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Chapter 29: Busan (1)

After Bihyung’s introduction, a high school boy asked, “Are you really giving me the money?”

“Yes. You will be paid 5 million won for today’s visit.”

Bihyung reached into his jacket and pulled out a wad of cash. One hundred 50 thousand won bills. The four people here were each told by their respective schools and companies to visit this place and followed the agents to this building. They were told that they would be paid 5 million won for the visit on the way and became shocked. They were given different reasons but everyone’s order was to follow what Bihyung tell them to do.

“Here. Take it first.”

The four of them hesitantly approached him and accepted the money. Bihyung looked at them and explained today’s schedule.

“We will use my yacht to go out on the sea and fish there. We’ll fish and eat some fresh sushi and ramen on the yacht.”

The people seemed shocked. The oldest-looking man who seemed to be his thirties bowed.

“Thank you for this opportunity. I’ll enjoy it as much as I can then.”

“Good. Let’s play.”

An owner of expensive skyscraper penthouse. It seemed like the people just figured it was a rich man’s day of leisure.

“We’ll be out in thirty minutes. Take a break.”

Bihyung spoke and turned and signaled Woojin and Miho to follow. They walked into a room and there was a man drinking coffee on a sofa. He smiled and got up from the sofa and greeted Bihyung.

“Long time no see.”

Bihyung sat down on the sofa and Woojin and Miho also sat down. The man turned to Woojin and Miho and introduced himself.

“Nice to meet you. I am Park Kwangsu.”

Woojin then remembered the man. Park Kwangsu was a shapeshifter. Shapeshifters didn’t have abilities like Werepeople to change themselves into animals, but they had the power of shifting themselves and other humans at will. They also had one special ability which was to sense spiritual power.

Bihyung said, “We have the bait here. If the vampires know who their targets are, they will be close. That’s why we need this man.”

Miho scanned Kwangsu from top to bottom.

“And who is this man?”

“He’s a shapeshifter. He’s sensitive to spiritual powers.”

“Oh! Shapeshifter!”

Miho reacted dramatically and Woojin asked, “What’s the plan?”

“It’s simple. I protect the bait while you and Kwangsu pinpoint the enemy location. And when you do, you call me and we wipe them out together.”

Woojin thought it was a good plan. It guaranteed the safety of these people and he was going to be able to handle the enemy without Bihyung’s help if he could ambush them.

“Will do.”

Bihyung turned to Kwangsu.

“Do you sense any of them yet?”

“I can’t sense them in this kind of building unless they come in here.”

There was no way they would break into such a building. They were trained in hunter methods. They would wait for as long as they needed, watching silently from the distance.

“You should make a move.”


Kwangsu drank the coffee and got up from the sofa. As he was getting up, he grew much taller and changed into a more chubby man. Miho gasped in astonishment.

“Whoa! I never thought I would see a shapeshifter changing in action!”

Kwangsu grinned and went to the closet room to get changed. He soon came out with new clothes that fit his new shape.

“Let’s go.”

Woojin turned to Bihyung.

“I’ll check on the enemy first. I’ll call you when I find them.”

“Sure. Be careful.”

And Miho was getting ready to follow them so Woojin asked, “Where are you going?”

“I’m going with you.”


Miho was hired to cut out memories. Other than that, she was lacking on the battlefield. Woojin’s question triggered Miho.

“I can help!”

Woojin was well aware as to how helpful Miho could be. Her memory-reading ability was a useful skill. The problem was that she might be in danger in a fight.

“It’s dangerous.”

“Wow, I didn’t expect to be underestimated like this!”

Woojin turned to Bihyung for help.

“She’ll look after herself. She’s good at running.”

Woojin then turned to Miho.

“When a fight breaks out, get the hell out.”

“Wow. I never thought a hunter would tell me in such a way. SURE! I’ll run the hell out like a chicken when I need to. Don’t worry.”

Woojin then nodded and turned to Kwangsu who then smiled.

“Let’s go now.”

They took the elevator down to the underground parking lot and an agent was waiting for them.

“I’ll be driving.”

Kwangsu nodded and got into the front seat. Woojin and Miho took the rear seat and Miho leaned over toward Woojin and whispered, “Why aren’t you getting in the front this time?”

“Because the man needs to sense the power from the front. I have to focus. Don’t talk to me.”

Miho was dumbfounded but Woojin ignored her and looked out the window. Kwangsu complimented them.

“I heard you are a great man.”

Woojin calmly answered Kwangsu, “You have to focus. Many will die if we miss them.”

Kwangsu then turned back to the front and began to focus. Miho frowned.

“Wow. That’s cold.”

Woojin closed his eyes. He was wondering if he could fight four Moon Knights without Bihyung’s help. He had become much stronger with the Starfish Fang, but it still seemed like it would be hard for him. Woojin then looked out the window and Miho glanced at Woojin from behind.

As they drove around, Kwangsu finally spoke.

“I got’em.”

The car slowed to stop but Woojin interrupted the driver.

“We should keep moving. We can’t let them suspect us.”

The car then moved smoothly and Kwangsu pointed to the left.

“It’s that way.”

“How far?”

Woojin checked and Kwangsu solemnly said, “I will need to get closer to get the accurate location.”

Woojin thought for a second and asked, “Can you feel them if they are moving?”

“I can sense that much.”

“So, they are not moving then?”


Woojin then turned to the driver, “Can we make a big detour?”

“Yes, sir.”

The car turned around and Woojin looked out the window. It seemed like the enemy was aware of their target’s information. His sister would require heavier protection at this rate. Kwangsu then sensed something and mentioned, “I think it’s one of those parked cars.”

They could’ve gotten closer to find out but they couldn’t. And Woojin didn’t feel the need to do so. The Moon Knights had a four-man team and they were planning to kidnap four people. They should’ve brought a larger vehicle.

There was one large minivan that seemed to be out of place whereas all the other cars were expensive luxury vehicles. Besides, the minivan had dark tinted windows that hid what was inside.

“We should change cars. Get us down over there and go change the car. Is that possible?”

“Of course.”

They got to the point where the minivan wasn’t visible anymore and Woojin got out of the car and talked to Kwangsu.

“Do you see the minivan over there?”

“Is that it?”

“We’ll confirm when we get a new car by driving right next to it.”

Woojin then asked another question, “Do you feel anything else from other places?”

Woojin didn’t know how many teams the Moon Knights had. He remembered there were three teams. They weren’t sure whether all those teams were sent or if there were only two. After a while, the agent came to them with a Range Rover. They all got into the car and slowly drove past the minivan.

“It’s that car.”

Woojin nodded at Kwangsu’s confirmation and called Bihyung.

[Did you find it?]

“Yeah. Let’s make a move.”

[Good. Let’s see what they do when we move to the yacht.”

Woojin hung up the phone and turned to the driver.

“Can you follow them without letting them notice us?”

“You don’t have to worry about that.”

Wojin then turned to Kwangsu.

“We’ve found them so you don’t have to come now.”

“That’s for Bihyung to decide. I’ll stay for now.”

Woojin didn’t offer any further explanation and took out his weapon to get ready. After checking the weapons, he placed his back on the seat and closed his eyes.

All he needed to do now was to kill all the enemies. As he was preparing himself by imagining it, Miho became astonished. She had never met an expert hunter in Korea so she didn’t think highly of hunters until now. She thought they weren’t much compared to Avatars, but Woojin was different.

It was especially so when Woojin didn’t seem to be tempted by Miho’s beauty.

“It’s moving.”

Woojin opened his eyes. The minivan was moving.