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Chapter 46: Galf (1)

The corridor was in chaos. Sangwon was going on a rampage, throwing and stepping on everyone in the way. Students screamed and couldn’t stop Sangwon. Even the physical education teacher was thrown at the wall and was gasping for air. The new female teacher walked past them.

“Teacher! He’s gone mad! We called the police! Don’t go!”

A female student grabbed her but she took off her jacket and gave it to the student.

“Hold this for me.”


She then ran toward Sangwon at once. When Sangwon realized someone was approaching and turned, she had already jumped. Her knee struck Sangwon and she grabbed Sangwon’s neck and began to choke him. Sangwon passed out immediately.

Yeohong placed Sangwon down on the ground and ordered, “Bring a rope and tie him down until the police arrive.”

No one dared to even object Yeohong after seeing what she just did. Yeohong then received the jacket from the female student and smiled at her before she fished out her cellphone.

“Where are you?”

[I’m at the gym. Why?]

“Come to school. A student went mad through hypnosis. I think it’s the work of an Avatar.”

[I’ll be there soon. Take care of my sister.]


Yeohong hung up and walked toward Eunseo’s classroom when problems began to occur from all parts of the school. Yeohong now realized who the Avatar was and became angry. But she couldn’t think about others now. She quickly ran to Eunseo’s classroom and found ten dazed students walking toward class.

Yeohong smiled coldly.

“I don’t know where you are doing this from, but you chose the wrong enemy.”

Yeohong glanced at Eunseo looking up from her studies at the noises and charged toward the students.

Woojin finished talking with Beom over the phone. He remembered a certain person after hearing that a hypnotized student had appeared. He didn’t think that person would appear this early but if this was that important, he figured there was a chance. And if it was really the person he thought it was, there was no way he could kill the enemy alone.

Woojin also knew that the man would run away even if Woojin found him so he asked Beom to come also. As he ran through the school gate on a bike, the school’s security guard ran out.


Woojin didn’t have time to waste so he ran past the guard and drove into the open space in the gate. He had graduated from the school for years now. He quickly ran through the yard. There were screams coming from the school and there were a lot of broken windows.

Woojin got off the bike and ran inside the school. Eunseo’s class was on the 4th floor. He saw four students running rampant so he jumped over the people and punched each of them once. He then left those students on the floor and climbed the stairs.

“Dammit, you should stay inside the classroom!”

It seemed like the students had rushed out as it became noisy outside. Woojin stepped on the stair handle to jump up and kicked on another hypnotized student on the floor above him. He then ran up again. He met a total of seven hypnotized students on his way up. On the fourth floor, there were five students that had passed out already and Yeohong waved at him.

“I think we can retrace these kids to find out where the enemy is.”

“Then trace him. I’ll watch my sister.”


Yeohong tried to jump out when Woojin checked his watch and said, “He’s inside the school. Probably toward the south.”

“Is that the watch that Beom has too?”


Woojin quickly said to Yeohong, “If he has green eyes, don’t look straight into them.”

“I’m a Dokkebi.”

“I know. That’s why I’m telling you.”

If the enemy was who he thought it was, there was a chance that his hypnosis could work against Avatars too. Woojin walked into the class. The teachers weren’t inside as there were problems going on and the students turned to Woojin’s direction. He walked past them toward his sister. Eunseo was shocked when a large student walked up and blocked Woojin.

“Who are you?”

Woojin glanced at the student. He looked like an athlete based on his build, but Woojin had no time to play games with him. He grabbed his shoulder and said, “I’m Eunseo’s brother.”

Woojin pressed him and the student felt his shoulder being pushed by a heavy boulder and sat back down in his seat. Woojin then walked past him to his sister.

“Are you okay?”

“Huh? Yeah. Why are you here?”

“Pack up first.”


Woojin then took out her backpack and said, “Follow me.”

“Did something happen at home?”

“I’ll tell you outside.”

This place was dangerous. Woojin checked his watch on the way out. The location of the enemy hadn’t changed yet.

“It’s probably him.”

Galf. He was the Avatar with power equal to Amon’s, and he had two special abilities: hypnosis and teleportation. The teleportation had a limit that stopped him from using it often but the hypnosis was extremely powerful. When Woojin got out of the school, he heard a siren from the school gate. He knew the police wouldn’t be much of help here so he put the helmet over his sister’s face. He needed to hide her first. The police car rushed into the school and Woojin started the engine when the direction on his watch moved quickly. The distance was getting closer.

Yeohong dropped in front of the police car and the police cars stopped immediately. Yeohong glanced at the police car and turned to Woojin. He sighed. It seemed like she too had been hypnotized. Yeohong then glanced around. His watch was going after Galf, so he must be close too. Woojin then found the man standing near the students that were far away. No one was looking at him as the people were hypnotized. Woojin quickly looked away as he met his eyes. He wasn’t sure if he could avoid being hypnotized by Galf.

Yeohong said to Woojin, “Stop.”

Woojin sighed as the police got out of their car and approached her. It was natural for them to be wary of a woman who had dropped from the sky.


Eunseo called out to her and the police walked up to her with less guardedly as if they had forgotten as to how she had appeared. Woojin shouted, “Get back!”

It was too late. Yeohong spun and kicked the two policemen. That’s when a car came in from the gate and Beom ran out from the car.

Woojin shouted at him, “Stop Yeohong!”

Beom looked at Yeohong with a puzzled look but Yeohong was already sprinting toward Woojin. Beom quickly ran toward them. Woojin then made a decision. He ran toward Yeohong and rammed into her chest with his shoulder. His strength was not like before. He was able to throw Yeohong in Beom’s direction. Beom received Yeohong and threw her behind him.

While Yeohong was getting up, Woojin ran toward Galf. Even if Galf could use teleportation, he couldn’t use the ability in succession so he couldn’t leave this place with his sister. Woojin jumped over the students and pulled out his spear. Galf saw Woojin charging at him and hopped back. Woojin threw the spear at Galf. The spear left a red trace of light with Woojin’s power and Galf disappeared. Woojin looked up thinking that he could now go after him and kill him since he had used teleportation, but Galf was standing in front of him. Woojin quickly closed his eyes but the voice came to him.

“I see that you know me, but it’s too late.”

With the voice, Woojin felt that he was losing control over his body.

“Open your eyes.”

And Woojin’s eyes opened against his will and he saw Galf’s green eyes.