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Chapter 43: Avatar (2)

The substance was poured into Woojin’s body. It first felt very cool but it soon became ticklish as it crawled under the skin. He then felt his heart pounding like crazy. His entire body became red.


Woojin gasped and Doctor Ahn quickly checked on his vitals frowned. The heartbeat was increasing rapidly. It was beating so rapidly that it looked like Woojin was going to die at any moment but Brunhilde came over to Doctor Ahn to stop him from doing anything.

“You should wait.”

“He might die. Shouldn’t we calm him down somehow?”

Brunhilde shook her head.

“He’s changing on the cellular level. You know this is expected.”

Woojin couldn’t concentrate on them talking to each other. He couldn’t even care about his increased heart rate. It felt like his entire body was burning. He clenched his teeth and endured the pain and felt something being placed down on his heart. It felt like oil floating on water which felt weird, but as he focused on it, it started beating by itself and spread throughout his entire body, filling it.

Woojin focused his spirit and began to feel it. He felt a born with new senses. It was a wonderous experience. He was getting the sixth sense, which was to sense spiritual power. As he felt the spiritual power inside him, the pain disappeared. The cool feeling spread all over his body and remained there. He then realized the spiritual power was placed in his heart and realized why spirit stone was located at the heart.

The spirit stone was like a heart itself. What he felt was very small. It was too small compared to the other spirit stones that he had laid his hands on, but he now had it. Woojin then felt ripping pain from his muscles.


His heart began to drop but the pain was terrible. It felt like it was being ripped apart before reconnecting. Woojin’s skin began cracking and turned hard like a turtle’s shell. Doctor Ahn bit his lip. Were those normal changes occurring to Woojin’s body? If this pain was necessary for becoming an Avatar, he even thought about abandoning his dream of becoming one.

That’s when Woojin’s eyes opened wide. His eyes turned golden his pupils turned into slits like the pupils of a reptile.


Woojin screamed and his body began to grow larger as if it would explode. Doctor Ahn also became shocked and jumped back. Woojin’s body was growing larger. It looked like the binds were going to be ripped apart and Brunhilde pulled out her spear. Woojin’s body then began going back down.

As he went back down, his muscles became more toned and tight. However, his skin was still cracked and hard that made him look more like a monster rather than an Avatar. Woojin then felt his heart pounding again. He felt a warm sensation moving through his entire body. He then returned to his senses. Woojin also felt spiritual power spreading into his body. The spiritual power moved out to the ends of his body and returned like the circulation of blood.

Woojin began concentrating on it and began moving the spiritual stone. It was a new experience to control the spiritual power with his will. When the power that moved over his body returned to his heart, Woojin opened his eyes. He felt like his five senses had heightened greatly. It was as if he had injected a Cocktail when he didn’t have it at all. He smiled and looked at Brunhilde. He couldn’t feel any spiritual power from Brunhilde so he figured that he still had no power to sense it.

Either way, it didn’t matter. He wasn’t sure if he was even an Avatar. At least he could use spiritual power now. Doctor Ahn asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, it seems so.”

“You don’t look like you lost your mind either.”


Woojin looked at his hands and his arms. They were full of tight muscles and it was hard to believe that he only recently started working on his muscles. He then looked at the binding and focused spiritual power in his arm. He then pulled the arm. The bind was ripped apart. Woojin sighed. His spiritual power had decreased by half. Using such a small amount of power decreased half of all his spiritual power, proving how little his power was.

“What? How did it get ripped apart?”

Woojin then looked at the thickness of the metal bind. It was over ten centimeters thick.

“Is it Wuma’s power?” Woojin mumbled.

Doctor Ahn asked, “Did you do it with your will?”

“Yeah. I thought I could try it by using spiritual power.”

“Hmmm. Wait a second.”

Doctor Ahn tapped on the tablet and all binds opened. Woojin got back on the floor and almost dropped down. Doctor Ahn tried to help Woojin but he refused the help. He then planted both feet on the ground and realized he was different.

Apart from being able to use spiritual power, his muscles were incredible. He knew he now had a power that could overwhelm Dokkebis without the Starfish Fang. It seemed like he could overpower Werebears too.

It was fortunate that he had a muscle-based power and not a spiritual-based power as his total amount of spiritual power was so little. He couldn’t even dare to use the Iron Fan yet. Doctor Ahn asked, “You are a new Avatar. Has anyone talked to you or anything?”


“Hmm… maybe my theory was wrong.”

“What theory?”

“It is said that Avatars cannot be made by humans, but if a human does make one, a god or a legendary god will become interested in it. I thought they would want to take the body that came to life without any work from themselves.”

Woojin laughed.

“You know how hard it is for them to reach down to reality. And it’s not like anyone can make an Avatar.”

“It’s hard, so I kind of hoped they would reach out. That’s a shame.”

Woojin flexed his body and was shocked when he jumped. He knew his muscles were strengthened but didn’t realize his jump would throw him up to the ceiling which was above five meters. Woojin bumped his head so he scratched it and looked up. The ceiling was cracked.

“You have a durable head.”

Woojin laughed but Brunhilde suddenly charged at him with her spear. It didn’t wield any spiritual power but a valkyrie’s spear attack was not weak at all. It was so quick that if it wasn’t for his heightened sense after becoming an Avatar, he wouldn’t have been able to defend against it. Woojin couldn’t dodge it so he had to bring his palm up. He thought it would penetrate his palm, but it didn’t. Woojin looked at his hand. His entire palm was as hard as a turtle shell. Doctor Ahn said, “I guess it hardens in an emergency.”

It would not have defended against an attack with spiritual power but it protected him against a normal attack. It looked like the blood of Guisoo made his skin like a turtle shell to withstand the shock.

“If your strength is due to Wuma’s blood and the skin is because of Guisoo… what happened to the other two powers?”

“I’m sure that Granny Mago’s blood stabilized these powers from running rampant. I am not sure about the dragon blood.”

Doctor Ahn smiled.

“Do you want to check your abilities? I want to analyze it if I can.”

There was a training place he rented, but he had to help Doctor Ahn’s research so Woojin agreed.

“Will do.”

“Take a break. I’ll get ready.”


Doctor Ahn left the room and Brunhilde approached Woojin.

“I’m sorry about what I did. I assumed so when you didn’t get hurt when you bumped into the ceiling.”

“What if I got hurt?”

“I was going to heal you. Or if you didn’t block, I wouldn’t have stopped.”

Woojin then closed his eyes. He felt the spiritual power in his body. The spiritual power in his heart was really small, but the entire amount spread throughout his entire body wasn’t small.

It was just that he couldn’t use all that power yet. The only power he could use was the small amount by his heart. Woojin opened his eyes and said to Brunhilde, “I wonder if I really don’t need those gods or heroes.”

Woojin only needed an Avatar’s power, but after hearing from Doctor Ahn, maybe it was good if he could receive the power from those gods or heroes. Brunhilde answered, “I am not sure, but maybe it is actually good for you.”


“You can create your own legend.”

Woojin laughed. Maybe it was possible. He couldn’t make his name known right now, but it was going to be different after the Day of Chaos.

“My own legend, huh?”