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Chapter 41: Princess Iron Fan (3)

If Wuma was a warrior type, Somi was a magician type who controlled spiritual power. It was vital to get close to her to deliver her a critical blow, but one couldn’t be sure if it was possible. Woojin told Bihyung that he’d be at the construction site but it now seemed like it was not going to work out that way.

Woojin quickly glanced around while Somi let out a long puff of smoke and spun her fan in her hands.

“I’ll let you live if you move out of the way.”

Woojin did not answer and instead threw a throwing dagger. He knew it wouldn’t work but it was to shift her focus so he could get closer. Somi used her fan to throw the dagger down and Woojin lunged in. He would not have dared to fight an Avatar alone even if he had become stronger with the Starfish Fang and Cocktail-B. It would’ve been a crazy thing to do in the past, but he had no choice now. Somi told him that she’d let him leave but she was still unfriendly. She might not be telling the truth.

Somi frowned at Woojin who was getting closer and swung her fan. The wind attack was aimed at Woojin’s waist line and Woojin jumped up to avoid it. Somi then raised her fan and the wind turned into a gust. The gust soared up at Woojin’s body and Somi tried to swing her fan again. However, Dokkebi Fire was thrown at her this time and Somi had to swing her fan in that direction. It put out the fire immediately but it allowed Woojin to kick back down to the ground in time.

Somi saw Woojin coming down at her and jumped back. She moved five meters back and a Dokkebi Fireball was thrown at her again. Somi used her fan again to put out the fire and Kim Beom approached Woojin.

“I’ll create an opening. You kill her.”

Woojin nodded and answered, “Just make sure-”

Beom turned and Woojin smiled, “Don’t die.”


Beom smiled as he answered quickly. Woojin needed Beom. Not considering what he owed Beom in the past, Beom was playing a vital role in protecting his sister this time around.

Somi was preparing her fan again. Various debris was lifted up around her. Woojin realized she was going to make a wide attack, “There’ll be an opening after a wide attack.”

“The problem is if we can make it through.”

Woojin couldn’t answer. The attack seemed dangerous enough since Somi was focusing her power. Beom brought up three Dokkebi Fireballs around him. Woojin also sheathed the Starfish Fang at his waist and pulled out his spear.

Somi then aimed her fan at them and the small tornado above her hand immediately grew larger, spinning toward them. It wasn’t fast but it was decimating everything in its way. Woojin tensed up while looking at it. Beom then grabbed Woojin’s waist and fiercely declared, “I’ll make sure you get the chance.”

Woojin could only trust Beom right now. When the tornado had almost reached them, Beom combined all the Dokkebi Fireballs into one. Woojin prepared his leg. He knew what that meant. It was a large explosion that would destroy the surroundings. Maybe it was possible to make an opening in that tornado.

Woojin clenched the spear, wishing that it would give him a chance. The Dokkebi Fireball then flew over and clashed against the tornado. With the powerful explosion, Beom threw Woojin toward the explosion with all his might. Woojin also kicked the ground instantly. With two energies pushing him, Woojin got to the explosion even before it was gone. The fire dissipated and Woojin saw a small, temporary opening. Woojin quickly jumped past and got in front of Somi.

Somi couldn’t dodge as she didn’t expect him to come through the explosion. She quickly blew her smoke to cover Woojin’s sight, but Woojin did not miss his target. He quickly thrust his spear in which Somi twisted her body to create more wind, but Woojin’s muscle strength allowed him to push the spear in, penetrating her shoulder.

Woojin pulled the spear out and stabbed again. This time, Somi jumped back. She frowned as she grabbed her left shoulder. Blood was pouring out from her wound. She tried to stop it but it didn’t heal.

Woojin knew he needed to finish it when he got the chance. He couldn’t let her keep a distance. Woojin quickly charged while unleashing multiple spear attacks. Somi seemed to shocked by the wound as it kept gushing out blood. Somi realized she was being hunted by a mere hunter and became irritated. She then soared up into the air and held up her fan high.

However, Woojin was smiling at her. She then realized her sight was darker than usual and looked up. The man who was hiding the sun behind him crushed down her down with two fists. Somi quickly brought her arm up to cover her head and broke her arm.

She instinctively felt something dangerous being unleashed as she was pummeled to the ground and quickly turned to swing her fan. Woojin, who was ready to penetrate her from below, quickly jumped back to avoid being struck down by the fan.

Somi reached the ground and looked back. Bihyung dropped to the ground also. He looked at Beom from Woojin’s back and smiled coldly. It seemed like he was really mad this time.

“So… you went for my brother instead of me?”

“Yeah. But I guess it doesn’t matter now. I’ll just kill you all.”

Bihyung scoffed, threw his jacket off, and kicked the wall. The cast shattered from his leg and Bihyung tapped his leg on the ground and spoke.

“Let’s talk after I pull your arm off first.”

Bihyung then ran forward as Somi swung her fan. The gust threw Bihyung’s body into the air, but Woojin attacked Somi with the spear. Somi turned, but this time her left side was pierced by the spear. Blood gushed out again. She threw Woojin away with her fan but this attack was worse than the previous one.

Somi realized afterward the wound that would not regenerate. The spear was a divine object. She didn’t realize it because it was being used by a human who couldn’t use spiritual power, but it was a divine object for sure. She wanted to know how a human got their hands on a divine object, but she needed to focus on leaving this place alive. She had come to avenge her husband but it seemed like she was going to die instead.

Somi raised her fan. She knew she only had one chance, so she focused her spiritual energy into her fan and the fan began sucking in all the air. Woojin bit his lips. A giant tornado began to form with Somi as the center and it was now sucking Woojin’s body in that direction. Beom grabbed Woojin’s shoulder. He was pale from losing too much blood.

“You said there’ll be opening after a large attack?”

Woojin nodded.

“We’ll get a chance then. Aim for it.”

Woojin then grabbed his spear, ready to jump out anytime and then there was a huge explosion. It was Bihyung who made a hole in the tornado. Through it, Bihyung charged at Somi. Woojin also jumped into the hole.

Somi couldn’t get away from Bihyung. She quickly swung her fan against Bihyung to attack. It threw a wind blade at Bihyung, but it didn’t have the same power as before and Bihyung just took it head on. It ripped his clothes and made a long wound along the body, but Bihyung was already holding onto her left shoulder.

“An arm first.”

He pulled Somi’s arm and a spear penetrated her chest. Somi vomited blood from her mouth and looked down. She looked at the blood pouring down the spear and took some smoke in from her cigar before she died.