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Creating ghouls was one of the powers of the vampires. Vampires could only create up to three of the same vampire family, but creating ghouls was only limited by their spiritual power.

However, the death of two ghouls was a huge loss. There were only young vampires within Korea and most of them could only use six ghouls at most. And even if the vampires had a huge influence over the world, these kinds of murders and kidnappings usually followed great danger. These beings who lived in the otherworld were restricted by the avatars.

If vampires who originated outside the country were to do something under the noses of the Korean native avatars, it meant that this task was important to them, but that they were going to run away quickly after it was complete.

In the past, they successfully finished their jobs and escaped from Korea. However, it was different this time. While they were able to strike twice before they were identified as the culprits, they had failed this time around.

And soon, Woojin was going to find them.

Woojin took a cab to the address. When he arrived, he was faced with a high wall. Vampires who couldn’t walk in the daylight hid inside their houses during the day. Woojin took a look at the house — it seemed there were no security measures at all. Vampires were not able to use a lot of their powers during the day, but they were still stronger compared to regular humans. That made them arrogant enough to not worry about house security.

“You’ve made a mistake.”

Woojin look around and checked for the CCTVs on the street. There were camera blind spots where a pole was. He didn’t want to use Cocktail-B yet, so he had to climb up on his own. After checking to see that no one was around, he quickly ran and jumped up onto the pole. He still had his parkour knowledge from before he returned, but his body was not the same as when he had that knowledge.

Woojin was barely able to climb up the wall as he kicked off the wall and grabbed the pole climb up. At least he could jump down easily into the yard. There was no reaction from the house.

“Well, ghouls are slow.”

Ghouls were strong and did not feel pain, but they had dull senses. Woojin used Cocktail-B yesterday because he did not know who the enemy was, but if he was up against ghouls, he did not need the drug.

Woojin picked up a stone; it was heavy enough to do the job.

“It’s your fault for trying to save money.”

Woojin threw the stone at a large window. After it broke, he then jumped into the room and ripped out the thick curtains. The sunlight began to shine through and Woojin stretched his neck. There was a chubby man in the dark, his eyes shining red. It was a vampire.

And behind him were four large men.

“Are you Dukgoo?”

The vampire laughed at Woojin’s question.

“I thought you were an avatar or something. You’re just a friggin’ human! You a hunter?”

Woojin asked a question in reply, “Yesterday’s murder, it was you, wasn’t it?”

Dukgoo’s face turned cold and his red eyes shone.

“Bring him to me. Alive.”

The ghouls moved. Woojin wrapped the spiderweb around his hand. It was hard to see from the darkness so they probably thought Woojin was just stretching his fingers.

He waited for the ghouls in the stage of light where Dukgoo could reach. He needed to kill the ghouls without any help from Cocktail-B as he needed it to face the vampire.

Dukgoo laughed as he saw Woojin face them without using the drug. The cocktail was a drug created by hunters to fight against avatars. Not using it to fight ghouls was amusing to say the least.

Yet, in front of Dukgoo’s eyes, a ghoul’s head was quickly severed.


While he was confused, the second ghoul’s hands were both sliced off and as Woojin jumped over it, the ghoul’s head soon followed. Woojin dodged the third ghoul’s attack and kicked down the last ghoul. However, since ghouls did not feel pain, Dukgoo thought it was over as the ghouls would surely be able to grab Woojin.

The fourth ghoul’s head suddenly parted from its body as Dukgoo finally noticed the thin line reflected by the light.

“A wire?”

No. A wire wasn’t strong enough to cut through a ghoul’s body. By then, Woojin had turned back to the third ghoul and removed his head as well.

All four ghouls turned into dust and Woojin stood there, panting. He had fought battles for ten years and he was confident in killing the ghouls unaided, but his body was not trained like before. Woojin turned toward Dukgoo.

Dukgoo was in shock.

“Where are the offerings?”

Dukgoo gritted his teeth. He couldn’t directly attack Woojin who was still standing in the sunlight, but there were still methods he could use to attack. Then, Woojin took out a syringe and injected it into his thigh. Dukgoo backed away at that sight as Woojin smiled.

Dukgoo was trying to lure Woojin into the darkness, out of the sunlight. And Woojin took his bait. As he stepped into the darkness, Dukgoo burst into laughter.

“I heard hunters become fearless when they dope. You sure don’t fear anything, huh? Daring to step into my darkness?”

Woojin scoffed. Korea was a bad place for hunters. Young avatars acted like that because they had never faced powerful hunters before. It was time to educate a young avatar who had obviously never fought a powerful doped hunter. Woojin flicked his finger.