for each sale, which is 17 million. I will give you 700 million per sale. I wish I could give you more, but I need money to proceed with the Avatar Project. Please understand.”

“That is more than enough.”

“Then please sign here.”

It seemed like Doctor Ahn had already made up his mind as he had prepared the contract. Woojin signed and returned the contract.

“Can you show me the blood?”

Woojin then took out two soju bottles. Doctor Ahn frowned at the sight of the soju bottles but soon realized the liquid inside wasn’t a liquor and became shocked.

“Have you really brought the blood in soju bottles?”

“I cleaned them well.”

The doctor wasn’t listening to Woojin. He was already running to his lab with those bottles.