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Chapter 40: Princess Iron Fan (2)

Eunseo’s school was still in session so Woojin met up with Beom who was standing guard outside the school and went to a café for some coffee. They couldn’t stay far so they brought the coffee to Beom’s car and drank it there.

Woojin looked out the window toward the school entrance and asked, “Did you hear that Princess Iron Fan is here?”

Kim Beom nodded.

“Yeah. I heard she’s not a blockhead like Wuma. However, I’m not sure what she will do.”

They knew Wuma and Somi were close, but Woojin couldn’t guess what Somi would do. This was not in his memory. It wasn’t certain yet so that’s why Woojin was here to protect his sister. If she was going to go after Bihyung, he had Yeohong and other employees to drag out the time.

“Are there others that have come with her?”

“Not yet. If Somi brings others, that will be the most dangerous situation. We’re keeping watch.”

In Woojin’s memory, Somi was a cold woman and did not care about Wuma’s death in the previous life. Woojin was curious about what changed Somi’s mind this time around. Woojin traced his memories as he drank the coffee when the phone rang. It was Bihyung.

[Somi’s gone.]

“Didn’t you say you had a tail on her?”

[She killed them.]

She was off to do something then. Woojin frowned.

“Are you with Yeohong?”

[Yeah. Call me when she goes to you.]

Bihyung also knew that just like when he fought Wuma, they needed to fight together to fight ones like Somi.

“I’ll do that.”

Woojin almost hung up both his and Beom’s watches set off alarms. They both checked and realized someone was approaching them. It was hard to see the size of the spiritual power because of the range, but told them that someone was coming their way.

“She’s coming this way.”

[Don’t fight her. Buy some time.]

The distance was getting closer while the direction did not change. It was coming straight toward them. Woojin got out of the car and looked around. There were security cameras everywhere so he wasn’t sure if he could fire a gun. He reached for his Desert Eagle and waited. Wuma’s muscles blocked bullets but perhaps it might work against Somi. Beom also got out of the car and asked, “But where is she coming from?”

She was getting close but it wasn’t visible. Considering the sensor’s capability, she should’ve been within eyesight by now, but she was nowhere to be seen.

“Let’s hang up. I’ll buy as much time as I can.”

[I’m on the way. Be careful!]

Woojin then hung up the phone. The distance was under twenty meters but they couldn’t see her. Beom turned to Woojin and asked, “Is this broken? She’s getting closer but I can’t see her.”

Woojin also became confused but he suddenly felt a terrifying feeling and looked up. Dark lighting struck Beom’s Range Rover. The woman who appeared after destroying the car had a black suit and a round hat. She had a cigar in her mouth and she looked at Woojin and Kim Beom.

Beom checked the woman and bowed.

“Nice to meet you. I am Kim Beom.”

It was foolish to pay respects to a woman who appeared and just destroyed his car. Her eyes turned icy at his introduction. She reached out and Woojin quickly threw himself. He didn’t even have time to take a Cocktail. He just ran and pushed Beom away.

Beom was pushed backward but it was a bit late.

Sharp spiritual power from the wind ran through and cut Beom’s left arm. Yet, Woojin didn’t have the time to be relieved for saving Beom from being cut in half. He quickly pulled out the Desert Eagle and pulled the trigger at Somi.

Somi then swung her fan at the bullet. The bullets lost their energy and dropped to the ground. Meanwhile, Woojin pulled out the Cocktail-B and injected it into his neck.

Somi was wielding a cold smile as she swung her fan. Woojin did not expect her to bring the Iron Fan with her. Avatars were able to unleash the strongest amount of power while wielding a divine object that matched their specialty or element. These objects could only be used by Avatars. It required high spiritual power to wield them, but it was more valuable than anything else.

It was more valuable than the life of Avatars. If she brought it here, then she was ready to battle. Woojin should’ve guessed it when he heard that Somi had come alone. She was here to kill all the Dokkebis by herself.

Woojin kicked the Range Rover that Somi was standing on. The car rolled and Somi jumped up to the electrical post. The blue fire was thrown at her but she quickly swung her Iron Fan to put it out.

In the legends, the Iron Fan was rumored to put out the fire of the Flame Mountain. It easily put out even the Dokkebi Fire. Woojin fired the remaining bullets as he shouted, “Stop the bleeding first!”

