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Chapter 34: Wuma (3)

“You little…”

Wuma was dumbfounded. Woojin looked like a hunter and attacked him without hesitating. He even fired his gun on the street even when it wasn’t even night time yet.

“You know who I am, don’t you?”

In the past, Woojin had learned English, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian in order to communicate with various hunters. He didn’t think he would use the Chinese he learned now.

“I know. The Cow B*tch.”

Wuma let out an angry laugh. Most Avatars wouldn’t speak in such a way. Wuma clenched his fist and the air around him changed heavily. His fist with spiritual power was like a siege weapon itself. Woojin asked, “Did Wangjinjin send you?”

Wuma stopped and Woojin frowned. Amon chose Dmitri over Wangjinjin so they didn’t get along. They did work together later on, but that was after the Day of Chaos. If Wangjinjin had met with Amon already, it was not a simple problem. If that was true, then he’d need to face twice the amount of vampires.

As Woojin stood up, the driver’s door of the Range Rover opened and Beom got out. Woojin had his helmet on so his sister couldn’t tell if it was him.

“Are you okay?”


Beom stood up next to Woojin. Wuma grinned.

“One Dokkebi and a human. Is that enough?”

Wuma didn’t bring the others. He was that strong. His spiritual power made it hard for them to even stand still. With the car accident, trashed bike, and gunfire, people gathered to see if there was a movie filming or something. It was obvious that the police would be dispatched soon also.

“President Wu. This won’t end well. How about you back off today?”

“Then give me the kid in the car. I’ll let this go if you do that for Bihyung’s sake.”

Woojin then cursed angrily, “Cut the bullsh*t. I won’t take it even if you’re a bull.”

Wuma was surprised, but he soon became angry.

“Then stop me.”

Wuma threw his fist and Woojin prepared to take the strike when something flew in from the side. Wuma turned to the thing. The blue fire scattered away and Wuma frowned at the direction. It was Bihyung. He grinned as he looked at Wuma.

“Long time no see, Wu.”


Wuma narrowed his eyebrows.

“You don’t even pay respect and you want respect back?”


Bihyung walked up and grabbed Beom’s car to pull it up and placed it down on the street. Bihyung stood next to Woojin and said, “Beom. You go ahead.”



Beom then got into the car and drove off. Wuma didn’t pay attention anymore. Bihyung asked Wuma, “You want to fight here? Or somewhere where there’s no people?”

“Hah. Are you serious?”

“Or are you scared?”

Wuma then tilted his head back and laughed out loud.

“HAHAHA! I heard Dokkebi Bihyung was mad but it seems like it’s real!”

“Maybe I’ve stayed too quiet these days.”

Wuma then became serious.

“Go on. I’ll take care of my business later.”

Bihyung then walked back to his Audi R8 and Woojin followed him and into the car. Bihyung drove off and Wuma into his car and followed. Woojin checked the car following them and asked, “Is it okay?”

“What is?”

“It’s Wuma.”


Woojin then remembered what kind of man Bihyung was. He never backed out just because an enemy was stronger than him.

“Can we kill him?”

“Who? Wuma?”

Woojin nodded and Bihyung answered casually.

“Well, he won’t die easily, but if we can, it will be better if we do it.”

“What about the aftermath?”

“It’s okay. If he’s on mercenary work, it’s easy to deal with.”

Woojin then became relieved and took out his Desert Eagle to reload it. The silver bullets did not work but at least the armor-piercing bullets had a chance. Bihyung spoke to Woojin.

“Your attacks won’t work against him. He knows how to control his powers.”

“Don’t worry about it. What should we do with the loot?”

“Loot? HAHAHA!”

Bihyung laughed and turned to Woojin.

“You are crazier than me. You’re thinking of looting? Against Wuma?”

“We’re going to kill him. Of course we should think about the loot.”

“Hmm. Let’s see. What can we get by killing Wuma?”

“I need his blood and soul stone.”

“I can’t give you everything. I’ll give you the stone.”

“Then just give me a liter of blood.”

Bihyung grinned.


Woojin knew that feeding the stone to his Starfish Fang would give him a powerful strength. Werebears had strength and regeneration but it didn’t match Wuma’s. If he fed it with Wuma’s stone, Woojin would acquire powerful muscle strength that will matched most Avatars.

They arrived at a construction site of a certain building. Woojin asked, “Where are we?”

“It’s a bankrupt construction site that I purchased. I sent everyone out when we departed earlier. There’s no one inside.”

Bihyung pulled up in front of the construction site and got out. Wuma also arrived on his car and stepped out. He looked at Bihyung silently and asked, “Should we talk up there?”

“I don’t care.”

They then took the elevator together and went up. Bihyung was calm even with Wuma on his back. Wuma also seemed to not be interested in attacking Bihyung right now. They arrived at the rooftop. The sun was already going down. Bihyung looked at the reddened sky and turned to Wuma.

“We’ll finish this before the sun goes down.”

Wuma looked at the sea and nodded. About ten minutes were left before sunset.

“I’ll control Korea after you’re gone.”

“We’ll see about that.”

Four Dokkebi Fireballs appeared around Bihyung. Wuma pointed to Woojin.

“You alone don’t stand a chance. You both can attack.”

Woojin was waiting for this. He couldn’t let Bihyung fight alone so he got up with Cocktail-B. Bihyung sighed, “You want to fight together?”

“Of course. We both get the loot.”

Bihyung laughed and Wuma spoke angrily.

“Loot? You f*ckers are out of your mind.”

Woojin then thought about Wuma’s personality. It was this personality that brought him to his demise in the past.

“Do you fight while talking? You talk too much.”

Wuma then attacked Woojin right away. The spiritual power let out by the fist cracked the building’s floor. The power was enough to freeze Woojin, but he earned a defense against such power after facing the otherworldly god’s power in the past.

Woojin charged against the force. Wuma scoffed but the Dokkebi Fire was thrown at him next to Woojin and exploded. Woojin moved to the side to hide himself behind the shadow of the explosion. He then jumped out through the explosion with the Starfish Fang and Wuma charged at him with his shoulder in front. Woojin then took the step and turned his direction to avoid being tackled. There was an awkward moment of pain in his knee as his muscle was ripped. Bihyung then charged into strike Wuma’s face.

Wuma was thrown to the back and Bihyung tripped Wuma’s leg to throw him back. Woojin gritted his teeth and got up. The help of the Cocktail eased his pain and the Starfish Fang’s regeneration was also healing him. Woojin then pulled out the Desert Eagle and pulled his trigger against Wuma getting up.

Wuma raised his hand to cover his face and the armor-piercing bullet wounded the palm and burst into fire in which Wuma clenched to put it out. Wuma then charged at Bihyung again. Bihyung quickly rammed against Wuma and threw him down over his shoulder down to the ground. It was so powerful that the floor was destroyed and sent Wuma crashing through the floors. Bihyung jumped down with wielding the Dokkebi Fire. Woojin then put back his gun and Starfish Fang back on his waist. These weapons did not work against Wuma.

In the next moment, an explosion was heard and Bihhyung’s body flew through the floor. Bihyung rolled on the ground before got up and frowned.

“Looks like he won’t go so easily.”

Wuma climbed out of the hole that Bihyung was thrown through. His hair was all burnt by the Dokkebi Fire. Wuma, now a bald man, got up from the floor and Woojin pulled out the Guisoo Blood Bamboo Spear.

“So, is that the weapon?” Bihyung asked with a grin. The spear had the same diameter as the holes through the Hydra leather and the werebear’s body. Woojin nodded and Bihyung took the initiative.

“I’ll create an opening for you.”