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Chapter 27: Lee Miho (1)

Woojin picked up two bloodstones and approached Kim Beom who also picked up a stone before he fist bumped with Woojin.

“Where’s Eunseo?”

“I made her faint so she wouldn’t see this.”

Woojin then walked around the table and found Eunseo lying down and sleeping against the wall.

“Can you take care of what happened today?”

“We can’t. Too many civilians were killed. We can have them marked as missing though.”

Woojin thought for a second and asked, “Can you erase a memory?”

“I’ll need someone else for that.”

“We can cut out the memory, right? Not hypnosis.”


“Can you call someone then?”

“Wait. I need to get permission.”

Beom called Bihyung and Woojin got up to clean up the area. The ones that attacked had highly advanced equipment, much better than what Woojin currently had. As Woojin took all the items of those that he killed, firetrucks and emergency vans arrived with their sirens. Woojin tied what he gathered onto his bike and picked up his sister.

“What happened?”

“Bihyung will call someone. You can come.”

“And the car?”

“Damn vampires using EMP. The car’s trash now.”

Beom reached out to Woojin.

“My team is waiting for me at a distance. I can use that car. I’ll get her moved by car too.”

“Thanks. Make sure she doesn’t wake up.”


Beom picked up Eunseo and went to the car while Woojin got on his bike. He called the house to tell his mother that he and Eunseo will be a bit late and followed Kim Beom’s car to Bihyung’s building. Woojin then pulled out a glove from the stuff he picked up this time and got on the elevator. Kim Beom was holding onto Eunseo.

Beom asked, “Why are you taking that glove?”

“To pay the price for the memory wipe.”


Beom answered uninterestedly. Woojin smiled. Beom wasn’t the type to become curious unless it was really interesting to him, so he wouldn’t know what type armor these vampires wore. Woojin was thinking of using one of them and selling the rest. The glove was made out of Hydra leather which cost hundreds of millions per piece. It was this type of gear that allowed them to defeat many Avatars in the past.

Bihyung and a woman were sitting down on a sofa. The woman had her hair tied back and she wore a lambskin leather jacket, skinny jeans, and walker boots. She was also very beautiful as she had an alluring and curvy body. In the past, Woojin had met her at a much later time.

Woojin looked at her as she got up and looked at Woojin.

“So, you must be the famous hunter that everyone’s talking about.”

“I don’t know about that. Are you here to remove the memory?”

“Yeah. I’m Lee Miho. I’m an Avatar and a freelancer.”

“I’m Ko Woojin.”

Lee Miho took a step back and scanned Woojin from top to bottom. Woojin didn’t seem to be tempted or even mesmerized by her. Miho was filled with disbelief and even thought about tempting him. However, Woojin seemed to be uninterested.

“Can you do it?”

“Of course. It’s not hard if it’s not a special memory. But it’s expensive.”

Woojin then threw the glove at Miho. She became confused and Woojin said, “It’s a Hydra leather glove. You know the price, right?”

Miho flinched at that and looked down at the glove.

“This… is the glove made from Hydra leather?”

Miho then placed her hand on the glove, closed her eyes, and shivered. Woojin walked up to the reckless lady and slapped her forehead with his palm.

It was a short and crisp sound that made Bihyung and Kim Beom look on with shock.


Miho fell down on a sofa and blinked dumbfoundedly. She couldn’t realize what just happened for a second and jumped up. She was just slapped on the forehead by a human she met for the first time.

“YOU! Are you crazy?!”

“You’re the one who’s crazy,” Woojin answered viciously and Lee Miho whimpered at the power. Woojin scolded her, “A Hydra is a monster, but its class is much higher than any Avatar. Trying to read its memory without any preparation? Are you mad?”

Miho couldn’t object. The easiest way for her to check on objects was to read the memory and when she did, she felt like a giant being. If Woojin didn’t slap her right in time, she would’ve been consumed by the memory.

It was fortunate but she didn’t want to apologize. And the forehead was burning due to the pain.

“What kind of human is this strong?”

Woojin was more powerful than a human in terms of strength now. He already had two Natti and three Werebear spiritual bodies in the Starfish Fang. Woojin looked down at his sister on the sofa.

“I need to erase her memory.”

“And to what part do you want removed?”

“Can you flash her memory to me?”

Miho and the others looked at Woojin. He answered calmly, “What are you looking at? Can you?”


“I’ll see for myself and let you know.”

Miho placed her hand over Eunseo’s forehead. Her hand glowed red and she reached out with her right hand and placed it over Woojin’s forehead. Woojin kneeled next to the sofa and closed his eyes. Miho blushed at the sight. As she thought about Woojin’s eyelashes being quite long, the flashing began.

Woojin read his sister’s memory backwards. In the dark, he heard Beom’s voice. And as he went further back, he saw Beom kicking the table down and pulling her to his side. Woojin then opened his eyes at the memory where Eunseo met Beom. Miho asked, “Where do you want it cut out?”

Woojin looked down at Eunseo. There were no side effects to removing memories. Even if Miho was a low-ranking Avatar, her skill was still top-notch.

“Don’t cut out the memory of meeting me.”

Woojin turned and Beom shrugged, “We never know what might happen next. We can’t call you each time when I meet her.”

Woojin knew Beom was right. If he couldn’t solve everything, he had to get help from Beom. Woojin nodded.

“Cut out the memory right after the electricity goes out, before Beom starts.”

Miho nodded and took out an orb from her pocket. She placed it on her mouth and placed her hand on Eunseo’s forehead. Light shined from the forehead and Miho sucked some part of it quickly. Miho flinched and took out the orb out from her mouth.

“It’s done.”

Woojin then picked up Eunseo.

“Is the payment enough?”

“The glove will worth 200 million. It’s more than enough, but I can’t give you the change.”

Woojin realized the cost to be much higher than he remembered and said, “Help me again next time for free instead.”

Miho hesitated but Bihyung helped her out.

“It’s not a bad deal.”

Miho then raised both her hands.

“Okay, okay. You win.”

Woojin then turned to Bihyung.

“Thanks for your help. I’ll pay you back later.”

“You do that.”

Woojin then walked out and Beom followed him.

“Can you hold onto my bike? I’ll come back for it tomorrow.”


Woojin got on the elevator and looked at Beom who was standing outside of the elevator.

“Thank you. You saved my sister’s life.”

“She’s cute.”

“Don’t even think about it.”

Woojin glared and the elevator door closed. Beom laughed.

Woojin looked down at his sister. It seemed like it would be hard to protect her without telling her anything from now on. If the enemies knew his sister’s face, then that was a bigger problem. Eunseo woke up when they were on a taxi back home.


Woojin spoke to her.

“You awake now?”

“When did you come? Why am I in a taxi?”

“You seemed to be tired. Beom told me you fell asleep while eating a sandwich. You were already asleep when I got there.”

“Really? That’s strange. I remember the lights going out…”

“Yeah, but you fell asleep while it was out. Are you tired these days?”

“No, it’s okay.”

Woojin smiled and turned out to the window. Eunseo then saw Woojin’s back and realized he had changed.