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Chapter 31: Busan (3)

Lee Miho removed the memory of the battle from the four people. All they remembered now was everything up until the yacht fishing. After sending them back home, they all gathered at the penthouse again. Woojin was allowed to take vampire’s gear as Bihyung had no interest in them. He already had all the money he needed and he wasn’t interested in hunter equipment.

They brought the vampire to the penthouse and tied him to a chair. Bihyung sat directly across from him. Miho then stood behind the vampire. She took the orb in her mouth and was ready to flash the memory. Woojin was going to see it. Miho turned to Woojin nervously. She had read and cut memories of humans, but she had never read the memory of a vampire. She wasn’t sure if she could do it.

“Go on.”

The cold sentence made her frown. Miho sighed and began. The flash started and Woojin saw a blur of memories going backward from the fight. He also saw them reporting while they were waiting. They notified that they might be fighting with Bihyung so they had to get permission from Dmitri. Then Woojin moved further back. He also saw them arriving at Busan. They had a total of information for seven people. It seemed that they had the information of each target. Woojin was going to hunt down Amon in the end, but it was now proven that his sister would be in danger unless he was killed.

The memory went further into the past and showed their safehouse. They had left the people they successfully kidnapped from Seoul at the safehouse. Woojin memorized the place and saw them talking. They were talking to each other about the Moon Knights that had gone missing and saw them deciding whether they should go for Woojin’s sister or Busan. Woojin went back further and saw them receiving their weapons. The sight of a merchant selling the items was shown. The man had a scar on the left side of his forehead.

This was what he needed to tell Hwang. Woojin then opened his eyes when the memory went back to when they were getting on the airplane. He then grabbed Miho’s shoulder.

Miho got back to her senses, spat out the orb, and put it back into her pocket.

Woojin stopped it. “This is enough.”

“We didn’t see who ordered them.”

“You shouldn’t see that.”


Woojin sighed, “You cannot handle Dmitri’s power yet.”

This was the problem of memory reading. Miho, who was not yet powerful, would be shocked if she met a more powerful being while reading the memory. That had to be prevented, but Miho frowned at Woojin’s words. She then began to shake and her face became red before she fell. Woojin quickly caught her before she fell to the ground and took her to the room to lay her down on a bed.

She had read the same Avatar’s memory for a quite long time. Maybe she would grow a tail with this experience. Woojin then came out of the room and sat in front of Bihyung.

“Did you read it all?”

“Yeah. Do you want to see it yourself? Or should I just tell you?”

“What happened to Miho?”

“I think she’s going to grow.”

“Grow? She’s going to grow another tail?”


Bihyung then looked at Woojin and said, “So, you know what Miho is.”

“She reads memories, controls them, and has an orb. Who wouldn’t realize it? Besides, what should we do now?”

“Tell me what you saw first.”

Woojin then explained what he saw to Bihyung.

“So, they have the location of every target?”


“Ugh. And they won’t give up?”

Woojin nodded heavily.

“I guess so. We should rescue those that were kidnapped first.”

“Where are they?”

“Near Womyun Mountain. I can tell you the address.”

“Yeah, let me know. If these guys are the only ones that came in, I’ll send our kids to free them. Or should I keep them under my protection? That might be more safe.”

Woojin hesitated for a second. Their families had already been killed. It was better for Bihyung to protect them.

“It might become a problem later if they know.”

Bihyung laughed.

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll hire them to work for my company. They have to live.”

This was why Woojin liked Bihyung. He was down to help the people around him.

“Okay. And the ones that provided them with the weapons. They are Koreans. There are some who are connected to the Dmitri Family.”

Bihyung asked, “Are you going to take care of it yourself?”

“No. But I know who to talk to.”

Bihyung laughed, “Old Hwang will be busy.”

“He’s not going to let others mess up his front yard.”

“Yeah. You call him then.”

Woojin nodded and got up from the sofa to walk toward the window.

“When are we going back?”

“The helicopter is waiting for us. We’ll go once Miho wakes up.”

Woojin then called Hwang while Bihyung approached the vampire and killed him by burning his head with the Dokkebi Fire.

[Did you call to tell me that you have prepared more Daebong to sell?]

“No. Did you see the news regarding the hospital yesterday?”

[Yeah. How could a hospital have such a problem? What a pity.]

“No. That was an EMP bomb.”

There was silence on the other end for a few seconds. He then asked in a low voice,

[What kind of bastards sell such a thing without going through me in Korea?]

“It was traded in Incheon. Do you think you can guess who it was?”

[Incheon? I think I have a clue.]

“The man who handed over the weapon has a scar on the left side of his forehead.”

[Huh? Did you see the transaction?]

“I saw it while reading a memory.”

[Oh. So, ones that sacked the hospital must’ve been killed then.]


[Okay. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll take care of it.]

Woojin then turned and saw the dust scattering. Bihyung then picked up the bloodstone from within and threw it at Woojin.

“Take it.”

“Can I?”

“It’s not like it’s expensive.”

Bihyung then walked to the fridge and took out some beer. He tossed one to Woojin too and so he opened the can and took a sip, looking down at the night view of the city. Bihyung gulped down the entire can at once and asked, “What are you going to do now?”


“If they have the information, should we increase our protection level?”

Woojin sighed. He didn’t have many options regarding that.

“I’ll have Beom stay with her.”

Woojin looked back in shock and Bihyung spoke calmly, “Beom seems to like your sister too.”

Woojin then drank the beer and ordered, “Tell him he shouldn’t think of having my sister as his bride.”

“Haha. It’s not like that. Don’t worry. Besides, Beom is a good man.”

“Anyway, thank you for that.”

“No, it’s nothing. So, what should we do then?”

“I think they can only use vampires and Were-families for now on. We know that much, so I think we can notice them when they come into the country.”

“Yeah. That will be possible.”

“Then keep an eye out if any of them come into the country.”


Checking on every incoming foreigner to see if they were vampire or part of a Were-family was a costly job.

“Okay. I’ll work on it.”

Money wasn’t a problem right now. Bihyung couldn’t allow foreign Avatars to mess up Korea without his permission. Woojin sighed, “Just give me more time.”

“Why? Because you will hunt Dmitri too?”

Woojin didn’t answer. Bihyung then realized what decision Woojin had made.

“You really are going after Dmitri.”

“It won’t end peacefully.”

“I know you are powerful, but Dmitri is different.”

“I know.”

He never thought the 1st generation vampire would be an easy target. He fought the man in the past and eventually killed him. And this time, he was going to accomplish it much faster.


Miho’s scream of joy was heard from the room and Woojin mumbled, “She’s awake.”

Miho jumped out. There were three tails created with spiritual power floating behind her.

“I have three tails now!”

Woojin turned to Miho and said, “We were waiting for you to wake up. Let’s go.”

“Huh? Huh???”

Miho was puzzled and Bihyung laughed.