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Chapter 37: Granny Mago (2)

“Can’t she come?”

“You’ve guessed who it is?”

Woojin stood up and reached out to Bihyung. If she was down to meet him, Woojin was willing to see her.

“Let’s go. How are we going there?”

“I have the chopper prepared on the roof. We’ll get to the airport with that and fly down by plane.”

Bihyung rubbed Woojin’s hand and got up. Yeohong came to him but Bihyung waved at Yeohong and said, “I’ll go down with him. You stay here.”

Yeohong then turned to Woojin.

“Take care of him.”

“Don’t worry. We’ll figure out a time when I get back.”


Woojin then helped Bihyung get on the elevator and Bihyung asked, “Are you going to meet with Yeohong?”

“She wanted to spar, so I agreed.”

“Are you mad?”

Bihyung looked dumbfounded but Woojin answered casually.

“She won’t be using Dokkebi Fire.”

“She’s still really strong without it.”

“I know. That’s why I’m giving it a try.”

With the experience, Woojin had a chance, but his body still couldn’t utilize his full experience. Sparring was also a good way to train so that’s why he agreed to it. Bihyung looked at Woojin weirdly and they got into the helicopter. Bihyung asked, “What don’t you know?”

Bihyung couldn’t understand Woojin’s knowledge. It was outstanding considering that Woojin knew a lot about Avatars too. He hadn’t been a hunter for long and had he good senses like an old hunter.

“A lot.”

Woojin answered and closed his eyes. They moved to the airport and boarded Bihyung’s personal airplane to fly down to Jeju. Woojin shook his head at Bihyung who was drinking even on the airplane and asked, “But why does she want to meet with me?”

“I told her we killed Wuma and she said she wanted to see you.”

“But she can’t leave Jeju?”

Bihyung realized Woojin had guessed accurately.


Woojin didn’t ask any further. Bihyung was the main Avatar of Korea, but the strongest Avatar in Korea wasn’t Bihyung. It was the person they were going to meet right now. Woojin never met her personally even in the past.

They got to Jeju before lunch. There was a car waiting for them when the plane landed. Woojin and Bihyung got into the car began to move.

“Do you own a company in Jeju also?”

“I own a hotel here.”

Woojin became curious about the properties that Bihyung owned. He had fought through past battles with him but Woojin didn’t know about Bihyung’s personal assets.

“Where are we going?”

“Mount Halla.”

“Don’t tell me we’re going up to the peak.”

“We are.”

“With your leg?”

Bihyung laughed, “You’ll carry me up there.”

Woojin looked at the tall mountain through the window.

“How long does it take to get up there?”

“For normal people, it takes about four hours?”

Woojin then decided to consider it as training.

“Does she give us lunch if we get there in time?”

“Of course. Let’s not be late for lunch.”

Woojin then lifted Bihyung up on his back when they got off. There was only about an hour left for lunch. He would’ve never tried to climb up the mountain with a Dokkebi on his back if it wasn’t for Wuma’s spiritual stone.

Woojin told Bihyung, “Hold still.”

Bihyung grinned. He could’ve climbed the mountain with his one leg, but he wanted to check Woojin’s power. His power couldn’t be observed through the Cocktails. Woojin then began running along the trail. Hikers looked at them in shock but Woojin ran like he was running a 100-meter race. Bihyung clapped while Woojin ran up the mountain at an incredible speed.

Woojin had his strength and agility increased but his stamina was still the same. He felt like his heart was about to explode and felt his legs becoming heavy, but he didn’t stop. Soon, they were at the top. The sun was on top of their heads.

“Where is she?”

Woojin looked around. The lake was below him but there was no sign of anyone. Woojin asked and Bihyung grinned and clapped. The area was suddenly covered by fog. It was so dense that it would not allow one to go down the mountain. Bihyung said to Woojin, “Follow me closely.”

Woojin walked for a long time behind Woojin. They walked toward the lake in many directions for a while and the fog disappeared. There was an old house standing there. The smell of food came from inside and Bihyung shouted, “Granny! We’re here!”

An old woman with a hunched back came out from the house with a small table full of food. Woojin quickly walked to her and received the table.

The old woman smiled, “Aaaaw. Thank you, young man.”

Woojin placed the table down. The table had food enough for three people. There weren’t that many side dishes, but there was a Jeju special soup that looked very tasty. Bihyung sand down and began digging into the food and old woman snapped by smacking Bihyung’s forehead with a spoon.

“Ouch! Granny! You shouldn’t hit a man’s head with a spoon!”

“Shut up! You should mind your manners.”

The old woman then turned to Woojin.

“You’re Ko Woojin, right? I wanted to see you.”

Woojin then bowed to the old woman sitting down.

“Nice to meet you. I am Ko Woojin.”

“Haha. Yes, it’s good to see you too.”

She was the strongest Avatar in Korea.

Granny Mago.