Beom also realized the situation and moved behind another pole. He pulled out his belt to tie his shoulder. Woojin then saw Somi charging at him. She slapped the bullets down with her fan and swung her fan again at Woojin.

The wind that cut Beom’s arm was released and Woojin quickly threw himself to the side to get out of the way. He quickly rolled over, pulled out the dagger from Bolkov’s claw, and threw it. His strength now allowed him to throw daggers like bullets.

Somi scoffed. A ranged attack had no chance against her. Woojin also knew this, and hence he threw himself right away as he threw the dagger. As Somi swung the fan to defend daggers, Woojin was already close to her with the Starfish Fang.

Somi then blew a cloud against Woojin. The smoke did not disperse as it came directly at Woojin’s face. She was harder to fight than Wuma who only fought with brute strength. Besides, she was using her powers even with all these security cameras, meaning she was determined on avenging her husband. It didn’t fit her as a cold woman, but this situation had gone too far to solve it through a discussion.

Woojin turned to avoid the smoke and Somi’s hand touched his chest. The wind exploded out of her hand and blasted Woojin back. He felt a shock that would have shattered his chest if it wasn’t for his Hydra armor.

As Woojin was thrown back, Dokkebi Fire exploded under Somi’s foot. Beom then quickly ran at Woojin. Woojin also knew that they had no chance of winning against Somi right now. Woojin quickly got up on his bike to start it and Beom also hopped on the back.

A storm appeared and the Dokkebi Fire was put out immediately. Somi looked at Woojin and Beom running away on a bike. She had set out to kill Beom so that Bihyung would feel the same pain that she had felt. Yet the man next to him did not have a drop of spiritual power, which meant that he was a human. However, he showed that he was powerful enough to kick up a car and was amazingly quick. If it wasn’t for his intervention, she would’ve killed Bihyung already.

“He took a Cocktail so he must be a hunter…”

Somi mumbled and kicked off the ground. She began to fly after Woojin and Kim Beom at an enormous speed.

Woojin pulled on the accelerator as he checked Somi following him through the rearview mirror. It seemed like the speed of the Ducati wasn’t enough to shake her off. Woojin checked on Beom, “How are you faring?”

“Don’t worry about me. I won’t die yet.”

“Of course. I’m not going to let you die in front of me.”

He had let Beom die in front of his eyes in the past, but he was not going to let that happen this time. He wasn’t a weak hunter like before. Woojin glanced at Somi following them and whispered, “There goes Bihyung’s fortune.”

It would cost a fortune for Bihyung to erase all the recordings about Somi flying to chase a bike. Beom laughed.

“Hahaha. A human worries about a Dokkebi’s money?”

Woojin felt that Beom’s laughter much weaker than before and gritted his teeth. He had tied his shoulder to stop the bleeding but it wasn’t stopping the bleeding at all. It was dangerous to drag the fight on any longer. Woojin called Bihyung.

[I’m on the way. Where are you?]

“I’m going to the construction site.”

[I’ll be there.]

“I need a medical team.”

[Medical team? Is someone hurt?]

“Beom’s arm has been cut.”

There was silence on the other end. Woojin quickly continued, “We couldn’t grab the arm because we had to run. It’s on the left in front of the school. Get a team to retrieve it and send the medical team to the construction site.”

[…I will do that.]

“And Somi brought her fan.”

[So that’s why she came alone. I’ll see you there.]

Woojin bit his lips. Somi was closely following him. It seemed like she didn’t care about her reputation anymore as she was driven by her anger.

Beom notified Woojin, “She brought out her fan.”

Woojin looked at Somi. He saw Somi swinging her fan. Woojin shouted, “Lean to the left!”

Beom leaned and Woojin quickly turned directions. The sharp wind passed through where he was. Woojin clenched his teeth.


The direction he turned to was a dead end. Woojin turned around but Somi was already standing by the entrance. She pulled casually pulled out a cigar and held it up to her mouth. She even pulled out her match to light up the cigar. Woojin also got off the bike while she was doing that slowly. Somi took a deep drag on the cigar and let out the smoke.

“Let me ask you a question before I kill you. Why did you jump in?” Somi asked.

Woojin pulled out the Starfish Fang and answered, “Because he’s my friend.”

“A human is a friend of a Dokkebi?”

Somi scoffed and looked at Woojin.

“Are you really a human?”

Woojin bit his lips.

“Yeah. For now.”