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Chapter 47: Galf (2)

Woojin felt his conscious fading away and gritted his teeth. He couldn’t do anything. Galf smiled, “I see that you are an Avatar, but you listen to me now.”

The hypnosis was so powerful that it even worked even against Avatars. Woojin tried everything to break out of the hypnosis, but he couldn’t even move his finger. Galf whispered, “Your body is now mine, at least until I let you go.”

Woojin felt powerless against the enemy. That’s when he felt a response from the spirit stone in his heart. It was weak, but the spiritual power spread across his body soon began to react. It then swept through Woojin’s body like a wave and his eyes turned into that of a reptile.

Glaf had slung his arm across Woojin’s shoulders at the time.

“I’m not sure why I have to deal with three Avatars for taking a human kid, but I guess it proves that she’s that important.”

Galf was so certain that his hypnosis was unbreakable. No Avatar had done it before so he wasn’t to blame. He pointed to Eunseo who had the helmet on and spoke to Woojin.

“Bring her.”

Woojin regained full control of his body and created the spear to stab it into Galf’s chest. With the power of the spear and Woojin’s strength, it immediately penetrated Galf’s body. He couldn’t even react to it.

Galf turned to look at Woojin and became shocked.

“Hypnosis… was broken…?!”

He seemed to be more shocked by the fact than the damage he received. He frowned as he looked at Woojin’s eyes.


Woojin did not answer and pushed the spear up. Galf was pushed up into the air, skewered onto the spear. Woojin then pierced it down into the ground. Galf tried to fight it but he had no way to survive with his pierced heart.

Even if Galf wasn’t the type to fight with his powers, he was killed so easily because he didn’t think Woojin would break out of his spell. Woojin quickly picked up Galf and moved away from the scene. He couldn’t cut Galf’s body open here. He needed to kill Galf so Yeohong could regain her consciousness. He then walked behind the school building. No one was around and Woojin threw Galf down to the ground.

Galf coughed, “S…spare me…”

“I will never spare you demons.”

Amon was a problem himself but the other 72 demon Avatars were the worst enemies. He had to kill them once he got a chance. Woojin cut open Galf’s chest and pulled out the spirit stone. It was black. A demon’s spirit stone had dark and corrupt energy and thus was nicknamed the demonic stone.

Woojin had never thought of feeding it to his Fang either since he wasn’t sure what it would do. Woojin hesitated for a bit but he still fed the Fang with the stone anyway. Fortunately, it gave him a lot of spiritual power. It was more than Somi’s.

“Well, I guess he had a lot of spiritual power to be able to teleport.”

He then pulled the spear out and looked down at the body. It was the body of a demon. Studying it would certainly allow them to understand their weakness. Woojin called Beom.

“Yeohong’s back, right?”

[What’s going on?]

“Clean the place and come here. We have to move the body.”

[Is he an Avatar?]


[Is he famous?]

“No. Not yet. Why?”

[I have to tell Bihyung.]

“Yeah, do that. But I’ll take this one to Doctor Ahn afterward.”

[We have a good research facility of our own. How about you let us take it?]

“Just come.”

He knew the Dokkebis had a research facility but their studies didn’t share the same purpose that Woojin was after. Beom’s car arrived at the back with bruised eyes. He quickly opened the trunk and put Galf’s body into the car.

“Did you clean up the area?”

“Yeohong is working on it. I’m going to the office with this. What about you?”

“I’ll take Eunseo.”

“To where?”

“I’ll talk to her and go to Bihyung.”

“Okay. I’ll go ahead then.”

Beom then drove out and Woojin went to his sister. She was waiting for him to come back with the helmet on.

“Are we really leaving school like this?”

“Yeah. School’s not a problem anymore.”

Eunseo understood what happened then.

“So, you’re saying all this happened because of me?”

Woojin started his engine.

“I’ll tell you everything once we’re out. Hold tight.”

Eunseo grabbed Woojin’s waist and he drove out of the school. He ran the bike through the street and found an empty café and stopped there. He sat down with a drink and Eunseo looked out the window before she let out a hollow laugh.

“It’s weird to be outside school at this hour.”

Woojin looked at her. It was okay until he killed Wuma. Somi came for Beom so that was an exception, but Amon had now sent one of the 72 demons. If the enemy was at that level, there was no telling if Woojin could protect his sister safely. He had to make a choice now. Eunseo drank her caffe latte and looked at her brother.

“So, what happened today is because of me?”


“I haven’t seen Beom lately. Was he protecting me?”

“Yeah. He got hurt so Yeohong was protecting you instead.”

“You mean the new English teacher?”


Eunseo took another sip and asked, “Woojin. What do you do? Really? What is your job?”

Woojin realized it was time to tell the truth. He didn’t need to reveal that he came back from the future but he had to explain about the other side of the world.

“Do you know about vampires or werewolves?”

“Like the ones in the Twilight movie series?”

“Yeah. Those legends and myths? They really exist.”

Eunseo looked at Woojin silently. She was confused by Woojin’s serious face.

“And you want me to believe that?”

“I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s real.”

“But aren’t those from foreign countries? What about Korea? Do we have such a thing?”

Eunseo seemed she couldn’t believe it yet, so she asked jokingly.

“Of course we do. Beom and Yeohong. They are Dokkebis.”


Eunseo looked at Woojin. He drank the iced coffee and continued, “We’re going to meet the leader of the Dokkebis.”

“Really? Are you serious? Is he really handsome like the one in the K-drama?”

“I don’t care if he’s handsome or not. We’ll discuss where you’ll be staying after we meet them.”

“You decide where I’ll stay with them?”

Woojin finished the coffee and directly looked into Eunseo’s eyes.

“They represent all the Avatars of Korea. I can’t protect you without their help.”

“Representing Korea?”


Eunseo hesitated for a bit and asked, “It’s too much to believe. Do you have proof?”

“The Dokkebis will show you.”

“Let’s talk after I see it then.”

Eunseo stood up and they rode the bike toward Bihyung’s building. Eunseo became dumbfounded as they got out of the parking lot.

“The Dokkebis live here?”

Woojin then saw Beom coming out of the elevator.

“Eunseo. Long time no see.”

Eunseo looked at Beom silently and asked, “Beom. Are you really a Dokkebi?”

Beom turned to Woojin and he nodded. Beom smiled, “Yeah.”

“Do you have proof?”

Beom snapped his finger and a blue fire popped up on top of his palm. Eunseo’s eyes widened in shock.

“This is Dokkebi Fire. It’s proof that I’m a Dokkebi.”

“This is impossible.”

Woojin placed both hands on Eunseo’s shoulder.

“Let’s go up. I have to meet with Bihyung.”


The three of them went into the elevator and went up to the top floor. Eunseo was surprised.

“Aren’t we meeting with the Dokkebi?”

“Yeah. This building is Bihyung’s building.”

“A Dokkebi owns this place?”


They finally reached Bihyung’s room. Bihyung was standing there with a grim expression. He quickly got up to greet Woojin when he saw him coming in.


Bihyung then saw Eunseo standing behind him and whispered, “You and I need to talk later.”

“Yeah. But first things first.”

Bihyung then smiled at Eunseo and bowed politely. Eunseo also bowed.

“So, you must have heard that I am Dokkebi already. Please, come have a seat.”

Eunseo sat on the sofa and Woojin sat next to her. Bihyung sat across and Beom stood behind Bihyung.

“So, what do you want me to do?”

Woojin looked at Eunseo and turned to BIhyung.

“I want to have her stay in the safest place in Korea.”

Bihyung scratched his cheek.

“You want to send her to Granny?”

Woojin nodded slowly.

“If it’s possible.”