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Chapter 30: Busan (2)

Bihyung was on a convertible that drew people’s attention. As the convertible began to move toward the docks, the minivan began following them. As the people got out of the car and walked while chatting excitedly, the minivan stopped. It seemed like they were waiting to see what Bihyung was going to do before making a move. Woojin’s car moved past the minivan and stopped in front. Woojin turned his back at the enemy. Then a call came from Bihyung.

[Is it the minivan?]


[Are they mad? That car is like an attention magnet.]

“I think that was the best option they could find for the job.”

[Anyway. We’ll be on the yacht. What should we do? Should I come out alone so we can wipe them out?]

“No. Don’t go too far and stay at a location where we can see you. Let’s see what they do first.”

[Sure. Call me when something happens.]

“Yeah. You be careful too. They know who you are and they probably have a sniper rifle.”

[I won’t die to the sniper rifle. Don’t worry.]

Bihyung hung up and Woojin shifted his focus toward the minivan again. As the giant yacht left the docks, the minivan did not move. Miho asked, “Why aren’t they moving?”

Woojin did not answer as he felt no need to. They were vampires but they had the skills of hunters. They would choose to wait before moving to reveal their location. And since it was bright daylight, vampires could not use their powers to the fullest. Even if they were covering their bodies, they couldn’t use their powers well.

“Hellooo? Can you hear me?”

Woojin then turned to Miho. His cold look silenced Miho.

“Get off if you won’t shut up.”

Miho seemed mad, but she didn’t leave the car. Woojin then focused on the minivan again.

They waited for a while. Miho became tired and took a nap but Woojin never took his eyes off from the minivan. The sun began to go down. They had been watching the minivan for four hours. Woojin’s phone rang.

[Sun’s going down. I don’t think they will be coming out to the sea with a ship.]

“They’ll move when the sun goes down.”

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[We’ll make a move when the sun goes down too.]

“Be careful. They might be prepared to fight you.”

[Hah. I’m not a Dokkebi that’s prepared for nothing.]

Woojin laughed. He hung up the phone and almost burst into laughter at Miho who just woke up from her nap. She wiped off her drool, glaring at the minivan with half-open eyes.

An hour passed and the streets turned dark. Bihyung’s yacht was returning to the dock. That’s when Kwangsu spoke.

“They’re moving.”

Woojin then looked at the minivan and saw the men leaving the car. They had helmets and Hydra armor sets. Woojin opened the car door and looked at them. Three of them were carrying small rifles and they began to move toward the docks. Woojin got out of the car and turned to Kwangsu.

“Call Bihyung and let him know that vampires are outside the minivan.”

Woojin then glanced around and walked across toward minivan. He had the leather Shadow Spider boots that silenced his footsteps. He reached the front of the minivan. It was likely that a sniper was aiming at Bihyung. He needed to ambush them before they could start their attack.

Woojin peered into the minivan and saw a man getting ready inside. He then brought up the spear and stabbed it through the window against the target’s back. The spear penetrated at once and killed the target instantly. Woojin then picked up the rifle and used the scope to check on the ones that walked out. They were hidden at the docks, waiting for Bihyung.

It wasn’t visible from Bihyung’s direction, but it was easy to see from Woojin’s location. He then placed down the rifle and picked up the bloodstone to feed his Starfish Fang. There were three remaining enemies. He needed to prepare to get them out in the shortest amount of time. Woojin took out a Cocktail-B and used it on himself. He then began to move.

It was easy when Bihyung was now their bait. Woojin approached them in complete silence. Soon, he was able to approach the back of the vampire at the far back. He then took out the Spiderweb of Inmen and wrapped it around his hand. The vampire turned back and pulled the trigger right away, but Woojin had already walked up and he wrapped the rifle with his web.

The leather armor nullified the impact of the punch. It just felt like he was punched with a heavy fist. The Spiderweb of Inmen wasn’t powerful enough to cut down an arm with Hydra leather, but it was easy to slice the rifle. The vampire threw his fist at Woojin but Woojin dodged it easily and thrust his spear at the target. The vampire seemed to think that the spear would be deflected against Hydra leather but he was wrong. Woojin quickly picked up the bloodstone from the vampire that turned into dust and fed his Fang.

As Woojin was getting ready to attack the next target, Bihyung suddenly jumped out. The other vampires started attacking him. Their bullets were all burned by the Dokkebi Fire that Bihyung summoned in front of him for a total of four Dokkebi Fireballs. Bihyung then closed in and Woojin also ran toward the other vampires. Bihyung saw Woojin and threw his Dokkebi Fire to his left. The vampire ran, trying to avoid the fire. Woojin then saw another vampire pulling a trigger at him. Woojin moved to the side to dodge. The gun shattered the ground and Woojin threw himself to the back of the yacht and jumped over.

In his hand was a spear while the vampire threw an electricity net. Woojin then swung his spear to drop the net before he took out another spear. The vampire quickly dodged to avoid being struck in the heart, but his shoulder slammed into the side of a yacht. Blood gushed out and Woojin took out his Starfish Fang, slashing toward the chest. However, the Fang wasn’t enough to cut open the Hydra leather. The vampire attacked with his left hand to pull out a sword. Woojin grabbed the vampire’s wrist and twisted it.


Woojin’s strength far surpassed that of a normal human. He was now strong enough to overpower a vampire. The vampire was shocked and Woojin then brought his Fang up from the bottom of the helmet. The Fang penetrated enemy’s head and killed him instantly.

As Woojin picked up the bloodstone, Bihyung was on top of the vampire on the ground. Woojin shouted as he ran.

“Don’t kill him!”

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Bihyung did not ask why and just stopped after destroying the enemy’s arms and legs. Bihyung then took off the helmet and crushed the vampire’s chin so he couldn’t kill himself.

“Why did you stop me?”

“I can’t beat them up without killing them, but you can.”

“And? What do you need him for?”

“We need to read his memory.”

Bihyung then looked down at the vampire.

“We’ll need Miho.”

“Yeah. We need to see what this guy knows.”

Bihyung then took a step back and turned around. The people who were excited after a day of yacht fishing were standing still in shock. They were looking at the Dokkebi Fire dumbfoundedly now.

“We’ll need her for them too.”