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Bihyung thought for a second and decided, “Okay, I’ll talk with Granny. But we’ll also have to send the ones that I’m protecting and the ones in Busan also.”


Woojin knew they needed his sister. He wished they could replace her with someone else but it seemed like there was no way out. They knew her face so living a normal life was not an option anymore.

The safest place in Korea was Granny Mago’s place.

“I want protection for my family too. Is it possible?”

“We can discuss it.”

Bihyung pointed at the window and Woojin followed him. He reached out with a glass of whiskey and Woojin grabbed it. They tapped their glasses and Bihyung drank.

“The one you caught. He’s one of those demons. Galf, right?”

“How did you know that?”

In the past, demons began running rampant after the Day of Chaos. Some worked for Amon while some worked for themselves. If they all worked together, it wouldn’t have been possible for Woojin to get to Amon at the last hour.

“If demons are on the task, we can’t consider this lightly. They are infamous in this world too.”

Woojin was surprised that demons were known before the Day of Chaos.

“I thought Dmitri was mad for doing such a thing, but if it involves demons, then I guess it explains everything.”

Woojin didn’t answer and Bihyung looked at his glass and continued, “If demons are working behind our backs, I have to stop them. I’ll let the other Avatars know of this too.”

“Yeah. So can I count on you to protect my family?”

“I’ll send those offerings down to Granny Mago first, but she can’t take your family there. I’ll still have them stay at Jeju though.”


“That island is under Granny Mago’s influence so foreign ones don’t even dare to go there.”

Woojin then realized the power of Granny Mago. It wasn’t certain why she was tied to Jeju, but sending his family there would provide a bit of safety.

“We’ll send all of them down to Jeju and ask for the Hunters Guild for help.”

There weren’t that many Korean hunters, but there were good teams out there in the world.

“That will cost a lot.”

“Don’t you worry about that. But I have a condition for that.”


“I want Galf’s body.”

Woojin frowned. He was going to have Doctor Ahn study it so he could find a weapon that might work against them.

“This is proof that demons have appeared. That’s why I need it.”

Woojin sighed.

“Then get me two liters of blood.”

“Good. I’ll talk with Granny Mago and find a place for people to stay in Jeju. I’ll also notify the Hunters Guild. You talk to your family by yourself.”


Woojin then walked over to Eunseo.

“Get up. We’re going home.”


“We have to talk with Mom and Dad.”

Eunseo and Woojin returned home. That night after dinner, Woojin explained everything to his parents. His father opened his mouth with a grim expression.

“Son. I’m not sure if I should believe you or not.”

Woojin calmly waited for his father to continue.

Eunseo chimed in, “He’s telling the truth. I wish this could all be a dream, but it isn’t.”


His father sighed and turned to Woojin.

“So, supernatural beings are coming after Eunseo and we have to go down to Jeju to be safe?”


It was a summary, but still correct.

“And Eunseo’s life has been in danger multiple times already?”

“Yeah. You know one of the incidents. Do you remember the explosion at the Subway store while ago? That’s when those Avatars moved to kidnap Eunseo. If it wasn’t for the Dokkebi’s help, Eunseo might have died then.”

It was unbelievable. Their parents weren’t sure if their children were playing a bad prank on them. But one thing for certain was that his son wasn’t the type to make that kind of prank and even if what he said wasn’t true, his daughter’s life was on the line.

And especially after watching the news of what happened at Eunseo’s school, the story was more believable.

His mother then asked, “Do we have to stay in hiding for life?”

“No. Ten years at most. It will be solved before that.”

Ten years at most. If Amon succeeds, this world was doomed. If Woojin kills Amon, then it will be solved.

“Are you going with us?”

Woojin shook his head. He wasn’t going to mention this but they asked so he had to say it. His father looked at Woojin with a serious expression on his face.

“You told us to go to Jeju for Eunseo, but you aren’t coming?”

“Yeah. I have to finish this job.”

“Didn’t you say that supernatural beings are coming for us?”

His mother intervened and Woojin realized he had to let his parents know of his power and stood up and kicked the wall. The wall shattered at once and all of them opened their eyes in shock.

“Woojin. Are you a Dokkebi too?”

“No, I’m not. But I have to finish this job.”

His father looked at the wall and turned to Woojin.

“So you want to have us stay in safety so you can concentrate on work?”


“Then we’ll go. You make sure you finish what you’re doing and come for us then.”

Woojin then sat down and turned to his parents again.

“I’ll definitely come back for you.”

“You fix the wall.”

“Yeah, don’t worry. And do you want to stay at a hotel? You won’t be able to sleep here tonight.”


“Yeah. I’ll get you a suite.”

“Hmm. Come to think of it, I wished to stay at the Signiel Hotel. It doesn’t have to be a suite.”

Woojin smiled, “I’ll get you a suite.”

Woojin then took his parents and sister and rented a royal suite at the Signiel Hotel, which cost him 20 million per night. They all were shocked but they enjoyed their last night in Seoul.

The next day, Woojin got in the car Bihyung brought over and traveled to the airport with his family. Bihyung told him that they were going to stop by Busan to pick up the others and then move to Jeju. Woojin asked Bihyung, “Did Granny Mago say okay?”

“Yeah. I told her it’s to help you and she said okay right away. What did you say to her anyway?”

Woojin was curious as he didn’t really talk much with her, but he didn’t mention anything. Bihyung shrugged.

“I’ll stop by Jeju. She only meets with me.”


“Don’t worry.”

Woojin said goodbye to his family. Bihyung was with them so there was no need to worry. Bihyung was strong on his own and he now even had the Iron Fan.

It was time for Woojin to concentrate on his work now.

Woojin brought Galf’s blood to Doctor Ahn and asked him to make a weapon that could work against demons. Doctor Ahn seemed to be happy for another specimen to study. Woojin then met with Old Hwang and sold all of his Daebong Liquor. He had to create more but he currently had too many things on his plate. He then purchased all the consumables Hwang had and went to Bihyung the day he got back.

Woojin asked, “How are the other countries?”

“They’re going in an uproar against the demons. They are not sure what these maniacs will do, so they are going to oppress Dmitri.”

“They won’t kill him anyway. Why are they making him become more defensive?”

“Yeah. Don’t say that though.”

Woojin put down his glass before continuing.

“I need your help.”

“What help?”

“I need to go to China.”


Woojin nodded and Bihyung frowned.

“Don’t tell me you’re going there to kill Wangjinjin.”

“Not right now, but I have to get rid of her people first.”

Bihyung’s expression turned serious.

“Unlike Dmitri, most of the ones from the higher generation are concentrated in China.”

China was too populated that most of Wangjinjin’s forces were stacked together. But even then, the Chinese land was vast and it would allow Woojin to tackle them before they grouped up.

Bihyung laughed, “Are you serious?”


“There’s a demon out there and you go for Wangjinjin?”

Woojin answered, “Wuma was sent by Wangjinjin, and now even a demon has gone after my sister. Do you think it’s a coincidence?”

Bihyung placed down his glass.

“At least Wangjinjin has some connection to it then.”

“Yeah. So I’m going to China.”

“What do you need then?”

“Send me there with my weapons intact and introduce me to an Avatar that represents China. I’ll need to meet with him for me to move freely in China.”

Bihyung thought for a second and asked, “Do you know who it is?”

Woojin answered, “Of course. It’s the Monkey King.”