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Chapter 32: Wuma (1)

The next day, Woojin told his family that he had work in the afternoon and checked his sister’s clothing size and left. He then went to Old Hwang.

“You’re here. We would’ve gone to eat if you called and told me that you were coming.”

“It’s okay. Did it go well yesterday?”

Hwang sighed, “Many of our kids got hurt. They had amazing weapons.”

Woojin knew what kind of man Hwang was and there was no way he would lose. He might have taken damage, but he probably profited a lot by taking their weapon stash.

“Well, it’s a problem I have to solve to keep this industry alive.”

Woojin asked with a smile, “Can you make a particular armor if I provide the leather?”

“Of course. Huh?”

Hwang’s eyes became large as he looked at Woojin.

“Is-is that Hydra leather armor?”


“What! You purchased it without going through me?!”

“No. I looted it.”

Hwang almost burst into anger but calmed down.

“That’s a fat loot.”

“Anyway. Please take a look at this.”

Woojin took out the Hydra leather armor that had a hole in it. He first thought of selling it but changed his mind to make armor for his sister.

“Huh? Who punctured this expensive armor?”

Hwang shouted angrily and then turned serious.

“No. HOW did you puncture this?”

Hwang knew how durable Hydra leather was. It was natural for him to be surprised.

“Can you make this to a girl’s size?”

Hwang frowned and answered, “As you know, there aren’t many who can work on Hydra leather. It will be costly.”

Woojin then took out a glove. Hwang quickly snatched the glove and examined it.

“No damage. Clean. 200 million.”

“Will that be enough to pay for the leatherwork?”

Hwang nodded.

“It will do. Do you just need it downsized?”

“If it can look fashionable while wearing it, that will be better. A high school girl will wear it.”

Hwang frowned again.

“A high school girl wearing building-priced clothes? Are you out of your mind?”

“It’s my sister.”

Hwang flinched and answered, “Oh, of course. This will be the safest type of clothes she’ll get. She’ll even survive a car crash if she doesn’t injure her head. I’ll have it worked on. What design do you want? Gucci? Burberry?”

“Can you do that? Isn’t it illegal?”

“Doesn’t matter. They can’t work on this stuff anyway. It won’t have their brands.”

“Of course.”

Woojin then brought up a pair of pants.

“This one too.”

“I’ll have to cut a lot of leather. What should I do with leftovers?”

“Make a leather bracelet. Four of them.”

“And if there’s still leftovers?”

“You can have it.”

“Heh. Sure.”

Woojin then began putting up the gear that he was going to sell.

“And I’ll sell all of these.”

“Great! You sure know how to make a deal.”

Hwang narrowed his eyes and looked down at the armor. They all had the same puncture holes in some places. It was proof that Woojin had a weapon that could penetrate Hydra leather. It was hard to imagine how much value the weapon might hold.

“Hmm. I’ll have to dismantle it and use it as a vest or an armguard… I can’t give you the full price.”

“How much will it be?”

Hwang tapped on a calculator and spoke.

“Four damaged tops. I can only get you 3 billion per piece. Five pants are okay, so I can get you 4 billion.”

That was good enough for damaged leather armor.

“Let’s see. So you have a balance of 36 billion including the previous balance.”

Hwang turned to Woojin and asked, “Do you want it in cash?”

“I can’t carry all that cash. Make a Swiss bank account and give me a card.”

“I’ll need 5% as a processing fee.”

“I know.”

“Good. That will be 34.2 billion but I’ll make it 34.5 billion. It will take three days to open the account.”

“And the clothes?”

“That will take about 2 weeks. You know why, don’t you?”

“Of course.”

“Goodbye then.”

Woojin walked out and Hwang touched his chin while looking down at the Hydra leather. No one could get their hands on this type of leather even with money. It was good that he had it.

“Hehe. I knew he was a man.”

Hwang whistled as he rummaged through the Hydra leather.

Woojin also visited Doctor Ahn. He was more sullen and worn out, but his eyes seemed to be glistening with excitement.

“I’ve been making progress but I need more time.”

“I’m not here for the Avatar Project.”

“Oh? Then I’m all ears.”

Doctor Ahn poured the tea for Woojin. He took a sip and asked, “Are you eating well?”

“Brunhilde is taking good care of me. I just forget to eat sometimes.”

Woojin nodded.

“Yeah, but you should watch out. No one can succeed in the project other than you.”

“I will do.”

Doctor Ahn nodded also and sipped on the hot tea.

“So, what do you need?”

“Spiritual power sensor. Did you make it?”

Doctor Ahn nodded.

“Do you want a prototype? It will fit in a car trunk.”

“Can you make it smaller? Like the size of a wristwatch?”


Doctor Ahn looked at Woojin with a weird expression. The sensor was made to find monsters or Avatars that had gone rampant. It was made for hunters who hunted in groups. Making it smaller was going to be more expensive.

“I can do it, but do you need it to be that small? It will increase its price ten times more.”

“So, you can make it?”

“Of course.”

“Then can you make it?”

“It will cost 3 billion per piece.”

“I will pay 6 billion.”

It was hard to refuse when Woojin spoke so easily. This wasn’t a request from the Hunters Guild so Doctor Ahn just needed the cost for the materials.

“Hmmm. Okay. I’ll work on it.”

“How long will it take?”

“I can have it done by tomorrow.”

He had planned it but the cost was too much for it to make sense.

“I’ll come back tomorrow then.”

“Yeah. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Doctor Ahn sipped on the tea. It was good that he had walked closer to his dream by meeting with Woojin and now he was getting extra money from a side job. Brunhilde returned from taking Woojin out and saw that Doctor Ahn seemed to be pleased.

“You look happy.”

“He makes me smile each time.”

“You should still eat, Doctor.”

“Yeah. Let’s eat lunch.”

Brunhilde also smiled.

Woojin first thanked Beom at the café in front of Eunseo’s high school.


“You don’t need to thank a friend.”

“Yeah, but don’t even think about making out with my sister.”

Beom laughed and Woojin brought up a small box.

“Is it a gift?”

“Yeah. Open it.”

Beom then opened the box and became confused.

“A wristwatch?”

Beom raised his wrist. He had a Patek Philippe watch. Beom smiled while flashing his expensive piece but Woojin showed the watch on his wrist. It was the same one that he had given to Beom.

“WHAT! You told me not to mess with your sister and now you want to make out with me?”

Woojin shook his head and sighed.

“No. It’s a tool, not a watch. Besides, it’s much more expensive than your damn watch.”

“Hey. This thing costs 100 million.”

“And that watch is 3 billion.”

Stupefied, Beom looked down at the watch again. It was hard to believe that this normal-looking watch was that expensive.

“It’s a spiritual power sensor.”


“You see that small watch inside? One shows distance and one shows direction. If there’s a new spiritual being around, it turns. It excludes the wearer of course.”

Beom became intrigued. The watch was pointing at him since he wasn’t wearing it. He then took off the watch on his wrist and gave it to Woojin.

“Then this is a gift from me.”

“Are you giving me a used watch?”

“It’s a watch that contains the Dokkebi’s fortune. It will give you good luck.”

Woojin received the watch. The effect of Dokkebi’s fortune changed one’s luck from stepping on dung into picking up money. It had a limit but it was still good.

He needed to have the spiritual power sensor on his wrist, so he decided to give it to his father.

“Do you have the authentication for this?”

Beom laughed at Woojin’s words.

“I’ll send the case and authentication to your hotel tomorrow.”