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Chapter 26: Expert (4)

Woojin glared as he rode on the highway.


He was right. He could have figured it out if he thought a little harder. His sister was the last one to be offered among all of those offerings. He knew that offerings were needed and he wished they could do it without his sister. In the end, it seemed like they needed his sister anyway.

He thought using the Stone of Spiritual Power Concealment would hide her, but they were on her already. Maybe they knew her face. And maybe it wasn’t only his sister that was in danger, but he needed to protect his sister first. At least Kim Beom was protecting them. Woojin sped up.

Eunseo glanced out the window and asked, “What do you do for a living?”

“Me? I just help a friend with his business.”

“And you can buy a car like this? You should have Woojin work for him too.”

“He knows him too, but we’re not hiring anymore. Woojin earns enough.”

“Heh,” Eunseo laughed.

“He’s a salesman at a company, but he doesn’t seem to be doing well. I hope he doesn’t get fired.”

Beom smiled and reassured her, “Don’t worry. Your brother has skills.”



“He didn’t graduate from technical school or anything though.”

Beom burst into laughter and continued, “He talks highly of you. I heard you’re smart.”

“He talks about me?”

“Yeah. That’s why he asked me to come and get you, see?”


Eunseo thought for a second and turned to the window.

“It kind of seems like it these days.”

Beom smiled and asked, “Aren’t you hungry?”

“A student is always hungry.”

“Do you want a sandwich then?”

“Are you buying?”

“Of course. Actually, I’m hungry myself but I don’t want to go eat a sandwich alone.”

“Sure. We can grab a sandwich.”

Kim Beom then found a Subway on a street and parked the car to go in and ordered two sandwiches.

“I want a Sprite.”

“Nice. You and I can be good friends.”

Beom then told Eunseo to take a seat first and called Woojin.

“I’m at the Subway with your sister. We’re eating sandwiches.”

[Be careful. Don’t be relieved because there’s a lot of people around.]

“You pay for yours when you get here.”

[Thank you for taking care of her.]

“We’re friends.”

[…I’ll be there soon.]

Beom hung up the phone and took the sandwich to sit down on the table. He unwrapped his sandwich and put the entire sandwich into his mouth. Eunseo was shocked. She knew Beom was a large man, but she didn’t expect for him to eat that big sandwich in one bite. Beom chomped on the sandwich, drank the Sprite in one sip, and he was done.

“It’s good.”

Eunseo looked down at her sandwich.

“Do you want mine too?”

“No. It’s bad to eat a lot. You should just eat enough.”

Beom then glanced out the window. Eunseo took a bite and asked, “Is there something outside?”

“No. I’m just looking at the people passing by. Imagine what those people are thinking, you know?”

“That’s weird.”

“Why? It’s fun. You should try it too.”

Beom then looked around. Eunseo also turned to look outside the window. There were people busily walking past outside. That’s when Beom frowned and all the lights went dark.

Cars crashing into each other were also heard and Beom pulled Eunseo’s wrist to pull her to his side.


Eunseo was surprised but Beom kicked the table to protect her and looked beyond the table.

“Wh-what’s going on?!”


Beom spoke and turned to the darkness. All the lights were out in the area and there someone was approaching.

Woojin was almost there when he got the phone call. That’s why he wasn’t late. When Woojin sighed in relief as he found the Subway from a distance, but all the electricity went out in the area. If it was just a power outage, the cars should’ve been fine. But when he saw the cars crashing into each other, Woojin realized it was the use of a small EMP bomb.


If anyone was after his sister, he figured it would be an Avatar. However, this wasn’t an Avatar’s doing. This was an expert, doing whatever they could do to finish the task. A hunter.

Did Amon have a hunter? That’s when a name popped up into his mind.

“Dammit. It’s the Moon Knights!”

Armed forces of Dmitri family, comprised of vampires. They weren’t known before the Day of Chaos but they soon revealed themselves, hunting down Avatars by using hunter tactics and gear. Avatars insisted on fighting with their own powers to the end and a lot of them died to these Avatars that used hunter gear.

It was possible that they had more powerful equipment than Woojin. He got off the bike and pulled out the Desert Eagle. He wanted to use the HK416, but he couldn’t do that in a city. It was foolish to fight against an enemy without night vision the dark, but he had no choice. Woojin ran as he pulled out Cocktail-B.

As he ran, he saw men breaking into the Subway store and heard a scream. If Kim Beom was inside, he trusted Beom. A Dokkebi prepared for what’s coming was strong. And if they needed his sister as an offering, his sister’s safety was assured for now. So Woojin had to go after the support that the Moon Knights always left behind.

As Woojin searched, an explosion occurred within the Subway. With the blue fire, Woojin saw a parked Cadillac Escalade’s window opened with a gun pointing out from the inside and jumped. He then thrust the spear into the window.


A scream was heard from inside. Woojin opened the car door and jumped up. A man fired the gun out the door, but Woojin pushed the spear through the roof of the car again. He saw dust scattering out from the car and got down. After picking up the bloodstone and feeding it to the Starfish Fang quickly, he ran into the Subway.

The inside of the Subway was pitch dark. There wasn’t any sound, meaning Beom and his sister were the only ones alive. Moon Knights worked in four-man teams. There should’ve been three Of them inside. Woojin then pulled out flashbang and threw it into the Subway.

The flashbang exploded and the vampires gasped. Woojin jumped in and stabbed his spear into the heart of vampire that was closest and pushed him into the wall. There was another one jumping up at him and Woojin quickly used his spear to block the blade swung at him. However, it was hard to block all attacks that were made in the dark. He acquired wounds and it was then when a blue fire popped up over his head. It faintly lit up the entire store.

Woojin deflected the blade and pushed his spear up. The vampire pulled up his arm to block it, but that was his downfall. The spear penetrated the hand and the helmet, killing the vampire and turning him into dust. Another vampire tried to attack, but this time, Kim Beom grabbed his head and threw him down on the ground.

It was so strong that the ground cracked. The vampire tried to bring himself up, but Beom pinned him down on the ground with his hand and the Dokkebi Fire burned his head. Beom smiled.

“You’re late.”