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Chapter 24: Expert (2)

Woojin had tried many weapons in the past but never a spear so he purchased a local gym that was closing down and installed a dummy target made out of tires to practice. He took a breath and thrust the spear. It was said that the Guisoo Blood Bamboo Spear could penetrate everything. It easily went through the three layers of tires and even the metal frame inside. It was also due to the strengthened muscles from the Starfish Fang too.

“I probably can penetrate metal sheets with it too.”

If this spear were to penetrate everything, there was only one move to practice first: an unavoidable thrust. The next scenario was when the attack was deflected. Woojin practiced until the sun began to set and slumped down on the floor after turning the spear into the bracelet. His phone rang. It was Bihyung.

-Can you come right now?

“Who’s in this time?”

-It’s Ref and Shagal.

They were the son and daughter of Bolkov. They weren’t infamous like Bolkov, but they too stood by Amon after the Day of Chaos. They ran rampant to avenge their father then, and they also killed many people. If Woojin captured them, he knew his need for strength would be solved. Their regeneration was no match against bleed effect of the spear.

“I will go to your office.”

Woojin rode a bike and arrived. Kim Beom was outside waiting for him.


As they got on the elevator to move up to the penthouse, Kim Beom spoke to Woojin.

“I saw what you did with the Bolkov.”

Beom seemed to be more friendly than before. He must have seen the Bolkov’s body and realized how Woojin fought him. Beom wasn’t friendly to anyone, but in the past when he thought the person was worthy enough, he befriended them quickly.


Woojin called him. Beom turned and Woojin showed his fist, in which Beom smiled and bumped it back.

“Let’s have go have a drink sometime.”


It was the memory of the past, but Beom never disappointed Woojin even once. It felt like he could be a good friend again.

“Come and see.”

As Woojin reached the office, Bihyung tapped the sofa next to him and turned on the screen.

“They are disguised as foreign reporters. Do you know about them?”

Woojin did not say anything. He began thinking while watching Ref and Shagal walking out of the airport. Bihyung explained, “They are the children of Bolkov. Not many know about them.”

“And how do you know?”

“Well, Bolkov is dead so I had to find out about him in case they decided to retaliate. It cost me quite a bit to look into it.”

It wasn’t information that one could obtain through money alone. It seemed like Bihyung really put in some effort this time. Woojin looked at the screen and felt something was off. Ref and Shagal weren’t widely known. They didn’t need to disguise themselves because no one would recognize them anyway. Yet, Bihyung had found out about them, which meant Bihyung was good at gathering formation. But it still seemed weird.

“Bihyung, let me ask you a favor.”

“Go on.”

“I’ll take care of them. You take care of my family while I’m at it.”

Bihyung picked up a glass and a whiskey and said, “You think there are others with them? There aren’t any.”

“I know, but I won’t be able to protect my family if I go after them.”

Bihyung hesitated and Woojin spoke calmly.

“I want at least Beom or Yeohong to protect them.”

“Isn’t that too much?”

“I gave you Bolkov’s body. I will give you their bodies plus the spiritual stones too.”

“Is that the price for hiring you?”

Woojin nodded and Bihyung laughed.

“They aren’t famous like Bolkov, but they are still Werebears. Can you really handle both of them?”

“You should clean up everything like last time later.”

Bihyung became serious as Woojin was not joking. In fact, it was better for Bihyung if Woojin killed them. It was Woojin and not Bihyung who was going to fight the Werebears.

“Okay, we can do that. I’ll have Beom on your family since Hong will be with you to clean up your mess.”

“You should watch out for my sister especially.”


Woojin took a glass and it gulped down.

“Do you know where they are staying?”

“Can you not use the rifle this time?”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

To start off, he needed to reduce their regeneration power.

“Tell me once you get their location.”

Bihyung smiled this time.

“I already know. They are at their vacation home.”

“Vacation home?”

“They have to be careful of everything considering the fact that Bolkov was killed. They are staying at the vacation house that Bolkov used to stay at often.”

