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Chapter 36: Granny Mago (1)

Woojin met with Kim Beom on his way back. His sister was still asleep so Beom got off the car and walked over to Woojin. Before Woojin could say thanks, Beom hugged him tightly.

“Thank you.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I heard you played a vital role in killing Wuma.”

“Where did you hear that from?”

“Hong told me.”

Woojin then pushed Beom off and asked, “It’s nothing. Is Eunseo still sleeping?”

“Yeah. She must have been shocked.”

“Okay. I think I need to ask you to keep looking out for her.”

Beom nodded.

“Yeah. If they are doing this much, all we can do is have me protect her at least.”

Woojin nodded. Beom opened the door and tapped on Eunseo’s forehead. She let out a yawn and found Beom and Woojin.

“Woojin? When did you come here?”

“We’re in front of our house.”

“What? Really?”

Eunseo was surprised and Woojin reached out with his hand.

“Come down.”

Eunseo got off the car. She seemed fine.

“Thank you for driving me here. I guess I fell asleep.”

“It’s okay. You must be busy studying. Isn’t it better than a bus?”

“Yeah. I don’t even get to sit down on a bus.”

“I’ll send you home when I have time,” Beom said and Woojin tapped on Beom’s back.

“You should go back now.”

“Yeah. I’ll see you later, EUnseo.”

Beom got back in the car and Woojin returned home. He stopped by a store to buy ice cream for his sister and they stopped at a park.

“How’s Beom?”

“He’s really nice. But are you two really friends? He looks much older.”

“He just looks old. He’ll come to pick you up from school from time to time now. Are you okay with that?”

“Beom? Why?”

“And I’ll pick you up most of the time.”

Eunseo’s eyes opened wide in surprise.


Woojin looked at Eunseo for a while. He was going to hide it, but they even sent Wuma after her. It was about time for Woojin tell her what was going on. He decided to tell her at least half of the truth.

“You didn’t just fall asleep today. There was an accident.”

“Accident? Was there an accident?”

“Do you remember getting in the car after school?”

“Yeah. Beom drove too fast so I was surprised. And…”

The memory seemed blurry but she didn’t remember experiencing any shock. Woojin then told her.

“Someone’s trying to kidnap you.”

“Me?” Eunseo laughed, “Haha. Are you joking?”

“I’m not joking.”

Eunseo then stopped laughing and looked at Woojin silently. Woojin spoke.

“Beom and I will protect you. I’m telling you because you need to know that you are being protected so we can protect you better. You should cooperate with us.”


“If you won’t, you cannot go to school.”

Eunseo couldn’t believe it. “Am I really in danger?”

“I’ll protect you as best as I can, but you have to help us. That’s why I’m telling you.”

Eunseo seemed confused if she had to believe all this or not. Woojin patted his sister’s head. This was temporary after all. If Wuma was here, they’d even kill Bihyung to get what they were after. There were many obstacles waiting for them ahead.

Woojin called the bike shop to order another Ducati and went to Bihyung’s office. He met Yeohong in the lobby and asked her inside the elevator, “What did you tell Beom yesterday?”

“That you helped with killing Wuma.”

Woojin looked at Yeohong. She turned and said, “Let’s have a spar when you have time.”

“You want to kill me?”

“You killed Wuma and you still say that?”

“Bihyung did everything. I just helped a little.”

Yeohong looked at Woojin for a while and turned to the front. Woojin grinned.

“I’ll think about it if you don’t use Dokkebi Fire.”

“Why would I use Dokkebi Fire against a human?”

Yeohong was powerful without Dokkebi Fire. Her hobby was to learn martial arts and many fighting styles so she knew almost all the fist-fighting techniques. Her pure fighting might even surpass that of Bihyung’s.

“Then we’ll have a try.”

Yeohong smiled. The elevator arrived at the top floor and Woojin found Bihyung standing there with a cast on his leg.

“You got a cast?”

“I heard it will heal faster.”

“You should stop drinking if you want to heal faster.”

“Haha. Come and have a seat.”

Woojin sat across Bihyung and grabbed on the glass that Bihyung poured the whiskey in. They clinked their glasses and drank. Bihyung gulped down three glasses and asked, “Are you busy?”

“Of course, I’m busy. I have to train. I was training when you called me and told me that Wuma was in.”

“Oh, sorry to bother you with a drink then.”

“It’s fine.”

Wuma was a strong enemy, even for Bihyung. His chance of winning was probably 30%. Drinking this time was to celebrate the victory. Bihyung then looked at Woojin and made a request, “I know you’re busy, but we should go somewhere.”


“Jeju Island.”

Woojin frowned.

“Jeju’s not a place to just go to and come back. It will take at least a day. What if ones like Wuma come again?”

Bihyung laughed.

“We can return by dinner time if we leave now. And ones like Wuma? You know there aren’t that many stronger than Wuma who can be bought with money, right?”


“And they don’t know if Wuma’s dead yet.”

Woojin couldn’t answer that yet. He didn’t know the limit of Amon’s foresight. But it was possible that he had sensed Wuma’s death at least. Amon had the power to read not only the future but also the past. Amon had only risen above the surface after the Day of Chaos. Bihyung did not know anything about him now.

“Why do we need to go to Jeju anyway?”

“There’s someone who wants to meet you.”

“Tell him to come here if he wants to see me.”

“Hahaha. Well aren’t you a bold one. I hope you don’t piss yourself when you meet her.”

Woojin frowned. A woman who lived in Jeju was someone who could make him come down by himself even though he killed Wuma. He knew one person. She did not come out of Jeju even after the Day of Chaos.