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Chapter 23: Expert (1)

Woojin waited alone while sipping the tea, but Doctor Ahn did not return for a while. Woojin had more things to show him so he waited. Soon, Doctor Ahn came out with an exasperated expression.

“You should’ve warned me to be prepared. I can’t believe you brought such valuable specimens soju bottles.”

Woojin smiled. In the past, he brought blood in plastic bottles when necessary and it was fine. Doctor Ahn sighed.

“If you get another chance to get your hands on such a thing, tell me.”

“Sure will.”

“Whose blood is it? The spiritual power rating inside is impeccable.”

“Do you know Mount Guisoo?”

“Mount Guisoo?”

Doctor Ahn seemed to be confused. Spiritual beings weren’t widely studied yet and there was the possibility that Doctor Ahn might not know that much about them. He didn’t need to go into details about the legend.

“Or do you know about the Peacebringer’s Flute?”

“Oh, that I know.”

“It’s a divine beast that’s related to that legend.”

“A divine beast? So it’s not anyone’s blood then.”

“I just hope it can help you with your research.”

Doctor Ahn was excited. He was already studying the blood of Avatars and monsters. But spiritual beings were not in his reach yet. Woojin then took out the orb. He heard Brunhilde silently gasp at the blood inside. It looked like she had felt the spiritual power within the blood.

Doctor Ahn, of course, couldn’t feel the power and asked, “What is that?”

“It’s dragon blood.”

“Dragon blood? How did you retrieve the blood of a dragon?”

“Yes. The dragon directly gave it to me.”

Doctor Ahn’s eyes seemed to shine. He wasn’t familiar with Mount Guisoo, but dragons were different. Dragons were the most widely known spiritual beings in the world. He retrieved the orb and looked at the blood in astonishment. Woojin commented, “I assume you know how valuable it is.”

“The dragon itself really gave it to you?”


“Then it must be curse-free. I have not seen in the market, but it might cost billions.”

“I hope it improves your research.”

“Of course it will. I have to check if I can analyze and replicate it.”

“I trust you know what you need to do.”

“You have played a great role in the research. I will contact you right away once I come up with a result.”

Doctor Ahn was eager to move. He looked desperate to go to his lab to start working on it so Woojin left the room. Brunhilde guided him out and spoke to him in the elevator.

“You surprised me.”

“I was lucky.”

He was there to get the Guisoo Blood Bamboo Spear, but he didn’t expect it to be this good. He didn’t even know dragons had the power to read memories.

“Don’t you want to register with the Hunters Guild?”

“Not yet.”

There were ways to get help from the Hunters Guild, but the guild had rules that would hinder Woojin’s progress. Brunhilde smiled. She had never seen a talented hunter like Woojin until now, especially when Woojin did not want any money in return.

“I’ll see you later.”

Woojin then hopped back on his Ducati. It was time for the bullet.

Woojin met with Old Hwang at a restaurant. Woojin brought a small liquor bottle with orange liquid inside.

“You said you have something to sell. Is that the product?”

Woojin sat down and opened the seal. A sweet aroma filled the room and Hwang became curious.

“Daeokbong Honey? No. It’s different…”

Woojin grabbed his glass without answering. He then poured it out and drank it. Heat came from his stomache and although he could never get it up, it made his penis so hard. But he drank it to show that it didn’t have any poison. Then he poured it into Hwang’s glass.

Hwang then took the glass and drank. The old man was shocked by the heat coming from his stomache. Then he looked down between his legs. He was shocked. No medicine or drug was able to wake it up in his old age. However, this even solved that problem.

“Is this liquor?”

“Yes. I made it. It has the Daeokbong Honey, but I cannot tell you about the other ingredient.”

“I don’t need to know. I’m not a fool to ask for that.”

Hwang looked at Woojin with a greedy expression.

“How much will you sell for?”

“How much do you think I can get for a bottle?”

Woojin trusted Hwang’s judgment. The cost skyrocketed in the past since Natti were hard to find. But it wasn’t the same now. It was still hard to find the Natti, but not to the point of extinction like in the past.

“Can you make it in large amounts?”

“No. I only have three bottles right now.”

“Three of this size?”


Hwang scratched his beard and spoke.

“This needs to be tasted to see its potential. It’s the only downside.”

“I know. That’s why I brought this for taste testing purposes.”

“It will have a base price since it contains the Daeokbong Honey, but this has more value. If you want me to sell it for you, I’ll see the highest price I can get it for.”

Woojin nodded and took out the other bottles from his backpack.

“I would like to sell it for at least 500 million won. I’ll give you 20% of the profit.”

“That is quite a large amount. Were you thinking of that price?”

Daeokbong Honey was expensive, but it wasn’t that expensive. However, if Hwang chose the right customer, he would surely get much more.

“I’m counting on you.”

Woojin stood up and Old Hwang laughed.


He then stood up and called Darkling.

“Take these. I’ll have to check those old ones.”

Darkling took all those bottles and Hwang took out a cellphone to make a call. There were people who would waste a fortune on even the slightest moment of youth. This was precious to them. 500 million? 20% of that was 100 million. Maybe Woojin was talented as a hunter, but he didn’t know much about Old Hwang yet. It was time for Hwang to prove himself.

Two hundred people had gathered but not even one made a peep. They all looked dazed and there was a man scanning those people thoroughly; the man was a blonde with a thick beard. After going through everyone, he stood up and a tall man with sharp and handsome features approached.

“What do you think?”

“They’re all lacking to be a vessel. This cannot be.”

The blonde man asked back, “Dmitri. Did you take all of it back?”

“We couldn’t take anyone from Korea.”

The blonde man frowned at the word ‘Korea’.

“Didn’t we send an investigator out there to check on our kids on why they weren’t working?”

“We sent Bolkov but we’ve lost contact.”

“Is he dead?”

“Probably. He’s not one to go missing after getting paid.”

The blonde man turned back toward two hundred kidnapped people and became silent. Dmitri then said, “Amon.”

Amon organized his thoughts and answered, “We cannot even start if we do not have a vessel. This is outrageous for us to be stuck at such an early stage.”

Amon turned to Dmitri.

“How many men can you move right now?”

“The Avatars are on the edge right now. I can only use my kids who aren’t known.”

“Oh, the ones that you’ve been preparing?”

“Yes. But is it okay to use them this early?”

“The most important thing right now is that we start on our task. Send a bait to Bolkov’s family. If they move, the Avatars will focus on them. We’ll make a move then.”


Dmitri turned and tried to walk, but Amon stopped him.


Dmitri then turned and Amon looked at him for a while and said, “I need to meet with Wangjinjin.”

Dmitri dramatically acted if he was shocked and asked, “Am I not enough for you?”

“I thought you understood the need for more who share the greater purpose?”

“I will contact him right away.”

Dmitri left and Amon turned to the offerings again. He mumbled, “Is there a distortion of some kind?”