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Chapter 35: Wuma (4)

Wuma rubbed his bald head and took a step forward. He was so enraged that his spiritual power was now visible. Two horns were forming on his head. He was ready to unleash his full power.

Woojin looked silently at Wuma with the spear in his hand. But Wuma wasn’t even looking at Woojin. He was looking coldly only at Bihyung. They both took a step toward each other. Bihyung now had three Dokkebi Fire. He could always summon the element but it required time. Bihyung charged at Wuma and Wuma also moved toward Bihyung. Wuma was more powerful and he could strike down Bihyung in one strike. In contrast, Bihyung was more quick and agile which allowed him to avoid the direct hit and threw Wuma down. The problem was that even a fist that Wuma threw from the ground was dangerous enough.

Bihyung hopped back after the fourth Dokkebi Fire and moved slightly. It was done so subtly that Wuma didn’t realize Woojin was now behind him. Wuma was furious. It looked like he only needed to land three strikes to kill Bihyung but he just couldn’t land an attack. That’s why he didn’t even care about Woojin.

As Wuma charged at Bihyung, Woojin jumped. The Shadow Spider leather boots made him disappear in terms of sound and Wuma didn’t even notice.

Wuma instinctively threw himself to the side as he felt the spear piercing the back of his waist. It saved him as the attack that would’ve spliced his spine. Instead, it only merely penetrated his left flank. Wuma felt a sharp pain and threw his fist to the back. Woojin quickly dodged but he couldn’t get away from the spiritual power that followed.

Woojin was thrown way back. Wuma pulled out the spear and focused on his wound to stop the bleeding. But it didn’t stop bleeding and as Wuma raised his eyebrows, Bihyung charged and struck Wuma’s chin. It was enough to make Wuma’s head snap back. Bihyung then flashed to the back and threw him headfirst into the ground. Wuma swung his fist aimlessly with his head stuck in the ground but Bihyung was already out of range. Woojin was already running.


Wuma shouted angrily as he unleashed his spiritual power. The powerful wave swept through the roof, throwing everything outward and Woojin ran behind Bihyung’s back to avoid being thrown. Bihyung ran up and kicked Wuma’s chest but Wuma grabbed Bihyung’s leg. His grip was so powerful that it crushed Bihyung’s leg immediately. Wuma then pulled his fist back to land the final blow. Before he could land the blow, Woojin came out from behind Bihyung’s back and thrust his spear into the open left flank. It crushed the ribs and penetrated Wuma’s heart. Wuma threw the punch against Woojin instead but Bihyung kicked it up.

Woojin quickly dodged but he couldn’t dodge the spiritual power. It was an Avatar’s fight. He wasn’t powerful enough to be in it just yet. Just a slight scratch was enough to rip the skin off his cheek. Bihyung then noticed Wuma’s hand losing strength and pulled out his leg. He then rubbed the Dokkebi Fire into Wuma’s wound.

Wuma couldn’t stand the Dokkebi Fire exploding inside his damaged heart. All of his holes released blue flames. The body endured even the shock. Perhaps something else could be used other than blood.

Woojin saw Wuma falling back and slumped down to the ground. His wounds were healing but his face was still burning hot. Bihyung also collapsed. Fighting Wuma was an impossible task. It seemed like the wound on his leg would take time to heal.

“Who do you think sent Wuma here?”

Woojin answered the question.



Bihyung hoisted his upper body up and turned to Woojin.

“She’s the only one who can send Wuma here.”

“First Dmitri and now Wangjinjin?”


“Are we the enemy of all vampires now?”

Woojin grinned, “No. They are our enemies.”

Bihyung laughed. Vampires were the most influential forces in the world. It was now obvious that all vampires were going to try to come to Korea. Bihyung mumbled, “Dammit.”

“Why? Are you scared?”

Bihyung laughed and punched Woojin’s shoulder with a fist.

“You’re damn right I’m scared!”

Woojin didn’t respond to Bihyung’s joke and turned to him.

“How’s your leg?”

Bihyung raised his wounded leg up.

“I probably won’t be moving for about five days at least.”

It was fortunate that his leg hadn’t been cut off. Five days seemed pretty quick after taking that much damage.

“Dokkebis heal fast.”

Woojin then turned to the sky and pulled out his phone.

[What happened?]

“That’s what I want to ask. Where’s Eunseo?”

[I made her fall unconscious when we got into the accident. She’s with me.]

“Good. Just tell her the car slipped. If you can get the same car, don’t let her realize the car was damaged.”

[Yeah. I already swapped the car. How did it go there?]

Woojin then handed the phone over to Bihyung who spoke into the phone.

“I killed Wuma.”

And Bihyung took the phone away from his face. Woojin could hear Beom’s shouts even though he was quite far away. Woojin then got up as he had recovered quite a bit. He couldn’t find any bottles to hold the blood so he just walked up to Wuma and looked down. He picked up the spears and reached into the wound to pull out the spiritual stone. It was much larger than any of the other stones he had seen. He quickly fed it to his Starfish Fang before Bihyung changed his mind. The Fang then turned dark black. Woojin clenched the Fang. His strength increased much more than expected. Intense strength grasped him and now he could even pick up a car with just his strength alone. Woojin looked dazed and Bihyung asked, “Are you okay?”


Woojin then put away the Fang and saw Yeohong and the Cleaner Team coming up through the elevator. They found Wuma dead and walked to Woojin and Bihyung. Yeohong asked, “Did you two kill him?”

Woojin and Bihyung both weren’t in good shape, so that’s why Yeohong made the assumption. Bihyung grinned.

“Yeah. We both did it.”

Wuma was a powerful being. He was so powerful that a mere hunter could not affect the outcome. But the result was there. Woojin then looked at Yeohong.

“The liter of blood is mine. Get me it in a bottle or something.”

Yeohong then turned to Bihyung who nodded.

“Yeah. He’s already got the stone, so give him the blood.”


Yeohong then ordered the Cleaners and they brought out a metal case to begin extracting the blood. As Woojin waited, Yeohong shouted from behind.

“The blood only came out to two liters?”

Yeohong looked at Bihyung. He answered casually, “Yeah. I burnt the heart with Dokkebi Fire.”

Yeohong seemed reluctant. Bihyung promised to give one liter to Woojin when he was getting basically nothing? Bihyung just grinned.

“I wouldn’t have gotten him if it wasn’t for Woojin. Wuma was strong.”

Yeohong sighed and handed over the one-liter case to Woojin.

“What are you going to use it for?”

“You think I won’t find any good uses for it?”

Yeohong then backed off and Woojin walked past her to go down. Bihyung shouted from behind, “Come to my office tomorrow! We’ll have a drink.”

Woojin waved at him and got the elevator to reach ground level. There were people getting ready. Woojin realized what Yeohong was prepared for. She even thought of getting revenge if Bihyung had died. Woojin liked Yeohong for this reason. She hadn’t changed one bit.

Woojin then took a cab to Doctor Ahn’s lab.

“What brings you here again?”

Doctor Ahn looked a bit better than last time and Woojin placed down his case. Doctor Ahn looked at it confusingly.

“It’s Wuma’s blood.”

Woojin spoke and Doctor Ahn and Brunhilde’s eyes grew wide in shock.

“Wuma from China?”

“Yeah. It will help you with both the Cocktail and the Avatar Project.”

Doctor Ahn yelped excitedly as he held the case and Brunhilde sighed.

“He’ll starve again.”