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Chapter 33: Wuma (2)

Shanghai, China…

Amon held his champagne glass as he looked down at the night view of the city from the Shanghai Tower. In front of him was a woman. She was a beautiful woman with pale white skin and red lips that contrasted nicely and her hair was cleanly tied and pushed to the back. With a white Chinese dress, she also touched her glass and looked at Amon. Behind her, two handsome men stood still.

“I heard Dmitri’s working with you.”

“Yeah. But I don’t like the result of it.”

“Do you?”

The woman seemed to be pleased as she took a sip of champagne with a smile. Amon then gulped down his glass and spoke.

“Jinjin. I need your help.”

The leader of one of the two vampire families, Wangjinjin, looked at Amon. Amon was a greater being than herself. She knew the grand plan that Amon was plotting. It was quite disappointing when Amon went to Dmitri and then Jinjin for help, but now he was coming to her to ask for help. He even discredited Dmitri, which was also good.

“What present do you want for having me by your side?”

“Do you know the Moon Knights?”

“Hmm. Dmitri has already used them?”

“Two of the teams failed to complete a certain task.”

Wangjinjin’s face became serious. She knew about the Moon Knights and how formidable they were. She figured it wasn’t a normal task if they failed. An employee came up to them and poured more champagne into Amon’s empty glass.

“There’s an offering we need to start our grand plan in Korea. I need seven offerings from there but it keeps failing each time.”

“Hmm, from how things are going, it will be hard to send higher-ranking ones to Korea.”

“No. It’s a different problem. I am not sure if Bihyung is keeping watch. Everyone sent there is being killed. I need someone to fight Bihyung. I am coming to think that maybe vampires won’t be able to do it.”

Wangjinjin then looked down at the glass, gulped it down, and spoke.

“We just couldn’t make a move because we have to lie low these days. So, you want it solved.”

“Yes. I need to solve it as soon as possible.”


As Wangjinjin emptied her glass, an employee came again to pour the champagne. Wangjinjin then looked at the employee for a second and rose up to bite her neck.


The employee gasped and slumped down to the ground. Wangjinjin wiped the blood off her lips and made a proposal.

“If you find out who you need, send me an email. I’ll bring it over to you as a gift.”

“Great. I’ll look forward to it.”

Amon then brought up a smartphone and sent the information to Wangjinjin.

“I’ll expect it soon.”

Amon then walked out and Wangjinjin checked the photo and searched through the contacts.

“I’ll need to use the money when I have to.”

She considered herself better than Dmitri in all aspects so she was eager to prove herself this time around.

“Wu. I need to ask you a favor.”

Woojin quickly became powerful through battles. He especially became more powerful after feeding vampire bloodstones to the Starfish Fang. He was now more powerful than non-combative Avatars. He now had Hydra leather armor and a weapon that could penetrate the armor too.

However, he still needed to become more powerful. Vampires and Were-families had good reproduction rates which made them much weaker as Avatars. Woojin couldn’t fight against Avatars who did not reproduce. That’s why he had to wait for Doctor Ahn, but he worked to train himself further.

For this reason, he decided to go rock climbing today. He did not bring the Starfish Fang so he can work on the climbing using his own body strength. After climbing to the peak, as he was getting ready to get down, he received a phone call from Bihyung.

[Come to my office.]

“What’s wrong?”

[Another one has entered the country. It’s a big one this time.]

“Big one?”

[Just come.]

Woojin hung up the phone and became curious. There wasn’t much that Bihyung would consider a problem. He would only leave it as a 3rd or higher generation in terms of vampire levels. Woojin changed his plan to climb down and took the trail down to his bike and equipped the Starfish Fang again and went to Bihyung’s office.

Bihyung was looking at the TV screen while drinking whiskey. Woojin sat down next to Bihyung before grabbing a glass of whiskey too. He immediately froze when he turned and saw the screen. Bihyung laughed.

“So, you know who that is.”

“Wuma? Why is he here in Korea?”

“I told you. Why do you think he’s here?”

Woojin quickly retraced his memories. There was no memory in the past where Wuma visited Korea at this time.

“What do you think? I can’t just ignore him.”

Woojin sighed. As an Avatar of the Bull Demon King, his power was above that of Dokkebis.

“Did he contact you?”


Woojin placed down the glass and turned to Bihyung.

“He didn’t contact you yet?”

“No. He’s ignoring me on purpose.”

Woojin frowned. Wuma was bound to be polite as it would directly impact his reputation. Woojin stood up from the seat.

“Where are two that we rescued?”

“I have them.”

Woojin then called to Beom.

“Beom. Where are you?”

[Front of the school. It’s about time for school to end so I’m getting ready. Why?]

“Do you see anything on the sensor?”

[No. I don’t… wait.]

Woojin then jumped out. Bihyung rose up from his seat with a scowl. According to the phone conversation, it seemed like Wuma was already working.

“Damn bastard.”

If Wuma went straight to Woojin’s sister without coming to Bihyung, this was a deliberate act of offense. As Bihyung walked out angrily, Woojin was already on his bike. He told Beom to get his sister and move.

[I got Eunseo. We’ll meet in the middle.]

“Yeah. According to Bihyung, I think Wuma’s coming for Eunseo.”

[President Wu? Are you serious?]

“Yeah. We have to get the hell out. Do you still see him on the sensor?”

[Yeah. He’s getting closer.]

Woojin frowned.

“Dammit. Hold on.”

[We’ll meet up in the middle.]

Woojin gritted his teeth. His spear would work against Wuma, but the problem was his power. Wuma was a top-class fighter among Avatars. There was a slight chance for Woojin to defeat him, but he still needed to go for his sister. As Woojin got to a certain point, he saw a Range Rover running through the street while ignoring traffic signals and a black Cadillac Escalade closely following it. His sensor pointed to both cars. At that moment, the rear wheel of Range Rover shook and almost threw the car off. The vehicle spun out of control and struck itself onto the tree and stopped.

The Escalade then stopped in front of Range Rover and a large man got out of the car. Woojin checked Wuma’s face and ran straight to Wuma on his bike. He pulled out Cocktail-B and injected it into his thighs. Wuma had almost opened the door of Range Rover when he heard the bike approaching and turned to Woojin. Wuma scoffed but Woojin just charged straight in. Wuma raised his fist.

Woojin quickly pulled out his Desert Eagle and fired three times. It ripped the clothes, but it didn’t penetrate Wuma’s muscles. Wuma reached out with his fist and Woojin kicked high up, sending the bike flying straight at Wuma.

The bike crashed and was thrown away. Woojin fired the remaining bullets at Wuma’s face and while Wuma raised his hands to guard himself, Woojin got closer and swung his Starfish Fang.

Wuma frowned at the cut on his arm and Woojin stood between Wuma and the Range Rover. Wuma grimaced and Woojin panted as he spoke.

“I’ll let you go if you return now.”