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Chapter 25: Expert (3)

Woojin checked the house with an aerial map view from the Internet. It was located in a remote place. It was a fitting place for Werebears as they had keen senses of smell and hearing. Their house was built in a remote place which would help them sense any intruders closing in.

Their senses were lowered in human form, but it was much more sensitive than that of a normal human.

“It’s a mistake.”

He had to start approaching it from a far distance but it was no problem a hunter. It was actually better that there weren’t any houses around. Woojin prepared his weapons. He also took out the silver bullets. The bullets wouldn’t be as effective as they were against vampires, but it was enough to hurt them.

Woojin then got on his bike and zoomed forward. There was something strange going on so he couldn’t drag on for any longer. After making a call home telling his family that he will be late, Woojin prepared himself from a safe distance outside the house. He first covered himself with mud and fertilizer. It smelled awful but it was enough to hide his human scent. Besides, it was still much better than the smell of the Eye of Fog Imp. Woojin then put on the Shadow Spider leather boots and began inching toward the house. After walking up to the house a bit, he peeked through the scope and saw two of them eating in the living room.

Woojin felt like pulling the trigger to shoot their heads. Their reflexes would save them from getting their heads blown up, but it still might give him an advantage. Their calmness was unbelievable even though they knew that Bolkov had been killed.

Woojin looked around and approached the house as he saw the lights on the dark street turning on. His footsteps were silent. Woojin then walked up to the window and peeked inside. A voice drifted out from within.

“What’s this smell?”

“I think it’s the wind. They use fertilizers in the area.”

The two of them were talking to each other. Woojin couldn’t understand the Russian they were mumbling about, but he knew that they had not realized Woojin was there and took out the flashbang. He then pulled out the pin and broke the window, throwing the flashbang at once. Ref and Shagal turned to the sound immediately and saw the flashbang. With the bright light, it exploded.

The power of flashbang that blinded and rang in the ears inflicted severe pain on Ref and Shagal.


They began to shapeshift and Woojin threw the bottle with the Eye of Fog Imp. The bottle shattered, splattering the liquid everywhere and the disgusting smell filled the air immediately. If Woojin wasn’t pinching his nose, he would have fallen unconscious because of the terrible smell.

Werebears had a heightened sense of smell. And in Werebear form, the smell was enough to make them puke. Woojin then jumped in through the window and began firing the rifle. Ref and Shagal screamed in agony. They had lost all their senses and could only crouch to endure the gunfire. It was probably their first time being so helpless. However, they realized where Woojin was standing as they endured the gunfire. Ref charged first and Woojin pulled out the Guisoo Blood Bamboo Spear and thrust it at Ref. Trusting his regeneration power, Ref had charged, but it cost him big time. Since Ref was covering his head with his two arms, Woojin had to lower his stance to stab with the spear from the left flank.


Ref screamed and Woojin ran past him before jumping toward Shagal who was still crouched and it was much easier to afflict a severe wound. Woojin turned to her back and pushed the spear into her spinal cord.


The spear easily penetrated the thick leather and blood began to pour out like a fountain. Woojin jumped back without pulling the spear out. Ref and Shagal swung their claws at all sides, trying to attack Woojin while he placed down the gun at a distance and pulled out the Starfish Fang.

When his claws landed on no one, Ref gritted his teeth and pulled out the spear. He threw down the spear, but the wound didn’t heal. Ref was shocked.

“REF! Help me!”

Ref was fortunately injured in his left flank and he could still move, but Shagal was immobile since her spinal cord had been stabbed. However, they couldn’t hear each other and they couldn’t help each other either. Woojin checked the wound that was not recovering and approached to pick up the spear from the floor.

With their sense of hearing was lost, they had no way to know where Woojin was. They had lost their sense of smell too. Woojin then walked up to Ref and mumbled, “It’s too easy.”

Woojin stabbed Ref’s neck and pulled out the spear.


Woojin then stuck the spear in Ref’s spinal cord also and pulled it out. Ref fiercely swung his claws in the air while bleeding profusely from all his wounds. Woojin then got away from Ref and walked up to Shagal to pull out the spear from her back and used it to stab her head. Shagal slumped down to the ground. Woojin also saw Ref falling down helplessly and thrust the spear into his head to finish him. He then pulled out his Starfish Fang to cut open their chests and pulled out the spiritual stones to feed it to the blade. He felt his power increasing.

As Woojin picked up his rifle, people with gas masks came in. Woojin checked that they were Yeohong and the cleaners.


Woojin voiced his gratitude and Yeohong nodded. As Woojin left, she checked the bodies. Ref and Shagal were weaker than Bolkov, but she didn’t expect they would be killed this easily. She checked the wound and found three centimeter-long penetrated wound that didn’t regenerate.

“This is interesting.”

Yeohong then stood up and called to Bihyung.

[How did it go?]

“They are both cleaned up.”


Bihyung became silent for a second and answered,

[Keep it clean.]

“Don’t worry.”

Bihyung looked at Woojin walking away from the house and remembered Beom asked him to have a beer sometimes. She thought she should join them too.

The strong ones were always welcome.

Eunseo was on a bus stop, waiting to go home. That’s when a Range Rover rolled up and the window was pulled down. A man with thick eyebrows spoke.


Eunseo frowned at the strange man.

“Do you know me?”

“Aren’t you Woojin’s sister?”

Eunseo narrowed her eyes at the suspicious question. The man looked too old to be Woojin’s friend.

“Yeah. Who are you?”

“I’ll drive you home. Get in.”

“I don’t know you. I can’t.”

“Wait a second then. I’ll have you talk to your brother.”

Kim Beom brought up a cell phone and made a call. Woojin answered, “I’m trying to take your sister home and she won’t get in. Tell her it’s okay.”

[I asked you to protect her, not to show up on her.]

Beom then lowered his voice and whispered, “Someone’s following her, but I can’t protect her from afar.”


“Yeah. That’s why I am taking her home.”

[Okay, I’ll count on you. Do you know who it is?]

“My team is working on it, but I think it’s dangerous. That’s why I’m trying to protect her from close range.”

[Understood. Let me talk to her.]

Beom smiled and handed the phone to Eunseo.


[Yeah, it’s me. He’s my friend. Go home with his car. I was going to get you today but I couldn’t, so I asked him to go instead.]

“What? You didn’t say anything about that.”

[I didn’t. I wanted to, so get in his car and go home. Okay?]

Eunseo seemed to be relieved that Beom was Woojin’s friend and smiled.

“Okay. I’ll do that.”

[Good. I’ll see you at home then.]

Eunseo then hung up the phone and got up into the car and handed over the phone to Beom. She asked Beom, “You seem a little older to be a friend though. Are you really a friend?”

“Do I look that old?”

“No, I’m joking.”

“Haha. Put your seat belt on. I’ll safely bring you home.”

As Eunseo put on her belt, Beom glanced at his rearview mirror. He couldn’t see, but his feeling was warning him. Someone was after Eunseo.