“Okay. Send me the location then.”

Woojin stood up and walked out. Bihyung turned to Beom.

“Do you think he can kill two Avatars?”

“As far as I can tell, he won’t charge in recklessly. I’m sure he’s up to the job because he thinks he has a chance.”

“Tiger hunters in the past thought they had a chance when they went into the cave, only to be eaten alive,” Bihyung answered but Beom stood up.

“I’ll be off to protect his sister then. I’ll have my team at the house.”

Beom also left and Bihyung poured whiskey into his glass and looked at the screen again.

“Can he be considered a mere hunter if he can kill two Avatars?”

Woojin lacked the equipment to hunt properly. He needed more, so he paid Hwang another visit. Hwang greeted him excitedly.

“OH! Now you’re here!”

Confused, Woojin asked, “Did it go well?”

Woojin guessed maximum price of the liquor would be around 1 billion. That was the cost of it in the past. But Hwang smiled and flashed two fingers. Woojin was still confused and Hwang smiled, “2 billion per bottle. It’s a total of 6 billion. I’ll take 1.2 billion and you can have 4.8 billion.”

Woojin looked at Hwang dumbfoundedly. He knew Hwang wasn’t the type to make a joke but it was hard to believe.

“You sold it for 2 billion per bottle?”

“It was about 10 glasses per bottle, and each glass lasted for two hours. That is enough to be sold for two billion. Rich and old men need it more than anything. They are asking if they can get more.”

“I need ingredients. I’ll let you know when I get my hands on them.”

“Sure. Do you want the money in cash?”

“I need to buy something before that.”

“Of course. Do you need the catalog?”


Hwang took out the catalog and Woojin started with what he needed the most.

“The Shadow Spider leather boots… how long will it take to get it?”

“That’s in the storage. I can get it for you right now. Do you want anything else?”

“What about this? Eye of the Fog Imp?”

“What do you need that for? That thing smells disgusting. Some gourmets love it but I don’t think it has any other use.”

“I need it for the smell.”

“Is it? And anything else?”

“I need twenty meters of the Spiderweb of Inmen.”


“And two flashbangs.”

“I can get’em all in an hour.”

“How much is it total?”

“The boots are a bit expensive. It’s widely sought after. 300 million.”

The reason why the boots cost so much was because they didn’t make any sounds while walking. No other type of shoe was better for ambushing.

“I’ll wait here while reading the catalog.”

If he were to get objects like the Starfish Fang that currently had unknown potential, it would be good if he could purchase them now. As Woojin read through the catalog, Hwang called to order the list before he sat down with a newspaper and asked, “The liquor. Did you name it?”

“I’ll call it Daebong.”

“Daebong. Tell me anytime when you get another. I’ll sell it for you.”

Woojin smiled. In the past, it was called Natti since it was created by Natti’s gallbladder. That’s what made the Natti go extinct. He couldn’t let that happen again this time. In the past, it was created accidentally by a hunter who was looking for a way to use the gallbladder of the Natti, thus selling it for a cheap price at the beginning. That’s why it’s price wasn’t that high.

“I’ll get it over to you for sure. Oh, and get me Daeokbong Honey. 10 liters.”

“Sure. Oh, and how do you want the rest of the money?”

“I’ll get it next time.”

“Sure. I’ll prepare the cash for you.”

Woojin then scanned through the catalog. Hwang’s phone rang. He walked into the storage and came back. In the bag, there was an eyeball in a liquid inside a glass bottle. Woojin also checked the flashbang. Werebears had heightened senses. In order to finish them, he had to rob them of their senses. As Woojin tried to move out, Hwang asked, “What are you going out to hunt?”

Woojin knew Hwang did not know about Ref or Shagal. They weren’t known so it was not possible to know about them without investigating all of Bolkov’s family like Bihyung did.

However, the old man was still quick to catch up on what was happening.

“I’m hunting bears.”