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Chapter 38: Granny Mago (3)

She was the most powerful Avatar, but she used her spiritual power so naturally that if Woojin didn’t meet her in such a mysterious place, he would not have realized that she was an Avatar. Her ragged clothes contrasted that of Bihyung’s who was dressed in full designer clothes from top to bottom.

But even then, Granny Mago looked very mysterious. It seemed like the ragged clothes couldn’t hide her class as the most powerful Avatar.

“Here. Go ahead and eat.”

“Thank you.”

Woojin then took a spoon. The soup was very delicious. He wasn’t sure if he was just hungry or it was that good that made him eat so quickly. Granny Mago also finished her portion while Woojin wolfed down the lunch.

“Wait here.”

“I’ll clean up.”

“It’s okay. You’re a guest. Look at that imbecile. He’s not even standing up!”

“Granny. I’m a patient.”

“Shut up, you imbecile.”

Granny Mago went into the kitchen and brought out a bowl of Misutgaru. It was cold with ice inside and Woojin quickly gulped it down. It was cold and sweet. Granny Mago also cleaned up the bowl and spoke.

“You should stay out for a while.”

“Granny. Do I really need to walk out? I’m a patient.”

“Or you want me to throw you out?”

Bihyung then got up and hopped out of the fog. It seemed that the Mago was that great as she could make Bihyung leave without much objection. Granny Mago then picked up a stone and threw it.

“Argh! Granny!”

“I’ll throw a boulder at you next time.”

“Okay! Gosh, I’m leaving!”

Bihyung then disappeared and Mago turned to Woojin. He was shocked. She was looking at him with a sad look on her face.

“Do you know me?”

“Not a lot. But I was reading the sky and saw you.”


Mago smiled, “I was surprised when I saw you there. I read your fate anyway and you were twisting your fate and going against it.”

Woojin couldn’t explain it easily. He couldn’t easily give an explanation about returning back to the past just like that.

“I am not sure what my fate was, but if it needs to be destroyed, I will destroy it and move forward.”

What lied ahead of Woojin was terrible and harsh but he was determined to get through it. Mago looked at Woojin with a sympathetic expression and reached out for his hand to grab it.

“I can’t leave this place so I won’t be giving you much help, but feel free to ask me anything if you need. I’ll help you as much as I can.”

Woojin then asked, “Can you tell me why you can’t leave this place?”

Mago shook her head slowly. Woojin then looked at her for a while and realized there still was one thing he could get from her.

“Can you give me blood?”

“Blood? What blood do you want?”

Woojin looked at her without any words and Mago laughed.

“Is that all you need?”


If he could get his hands on Mago’s blood, it would be good for the Avatar Project. It might even give better results than the dragon blood. Granny Mago then brought out an empty soju bottle and clenched her fist over the empty bottle. The blood began to fill the bottle. The power that the blood held was much more than Woojin expected. He wasn’t a sensitive type against spiritual power but he was able to feel it on his skin. Mago then closed the cap of the bottle after filling it with blood and blew it with her mouth. The spiritual power could no longer be felt. Mago handed over the bottle.

“I hope your fate can open the clogged sky again.”

Woojin received the blood. It was warm. Woojin bowed with the bottle in his embrace.

“If you walk out in that way, Bihyung will be waiting for you. You can go back down with him.”

“Thank you. I’ll be on my way then.”

Woojin then walked out of the fog and Mago turned to the sky. There was a change in a chaotic sky. Woojin was the only chance of hope.

Woojin found Bihyung sitting on top of a rock. He laughed at the bottle Woojin held.

“Why did you get it?”

“I need it.”

“Yeah, her blood should have powerful spiritual power. Can you share it with me?”


This belonged to Doctor Ahn, and he needed to get the results from it. He wasn’t sure why Bihyung needed her blood, but he couldn’t give it up to him.

“So, we’re done here?”

“Yeah. We should go back now.”

“Carry me. I’ll give directions.”

Woojin let Bihyung climb onto his back again and they began to walk. They walked for quite a while and there still was fog around them.

“We’re here.”

