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Chapter 45: School (2)

Woojin called Hwang and the man wanted to eat dinner so they decided to go to a restaurant. It was empty and when Woojin walked in, Hwang ordered the food.

“Hey, give us a broth.”


Hwang turned to Woojin and asked, “Did you drink already?”


“I smell rice liquor. Did you drink with a Dokkebi?”

“Yeah, with Beom.”

Hwang laughed. Woojin wasn’t normal from the beginning and he was now drinking with Dokkebis. They were all the top Avatars in Korea. It was hard for mere hunters to be friends with them.

“I heard Wuma disappeared after coming into Korea and Iron Fan Somi also came in and disappeared. Do you know anything about it?”

Woojin just smiled. He didn’t need to confirm Hwang’s every guess. The store owner came out with a broth and put it down on the table. Hwang took a spoon and asked, “So, why did you want to see me?”

“I need information.”

“What kind?”

“I need information on the cat-headed snake.”

“Huh? Why? Is someone sick?”

Woojin also took a spoon and answered, “No. I’m going to hunt it down.”

“Why? Hunting it is like killing a goose that lays a golden egg.”

“I know.”

“Hmm… okay. I guess if you want to hunt it, you’re looking for one without an owner. It will be expensive.”

“How much is it?”

“3 billion for the whereabouts.”

Woojin drank the broth and placed down the spoon. It was much more expensive than information on the Natti.

“That’ll do.”


Hwang and Woojin made a transaction and Woojin got up from his seat. Hwang spoke to him from behind.

“You’ve become buff.”

“Yeah, I’ve been training hard.”

Hwang picked his teeth with a toothpick and watched Woojin walk out of the restaurant.

“Killing the cat-headed snake? Why?”

The cat-headed snake was special. It was in between a monster and spiritual being with the power to heal diseases, thus making it popular. Woojin remembered that it had powerful spiritual power also. Cat-headed snakes were so rare however that Woojin didn’t think Old Hwang would have the information of its whereabouts. Nonetheless, he quickly got on his bike as he got the location and departed on his way to Mount Jiri to look for it.

On his way, he bought a freshly-killed chicken, tied it to his bike, and checked the time. The location of the cat-headed snake was going to be visible on his watch as it had spiritual power. Woojin began climbing the mountain with the chicken and a respirator. Soon, he found a small cave. The watch was pointing right into the cave. Woojin then wore the respirator and collected branches and leaves to set them on fire. He then placed the chicken above the fire and wore the Shadow Spider leather boots before he climbed up to the top of the cave and waited with the Spiderweb of Inmen in his hand.

As the smell of cooked chicken filled the area, a sound came from within the cave. Soon, a baby cat’s head came out of the cave. The head then moved toward the chicken. Woojin jumped and wrapped his web around the cat’s head quickly and pulled. The head was sliced the moment the web made contact. Woojin realized how powerful he had become. He didn’t even need the respirator as the cat-headed snake was killed before it even realized what had happened.

Woojin then pulled out the Starfish Fang to cut open the snake’s body and fed the spiritual stone he got from it to the Fang. Woojin felt his spiritual power increasing right away.

“This is amazing.”

The pure amount that increased was almost equal to Somi’s own spiritual power.

“I probably can attack twice with this.”

He now had the power to attack with spiritual power. It only allowed him to attack twice, but it still was enough. Woojin then put out the fire and threw the body into the cave.

“That’s a shame.”

He had paid 3 billion for it, but if he had captured it alive and sold it, it would’ve earned him 30 billion.

“Well, I can always get money if I need it.”

Woojin then climbed down the mountain.

Behind a school building, a student was asking out on another female high school student.

“Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

The girl frowned.



“You want to know why?”

The girl glared at the boy and then turned away.

“Look at yourself. You’ll know why.”

The girl then left and the boy sighed. How many times was he rejected?

“Is it the 12th time?”

The boy was on his way when a man came out of a shadow to speak to him.

“You must be disappointed.”

The boy turned to the man. He had dark brown hair and green eyes. He wore a suit and the boy remembered what the girl had said. If he was handsome as this man, he would not have been rejected.

“Outsiders are not allowed here.”

“Hahaha, is that so? But is that all you can say to me?”

“Why? Are you going to make me get a girlfriend then?”

“You think I can’t?”

The boy couldn’t even think about weird thoughts as the man said it so confidently and asked, “Huh? Can you?”

“If that is your wish, of course I can.”


“Yes. You want that girl to be your girlfriend?”


The boy walked up to the man and he grabbed on his shoulder.

“Go and tell her your feelings again in front of everyone so that she can’t refuse.”

The boy suddenly began to shake as he looked into the man’s green eyes.

“Do. You. Really. Think. It. Will. Work?”

“Of course. Go on. She’ll be waiting for you. And if she rejects you again, you should repay her for what she did.”

The boy then began to walk and the man smiled.

“Shall we start then?”

Kim Jihye was on her way back to her class after she was annoyed by the sudden request. That’s when she heard a voice shouting toward her.

“Kim! Ji! Hye!”

Jihye became surprised and turned to the boy who was walking up to her with a kind of dazed look. The other students looked at them while the boy, Park Sangwon, stood in front of Jihye. It seemed like he was a bit different from a while ago.

“I. Like. You! Be. My. Girl. Friend…!!”

Students cheered and whistled. But Jihye looked at Sangwon with a disgusted look on her face. The boy was infamous for asking out all the girls, and he ended up being rejected each time. But doing this in front of everyone was his first time.

“I think I clearly said no.”

The students shouted.

“Whoa! That’s cold!”

“There’s our cold queen!”

Jihye turned and tried to return when Sangwon’s eyes turned icy. He then snatched Jihye’s hair and threw her down onto the ground.


“You. Dare. Reject. Me?!”

Sangwon began to pound Jihye and male students quickly tried to pull Sangwon away.

“Hey! Are you crazy?!”

“Sangwon! What are you doing!”

He just punched the girl in front of everyone. He’d be lucky if he didn’t end up getting sent to a juvenile center. But that’s when the students experienced something they didn’t expect.

“Get. Off. ME!!!”

As Sangwon swung his arm, the student who held the arm was thrown into the air. Yet, he was thrown against a window. The window shattered and the student was thrown out from the 5th floor. He saw himself flying and the other students looked at him with shocked expressions while Sangwon was running rampant. But soon, he saw flashes of his past life when someone reached out to grab his arm from the 3rd floor window. The person then pulled his 80 kg body at once into the classroom. It was the new female teacher.


The student looked at her running out of the class and felt glad he was still alive before he passed out.