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Chapter 28: Lee Miho (2)

Woojin felt his body becoming lighter as he was on the way to get his bike back from Bihyung’s building for the two bloodstones of the vampires. It was far from being as powerful as Avatars, but he was still much stronger than a normal human. The news reported the incident that occurred at the nearby Subway store as a mechanical malfunction. With Yeohong being able to hypnotize everyone, it seemed like things had been sorted out. Woojin searched through everything and saw a similar incident that happened at one hospital where a mechanical malfunction killed many patients in the intensive care unit.

Woojin sighed. It seemed more Moon Knights team members had been deployed. When Woojin got to the parking lot for his bike, Yeohong was standing there.

“Why are you here?”

“How did you trust Kim Beom with all this expensive gear?”

“It’s Beom. He even saved my sister’s life.”

“…The CEO is looking for you. Stop by.”

“Yeah, I was thinking about going up to see him.”

Woojin then took the elevator and asked, “Was everything taken care of at the Subway store?”

“I didn’t know I would have to do that twice in a day, but it’s done now. We have six missing people as a result though.”

Woojin nodded heavily. Six people had been killed in yesterday’s incident. It angered him as he thought about the losses of those families. As they reached the office, Bihyung was watching the news. It was the same news that Woojin searched for on his smartphone.

“It’s them, right?”


“Where do these bastards think they are?”

Bihyung growled and Woojin stated, “It’s that hospital.”

“What is?”

“The place where the survivors were staying. Ones that were rescued from Dukgoo.”

Bihyung frowned.

“So, they attacked both sides at once?”

“Seems so.”

Woojin turned to Bihyung.

“Did you track the two of them that were in that hospital?”

“No. Most patients are being transferred into other hospitals so it will take time to track them down.”

“They did it to kidnap them out.”

Bihyung raised one of his fingers over his side of the head and pressed it as he spoke.

“Vampires with advanced weaponry… this is crazy. Do you know anything about them?”

“I don’t know the details, but I can see that they are trained from Dmitri family.”

“How do you know that?”

“Didn’t you see their gear? Each item of theirs is worth a building.”

A single glove was worth 200 million won. The price of a top and bottom armor set was even more expensive. Woojin had also used it back in the past. It was effective as it was expensive. It didn’t burn and had strong resistance against poison. It also protected the wearer from shock even when the wearer was shot by a sniper rifle.

And those weren’t the only things. They even had expensive weapons. If one considered the price, Woojin had earned a huge profit.

“So, Dmitri sent them out to deal with the job that the other ones failed? The elite ones?”

“They are much stronger than Viktor.”

“I heard from Beom. He said they’re from the 7th generation at least.”

Woojin nodded and Bihyung let out a dry laugh.

“This is crazy. Can you guess where they went?”

“They either will come for my sister or head down to Busan.”

Woojin then looked around.

“Where’s Beom?”

“He went to your sister’s school to check to see if everything’s okay.”

Woojin felt grateful for Beom.

“Did you send the Stone of Spiritual Power Concealment to ones in Busan?”

“I know who they are now, but I haven’t been able to deliver the stones to them yet.”

Woojin thought for a second. It was more likely that the Moon Knights would go after the four offerings in Busan rather than try to capture his sister. They would not know who was the last offering yet.

“I’ll go down to Busan. Can you have Yeohong look after my sister too? They had a four-man team. Beom alone will not be enough.”

Bihyung then asked Woojin, “You think they’re going to Busan?”

Woojin nodded and Bihyung turned to Yeohong.

“Hong. Send down a Cleaner team to Busan. You stick with Beom and protect Ko Eunseo.”


Bihyung then called his secretary.

“Prepare a helicopter down to Busan as soon as possible.”

He hung up and turned to Woojin.

“Get your stuff. The chopper will be ready in 20 minutes.”

Woojin looked at Bihyung and asked, “Are you going by yourself?”

“Yeah. I’ll squish all these insects. This will be a good warning.”

“But the four people are scattered.”

“I’ll have those people gather in one place. Don’t worry.”

Woojin was well aware of how powerful Bihyung was as the first Dokkebi. He was more powerful than Beom or Yeohong. If he was going to side with Woojin, it wouldn’t be a problem to fight against the Moon Knights.

“I’ll be back.”

Woojin walked down to the parking lot and unpacked his equipment. He put on the leather armor set made of Hydra leather and took out advanced tech weapons. There were small EMP bombs, anti-Avatar electrical nets, etc. They were also made to easily carry around.

Woojin had experiences with all of these so it didn’t take long to prepare. He also took his Desert Eagle. The armor-piercing bullet wasn’t going to penetrate the leather armor, but the armor didn’t wrap around the entire body so he took it anyway.

After putting on the undamaged armor, he looked at armor with a hole in it. Hydra leather was hard to fix but it still was worth quite a bit. Penetrating such durable leather showed how strong the bamboo spear was. Woojin stashed rest of it and went up to the office again.

An unexpected person was waiting there.

“Glad to see you again.”

Woojin did not answer to Lee Miho and turned to Bihyung.

“We might have to cut out memories. I hired her for today.”

Bihyung wasn’t wrong. Miho then came up to Woojin and scanned him from top to bottom.

“Wow. Are you wearing a Hydra leather set from top to bottom?”

Woojin did not answer. She didn’t ask to hear the answer anyway.

“You’re a hotshot, huh? How did a hunter like you earn such money?”

“When are we leaving?

Miho became dumbfounded as her flirting was completely ignored. Bihyung grinned at the sight and answered.

“Soon. Let’s go.”

They all took the elevator to the roof and helicopter was already visible from afar. Woojin grinned at the thought that he was riding on Bihyung’s chopper this time.

“What are you smiling about?” Miho asked and Woojin glanced at her. She seemed much younger and more inexperienced than from what Woojin remembered. She survived until the end. She wasn’t much now, but she was a fast-growing type. Woojin worked mostly with Bihyung or Miho in the past. He couldn’t explain it was because of that memory he smiled so he just ignored her.

Miho became triggered and spat out some words, but the noise of chopper coming down was too loud. Woojin got up on the front seat first and Miho was dumbfounded. Bihyung tapped on her shoulder and got on the back and Miho had to sit next to Bihyung without any option.

On the way down to Busan, Woojin turned to the direction where Eunseo’s school might be at. Yeohong and Kim Beom. They were enough to handle one team of Moon Knights. It was especially so since Yeohong enjoyed fighting.

They got off the helicopter on one of the tallest buildings in Korea.

“Are they coming here?”

Doosan We’ve the Zenith of Haeundae. This building had restricted access so it was bound to have fewer people.

“Aren’t only residents allowed in here?”

“I own the penthouse.”

Woojin seemed to be unsurprised but Miho’s eye grew wide in shock.

“The penthouse here is yours?!”

They took the stairs down and arrived at the destination. There were guards standing at the entrance to the penthouse. After walking past them, they saw people gathered by the window. The people’s ages ranged from high school student to a company worker. Bihyung walked over to them and spoke with a smile.

“Hello everyone. I’m the one who wished to meet with you all.”