After ten minutes of walking, Bihyung clapped and the fog disappeared. They were in front of a parked car. Woojin was shocked and Bihyung grinned.


“I didn’t know you could do such a thing.”

“I can do it only from here.”

They got into the car and Bihyung placed his back against the seat and said, “Airport.”

The car began to move and Bihyung looked at Woojin.

“Why did she want to see you?”

“Nothing special. She just asked me if I needed anything from her, so I asked for her the blood.”

The driver flinched at the word but Woojin didn’t care. Bihyung looked at Woojin silently. Everything about Woojin was a surprise but he sometimes did unimaginable things. Why did he need spiritual stones of Avatars and why did he need the blood of Avatars?

“Are you going to tell me why you need it?”

Woojin shook his head. If he were to succeed in the Avatar Project, he will become much more powerful offensively. He could go rescue those he couldn’t rescue right now. Bihyung then turned to the window. Woojin looked at him silently. It was not time yet. He had become close with Bihyung, but he couldn’t tell him everything yet.

They took the airplane and returned to Seoul. Woojin then visited Doctor Ahn. The doctor was waiting for Woojin as he always stopped by with a gift.

There was a sandwich waiting for them. Woojin sat down on the sofa.

“You want to eat a sandwich with me?”

“Yes, please. He hasn’t eaten a lot these days so I think I should feed him when I get the chance.”

Woojin then looked at Doctor Ahn. As Brunhilde said, he seemed thinner now. Woojin then decided to bring out what he brought after eating the sandwich. Woojin took the sandwich and Doctor Ahn also began to eat.

“I don’t have the results yet but the spiritual being blood has many special attributes. I think the Avatar Project will be a success.”

“How about Wuma’s blood?”

“The blood I had didn’t have wasn’t that high quality. The Cocktails were the outcome of extracting a few things that can be applied to humans from the blood of mediocre Avatars. I am using some part of Wuma’s blood for the Avatar Project and I am thinking about using the rest for the Cocktails.”

Many great Avatars were killed in the past but it was long after the Day of Chaos. The blood of those Avatars allowed for the creation of powerful Cocktails then, and it was bound to create powerful Cocktails thanks to Wuma.

Woojin’s increased power made him less susceptible to drug addiction, but it was still a necessity in fighting. He needed the Avatar Project. He hoped Mago’s blood would shorten the time required. They finished the sandwich and Woojin drank the tea that Doctor Ahn poured for him. Then he brought out the soju bottle. Doctor Ahn asked, “What is that?”

“It’s the blood of an Avatar.”

Doctor Ahn frowned. He carefully reached out for the bottle and asked, “You used the right tool last time. What’s with this again? Did you kill another vampire?”

“No. I got this as a gift. I think it will help you with the Avatar Project.”

“Pureblood will help greatly. Can you wait here for a second?”

“Of course.”

Doctor Ahn then returned to his lab to check on the blood and ran back. He didn’t know when it was inside the bottle but when he poured it out and analyzed the spiritual power, he was shocked.

Doctor Ahn got back to Woojin and shook him by grabbing on his shoulder.

“W-what is that blood?! It has higher spiritual power than Wuma’s!”

Woojin answered, “It’s the blood of Granny Mago.”

Doctor Ahn wasn’t knowledgeable about history but he still was a person in the hunter business. He knew about Granny Mago.

“I heard she’s not coming out of Jeju.”

“Yeah. I went there.”

“I heard she doesn’t meet with anyone.”

Woojin was curious about Doctor Ahn’s response this time.

“Do you know her?”

“I tried to meet with her. She’s the strongest Avatar in Korea, so I figured I could get some help. I didn’t expect for you to bring her blood.”

“Will it help?”

Doctor Ahn nodded.

“I was going to proceed with Wuma’s blood, but Granny Mago’s blood will work better. I’ll mix it with Wuma’s blood to work things out.”

Woojin then smiled at Doctor Ahn speaking to himself about what he’ll do.

“You go ahead and research. I’ll be on my way then.”

“Oh, okay. I’ll call you right away when I find something.”


Doctor Ahn then ran in. Woojin realized the Avatar Project had taken a big turn now.