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Chapter 44: School (1)

Doctor Ahn was astonished after analyzing Woojin.

“I am not sure if it’s because of Wuma’s blood, but your strength should be on par with the top tier Avatars.”

“Yeah, but there’s no point if I can’t wield spiritual power.”

Wuma was strong not only because of his strength. If he were to wield spiritual power, Wuma was strong enough to destroy a mountain.

“Yeah. Your spiritual power rating isn’t that low, but it seems like you cannot control everything.”

“It will get better.”

It didn’t matter. Woojin didn’t intend on quitting the hunter way of doing things and it was proved how powerful an Avatar could be if they fought like a hunter. Woojin was the best hunter in the past so with an Avatar’s power, it would give him a great boost.

“I have a favor to ask.”

“Ask me anything.”

“Can you make a Cocktail that will work on me?”

Doctor Ahn was surprised. Woojin had already helped him achieve his greatest dream but he kept on making the doctor press on.

“You want a Cocktail that works on an Avatar?”

“Yeah. I need something so I can move faster than my current speed.”

“Yeah, but do you think it will be okay?”

Woojin didn’t want to use Cocktails. He was finally out of the danger of addiction so he didn’t want to be addicted to a new one this time. However, he needed to be prepared for anything against that otherworldly god.

It was that monster that swallowed Amon in one gulp. His best chance was to stop the summoning itself but he had to prepare for the worst.

“Is it possible?”

“It won’t be easy. Avatars differ from one another so I won’t be able to make a Cocktail that will work on everyone but… if it’s just for just you, I probably can do it.”

“Yeah, please.”


Woojin then put back his clothes and armor. Equipping the Starfish Fang back didn’t increase his power as much either. It seemed like it was a great boost when he was a human, but his power had higher limits now.

This time, however, he felt an increase in different aspects. He felt his spiritual power increasing greatly the moment he held onto the Starfish Fang.


With this, maybe he could use the power at least once, just like how Wuma did it with his fist. At least once.

The blood soared from the magic rune drawn on the ground and gathered up on the person. A naked woman above the altar shot up into the air and blood was engraved on her like a tattoo. Dmitri shook.

The spiritual power that humans had was very little. But the human created through focusing spiritual power through the magic rune contained was extremely powerful. Dimitri shook because he wished to acquire it as his own. There was no way he would get his hands on such blood with such high concentration of spiritual power. He had to hold himself back.

When the woman dropped to the altar, Amon walked over to her. There was a man standing behind Amon, looking down at the altar with green eyes.

“Are you really giving it to me?”

“Yeah. But don’t forget about what I asked for.”

“Don’t worry. I got this much as a gift. I’ll get it for sure.”

“Wuma and Somi are dead. Don’t underestimate them.”

The man laughed and spoke as he looked at the naked woman.

“Don’t compare me to those idiots.”

“I’m counting on you, Galf.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll see you later then.”

Galf picked up the woman and disappeared. Dimitri walked up to Amon.

“Is it okay?”

“About what? Giving the offering away?”


“Don’t worry. It’s all under expectations. And he’s not the type to fight forcefully. He’ll turn Korea upside down.”

“Will it be okay though?”

“I think it’s a bit too early, but we have no choice.”

Dmitri then glanced at the direction where Galf had disappeared. He had seen the powers of many Avatars, but that was his first time seeing someone disappear like that. He was one of Amon’s friends.

Woojin looked at the spear in his gym. It felt different than before.


He then focused the spiritual power into the Guisoo Blood Bamboo Spear. It shined red as it wielded spiritual power, but it did nothing else.

“Was this a divine object too?”

It was likely if the flute made from the same bamboo was also a divine object.


However, the tiny amount of spiritual power didn’t allow him to look closely into what the spear could do other than shine red. Woojin sighed as he checked and saw that his power had run out.

“Dammit. I still don’t have enough even with the Starfish Fang.”

He couldn’t even check what the divine object could do.

“I should find a way to increase my spiritual power.”

It was then when the door opened and Beom walked into the gym.

“Huh? How did you find me here?”

“Dokkebi knows everything that happens in Korea.”

“That’s amazing.”

Woojin nodded. Beom then walked up to Woojin, placed down the pot, and sat down on the floor. He also was holding a piece of jerky.

“Let’s drink.”

Woojin wanted to have a drink with Beom and he finally got the chance. Woojin returned the spear back to a bracelet and sat across from Beom.

“You look like you’ve become more buff,” Beom said and poured the rice liquor into Woojin’s bowl. Beom also poured it into his own bowl and they began to drink.

Woojin asked, “How’s the arm?”

Beom flexed his arm in a different direction, “Yeah, it’s good.”

“That’s good to hear.”

Beom then picked up some jerky and said, “Wuma and Somi are dead so it will be safe for now. And Bihyung now has the upper hand against the other Avatars, especially the vampires. He’ll work with the other Avatars to suppress the vampires.”

“Yeah, but there’s a limit to it.”

Beom looked at Woojin silently and asked, “Are you really going to kill everyone in the Dmitri family?”


“The other Avatars will come to stop you.”

Vampires made mistakes, but Avatars had to protect themselves in the end. Woojin also knew this. But he was now also an Avatar that could change the outcome.

“I’ll see about that later.”

Beom laughed, “So, are you a friend of Doctor Ahn Jongguk?”


“You went to his lab with Somi’s body.”

“How did you know that?”

“You took our car, so of course we know. It has a GPS installed in it.”

Woojin explained, “I was introduced by Old Hwang. Somi’s body was a gift.”

Beom drank and complimented him, “Hah, wise move.”

“Hwang has good connections to get his hands on good equipment, but being friends with Doctor Ahn is better.”

“Yeah, I think so too.”

Woojin then refilled Beom’s bowl and Beom asked, “What are you going to do with your sister?”

“I want to protect her as much as I can… I want her to at least finish high school.”

“I see.”

Woojin nodded and Beom continued, “Yeohong is now a teacher at her school.”


“Bihyung worked it out so she can protect her from the inside.”

“That’s good. Thank you.”

“We’ll be able to protect her until school’s over. But we can’t keep it away from her forever.”

“I know.”

Woojin knew he needed to kill Amon if he wanted to stop everything. However, Woojin didn’t know where Amon was currently. There weren’t many spots where Amon could be traced to even after the Day of Chaos. That’s why he couldn’t just attack. Woojin then asked, “Do you know anything that might increase spiritual power?”

“Increase spiritual power?”


Beom laughed, “Those things that are never on sale. And even if one comes up, you can’t buy it because it’s too expensive.”

Woojin became disappointed and Beom asked, “What are you going to do? You can’t use spiritual power anyway.”

Woojin drank the liquor and mumbled, “So I have to go hunting then.”